January 12, 2022
Threat Actors Technology Landscape Manufacturing Sector IOT Internet of Things

Threat actors target the evolving landscape of the manufacturing sector

Based on experts’ recent findings, it is believed that the manufacturing sector has been one of the many industries being targeted by cyberattacks. These findings might be because of the industry’s extensive use of software tools with advanced technologies, including their adoption to the evolving world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. An example of...
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Fake Office 365 Spam Alerts Phishing Attacks Credential Stealing Identity Theft

Fake Office 365 spam alerts used for phishing attacks to steal credentials

An unidentified group of malicious threat actors is using Office 365 spam alerts for phishing attacks that request targets to review their blocked messages so that they can steal their victims’ MS credentials. These fake Office 365 phishing emails can be deceiving to most users since it utilises an email address named “quarantine[@]messaging[.]microsoft[.]com” sent to...
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Cannazon Dark Web Marketplace Offline DDoS Attack Cyberattack Underground Market

Cannazon, a giant dark web marketplace goes offline due to DDoS attack

A devastating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack had recently hit one of the largest dark web marketplaces in the cybercrime landscape in buying cannabis, Cannazon, that caused their website to crash. For this reason, the operators of Cannazon decided to retire officially and assured not to pull any exit scam against their vendors. The exit message...
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Shiba Inu Token Victimise Investors Fraud Prevention Online Scam Cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu token’s popularity is taken advantage of to victimise investors

A meme-based token Shiba Inu has gained massive popularity with digital asset investors, along with many other cryptocurrency tokens existing. Last October, it hit an all-time high, making threat actors leverage it by conducting scams on hyped-up victims. Scammers took it to YouTube and made live videos promoting their phoney Shiba Inu token giveaways that...
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HiveLeaks Ransomware Cyberattack Supernus Pharma US Data Leak Malware

HiveLeaks ransomware claims the attack against Supernus Pharma

As per recent reports, a ransomware attack operated by the HiveLeaks ransomware group has recently targeted Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a biopharma firm from Rockville, Maryland. Despite the attack, the biopharma firm said they continued their operations without interruptions and would not pay any ransom money to any threat groups. The preliminary results based on a...
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