January 10, 2022
Cyber Attackers Glitch Project Management Phishing UAE Employees Social Engineering

Attackers exploit the Glitch app to phish on UAE-based employees

Middle East employees from large firms are the latest target of a long-term phishing scam that uses a short-lived aspect of the Glitch app, a project-management tool, and redirects them to SharePoint phishing pages. The phishing email sent in the scam contains suspicious PDFs linked to the Glitch app that includes obfuscated JavaScript for credentials...
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Middle East Cyberattack Malware Campaign Spear Phishing WIRTE Threat Group VBA Power Shell

Middle East organisations got attacked by a recent malware campaign

A stealthy malware campaign has recently been identified by security analysts wherein government, military organisations, financial institutions, diplomatic entities, and law firms situated in the Middle East are targeted. The campaign, which began around 2019, leverages malware-infected Microsoft Word and Excel files. Security experts attributed the attacks against the mentioned sectors to a threat group...
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