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redecho china india border malware cyber attack espionage

Chinese government back hacking group, RedEcho targets Indian Power Sector amid border tensions

The relationship between India and China has significantly deteriorated following the border clashes since May 2020, resulting in the first combat deaths between the two of the world’s most populous countries. This resulted in India’s foreign minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, announcing last January 12, 2021, that the two nations’ trust was “profoundly disturbed”. While economic factors...
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hezbollah hacking group Lebanese Cedar Cyberespionage telecom hosting ISP

Hezbollah hacking group targeted Telecoms, Hosting, ISPs Worldwide

A newly detected persistent threat attack group with probable ties to Hezbollah has been using a ‘retooled’ version of its malware with a new version of remote access trojan or RAT to penetrate organisations’ cyber defences worldwide aiming to exfiltrate valuable data. On a recent report published by a security research team last Thursday, the...
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Russian hackers Fancy Bear US Democratic Parties

Fancy Bear Hacking Group from Russia allegedly pursued US Democratic Parties

A renowned Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear is identified as the primary faction responsible for several United States Democrat parties’ most recent attacks. They are looking to repeat the similar assaults that happened a few years ago, during the election year involving the Clinton campaign of 2016. The group was also known as...
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alibaba lazada data hacking leak compromised data dark web

Popular online shopping platform Lazada, suffers massive Data Hacking

One of the famous, or perhaps the most popular e-commerce platform in the world today, Lazada – a Chinese owned global business had just suffered a massive data breach a few days ago. The Alibaba-owned business firm revealed the bad news and specified that the intrusion was on one of their grocery affiliates, RedMart, in...
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pioneer kitten iranian hackers compromised data underground forums dark web data breach

Iranian hacking group Pioneer Kitten sells company data on underground forums

Another speculated Iranian government-backed hacker was seen selling stolen corporate network information on an underground hacking forum. The group was named ‘Pioneer Kitten,’ also dubbed as Fox Kitten or Parisite, which is believed as a contracted hacker for Iran. The adversary is estimated to be working under the radar since 2017, exploiting known vulnerabilities on...
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fbi warns mobile banking apps fraud fraud prevention

FBI: Increased hacking risk through Mobile Banking apps

With the ongoing pandemic crisis and huge breakthroughs with bank services technology, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through one of its public agency, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released its warning with the increase of mobile banking fraud-related incident again. With the statistical report given by the Cybersecurity experts, they have confirmed that...
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dark web alert accounts for sale

Dark Web Alert: 550 Million stolen user accounts – For sale on hacking forum

Hackers and Dark Web enthusiasts are currently feasting on what data collectors consider as one of the most massive data collection sale s of the year. According to several reports, the leak includes accounts from alleged forum users. A few days ago, a hacker just posted on a hacking forum several extensive databases for sale,...
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perswaysion hacking attack

Perswaysion hacking attack – Executives of globally reputed companies are on target

Since last year, a growing number of reports targeting high ranking officials from small to medium businesses have been recorded linking to Perswaysion hacking attack. Executive Monitoring did by a group of cyber researcher name Group-IB confirmed at least 156 officials from the US, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore had their email...
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apple iphone zero day vulnerability cyberattack email hackers hacking infosec information security

Unseen exploits on iPhone opens the possibility of hacking

Security researchers detected critical flaws in pre-installed Apple E-mail applications on iPhone and iPad that are being exploited to spy on high profile victims. Cybercriminals have been utilizing the weaknesses for at least two years. Million iOS users are vulnerable in complete control of remote hackers on the device once their account is logged in...
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zoom zero day vulnerability hacking darkweb data privacy security threat

After Zoom bombing: More vulnerabilities and hacking attempts on Zoom

What is new with Zoom?  After the Zoom bombing incident with Zoom due to its vulnerabilities, it appears that the storm is not yet over the video conferencing app. From the day the weaknesses were exposed, numerous issues occurred on the rising application. It gets to us that what happened to Zoom is the “new...
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