November 8, 2021
Non fungible token Malicious NFT OpenSea Marketplace bug cryptocurrency digital-wallets fraud alert fraud-detection

Malicious NFT could have infiltrated OpenSea Marketplace via discovered bug

Currently, the OpenSea marketplace is at risk of being infiltrated by threat actors. Uploading malicious non-fungible tokens or NFT can become a transmitter for hackers attempting to heist digital wallet funds.  Severe security issues inside the OpenSea non-fungible token marketplace that enabled attackers to gather cryptocurrency wallet funds have been patched.  Meanwhile, the non-fungible tokens, also known as NFT, are digitally owned...
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BillQuick zero day bug Cybercriminals billing software vulnerability cybersecurity

BillQuick billing system’s zero-day bug targeted by Cybercriminals

Recently, researchers discovered that a critical structured query language’s bug exists inside BillQuick Web Suite and is exploited by an unidentified malicious threat group. The billing system created by a particular billing software group has about 400,000 clients and users globally.  BillQuick is a unified project management software that targets different companies that need simple accounting, billing, and time-tracking...
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