December 28, 2021
Magento Flaw Ecommerce Compromised Data Payment Skimming Attacks Vulnerability Exploit

A flaw in Magento e-commerce compromised thousands of retailers’ data

Recent reports identified a vulnerability in Magento e-commerce platform that threat actors exploit to perform payment-skimming attacks against online retailers and steal their customers’ payment details and other sensitive information. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) declared that about 4,151 total retailers had been attacked because they exploited Magento’s vulnerability on its checkout pages. The...
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United States US Fake TSA PreCheck Domain Name Monitoring Site Takedown Brand Protection

United States travelers scammed by fake TSA PreCheck

Recently, there has been an increase in scam reports from US travellers after visiting the TSA PreCheck, Nexus and Global Entry application service websites. Travellers reported that they were charged over a hundred dollars in exchange for nothing. Reports about these scamming incidents were first encountered by researchers last March. By July, hackers were found...
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Customer Complaint Email Scams Fraudsters Fraud Prevention Phishing Malware Injection

Customer complaint email scams have become a new trend for fraudsters

Recently, researchers found a new way for fraudsters to scam their targets, which is very effective since they use the employees’ fear of losing their jobs. Over the previous weeks, scammers have been spamming fear-inducing emails to target office workers. In contrast, they send emails containing verbal complaints such as “corporate will hear about this”,...
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New Spiderman Movie Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Monero Miner

New Spiderman movie gets exploited to execute a crypto-mining malware

After the release of the latest Spiderman movie – SpiderMan: No Way Home – threat actors have quickly leveraged its popularity by forming a new crypto-mining malware that can hack into victims’ computers and steal their cryptocurrency assets. From the research of security experts, the new crypto-mining malware masquerades as a torrent file for the...
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Moses Staff Threat Group Israel Ransomless Encryption CyberAttack Digital Risk

Moses Staff gang attacked Israeli organisations with ransomless encryption

A newly introduced threat group called Moses Staff has recently claimed responsibility for attacking several Israel-based organisations with ransomless encryption. Researchers believed that the attack of these hackers are purely political since they are not asking for any ransom but instead cause chaos on Israeli systems. The hacking group has recently damaged the Israeli operations...
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SharkBot Banking Trojan Malware Attacks UK US Android MFA Threat Alert

SharkBot Banking Trojan attacks found across the UK and the US

Dubbed as SharkBot, a new banking trojan was recently discovered to evade multi-factor authentications via Automatic Transfer System (ATS) system abuse. The newly found malware is also reported not to have belonged to any familiar malware family. Additionally, SharkBot is a malware traced in cyberattacks determined to steal funds from vulnerable handsets running on the...
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