November 9, 2021
TrickBot Malware Ransomware Gangs malware phishing

Expansion of TrickBot Malware caused by the joint forces of Ransomware Gangs

The ransomware actors behind the destructive malware called TrickBot have appeared again. It is now equipped with new strategies designed to increase its foundation by expanding its dispensation channels. The expansion is to deploy another ransomware called Conti.   According to a report, the orchestrator of this expansion is the ransomware gang known as Wizard Spider or ITG23. They have been identified to...
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Free Decryptor BlackByte Ransomware cybersecurity anti malware anti phishing scams malware detection

Free Decryptor for BlackByte Ransomware was released

Previous cyberattack victims of known ransomware BlackByte can rejoice since a free decryptor has been released to the public. If the decryptor is executed, ransomware will generate an original encryption key per file or a key per machine called session keys utilized to encrypt a target’s device.  These keys are then encrypted with a public Rivest–Shamir–Adleman key and attached to the end...
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Credentials crypto funds compromised QR Codes scams credential phishing identity theft frauds

Credentials and crypto funds stolen by compromised QR Codes

Quick Responses codes, or famously known as QR codes, are used to track product information in a supply chain. These QR codes have several functions: bill payment, product checker, website shortcuts, online shop shortcuts, and many more. However, even the QR codes’ functionality is intended for the excellent use of people; there are times when several criminals...
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