November 10, 2021
Yanluowang China Ransomware Malware Cybercrime Malware Solutions

Enterprises targeted by a new ransomware called Yanluowang

A researching team discovered a new and developing ransomware strain dedicated to attacking enterprises entities.  The malware, called Yanluowang ransomware, is based on the extension it adds to encrypted files on compromised systems. The name ‘Yanluowang’ is derived after the Chinese god Yanluo Wang, one of the ten kings of hell.  It was discovered that an investigation was conducted...
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hackers Asia Telecom Malware Harvester data breach threat actors

Custom Malware used by hackers to infiltrate Asian-Telco Companies

In recent attacks, an unknown state-sponsored threat group used a malware toolset targeting several IT firms and telecommunication providers in Asian countries, especially the southern part of the continent.  The researchers found a tool called Harvester. The threat group uses it to gather essential data in a top-tier espionage campaign against a vital part of a country’s system, such as IT...
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Excel Documents Russian Cybercrime Group Macros MS Office malware Malicious File

Excel Documents became the latest weapon of a Russian Cybercrime Group

A Russian cybercrime group is using a modified Excel document for a ransomware campaign called MirrorBlast. MirrorBlast deploys a weaponized Excel document against several financial service organizations.  The most notable capability of MirrorBlast is the stealthy attribute that resulted in a low detection rate of the campaign’s malicious Excel documents.   The creators of these documents have...
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