January 5, 2022
Payment Solutions Zelle Brand Abuse Exploited Online Fraud Mobile Banking OTP Stealing Vishing

Payment solutions ‘Zelle’ is exploited in fraud within banking apps

Experts have recently studied one of the most commonly exploited ways on how threat actors withdraw money from stolen bank accounts of their victims and empty their funds. The study involves the peer-to-peer payment solutions app called “Zelle,” which several banks and financial institutions use to send cash to others fast, and how it is...
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BrazKing Android Malware Cyber Threat Banking Apps Banking Trojan

BrazKing malware is enhanced to bring threats among banking app users

Experts are continuously analysing financial fraud attacks within the online landscape. From a recent study about malware, they have found BrazKing, an Android banking trojan, to have enhanced its capabilities to target mobile banking app users from Brazil and run by local cybercriminals. BrazKing’s developers may have worked on upgrading the malware to be more...
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Aggah Campaign Clipboard Hijacking Stealing Crypto Assets Digital Risk Protection Anti Malware Bitcoin

New Aggah campaign uses clipboard hijacking to steal Crypto assets

Security experts have recently identified a new campaign called ‘Aggah’ that has been observed distributing clipboard hijacking code for their cryptocurrency heist. The code replaces the cryptocurrency address by the malicious threat actors. Moreover, the code used by Aggah can also deploy maliciously coded files. The researchers stated that the new campaigns observed lately are...
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Crypto Exchange Executive Arrested Ryuk Ransomware Money Laundering Denis Dubnikov Extortion Cryptocurrency

Crypto-exchange executive arrested after aiding Ryuk to launder profits

A Russian native and co-founder of two crypto-exchange firms were recently detained at US authorities’ request after aiding the Ryuk ransomware group launder profits acquired from extorting several US-based organisations. The alleged aider, known as Denis Dubnikov, was arrested and detained last week when he tried to spend a vacation in a small town in...
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