January 6, 2022
Cybercriminals ETW Evade Security Detection Event Tracing for Windows Event Viewer

Cybercriminals are seen to disable ETW to evade security detection

Threat actors are discovered to be disabling the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) tool in their attacks to blind cybersecurity products that rely on its logging mechanisms and sidestep being detected. The Event Tracing for Windows or ETW is a default tool in Windows machines developed to trace and log events of user-mode applications and...
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Intel Processors Security Flaw Vulnerability IoT devices

The processors of Intel are found with a flaw that can affect IoT devices

A flaw dubbed CVE-2021-0146 inside Intel processors was recently discovered by security researchers wherein laptops, cars, and embedded systems are said to be affected. The vulnerability allows the testing or debugging modes on Intel processor lines, permitting unauthorised access of threat actors who want to acquire full system privileges.   The vulnerability is found on...
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Apple Cyberattack Pegasus Spyware NSO Group Vulnerability Exploit

Apple users gets attacked by spyware that forced the tech giant to sue

NSO Group, along with Q Cyber Technologies, was sued by Apple in a US federal court after allegedly attacking consumers with Pegasus spyware and describing them as notorious amoral hackers in the 21st century who developed a high-level surveillance tool used for cybercrime and deliberate abuse. The file charged against the Israeli spyware firm marks...
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The Tor Project Dark Web Domains Onion V3 Websites The Onion Router Virtual Tunnels

The Tor Project require dark web domains to move to V3 onion sites

A major change in the Tor anonymity network has transpired from 2020 to 2021 after their software team issued the latest version that updated .onion domains’ appearance and function. One important aspect of the Tor Project is how it was updated from having 16-character-long .onion domains or v2 addresses to being replaced with 56-character-long domains...
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