December 29, 2021
Middle East Eye News Website Spyware Hackers Yemen

Middle East Eye news site targeted by spyware hackers to spy on Yemen

Security researchers have recently reported a cybersecurity attack wherein an anonymous foreign government had hacked a British news site with the help of an Israeli spyware company to take over the devices of the site’s visitors. Candiru, the threat group involved in the incident, is a spyware company that offers cyberespionage services to its clients....
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New Android Spyware C-23 APT Middle East Mobile Advanced Persistent Threat

New Android spyware allegedly linked to C-23 APT from the Middle East

Recent reports about a new Android spyware variant have been published, linking to an advanced persistent threat (APT) group from the Middle East. Researchers said that the spyware-injected application that pretends to be a tool for updating other Android apps is designed to be persistent and stealthy in executing attacks. The new variant also shares...
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TikTok Content Creators Phishing Scam Online Fraud Social Media

Popular TikTok content creators get victimised by a recent phishing scam

New reports reveal that a recent phishing campaign has targeted over 125 large TikTok accounts owned by content creators and brands worldwide. According to the report, the phishing email received by the victims contained warnings about their accounts being deleted for copyright violations or being eligible for a verification badge. Victims may get dazed by...
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Ransomware Gang Memento WinRAR Cyber Threats Data Loss Monitoring

Ransomware gang Memento utilises WinRAR functions to pose threats

Recently, a new malicious threat group named Memento takes a peculiar way of locking files inside password-protected files using WinRAR after their encryption attempts are successively detected and taken down by cybersecurity software. The Memento ransomware group became active last October and started exploiting VMware vCenter server web client vulnerability for the first stage of...
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