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Cyberpunk 2077 crack installer mobile ransomware malware CoderWare BlackKingdom

Ransomware masquerades as the mobile version of Cyberpunk 2077

CoderWare is a recent ransomware in the block that has been victimizing the gamer populace under the guise of a trending game called Cyberpunk 2077 through the Windows and Android platform. Distributing them as game installers, cheats, and cracks are the social tricks used to get users installing the malware. Here is one screenshot where...
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ryuk ransomware data leak K12 Inc Online School compromised data

Online school giant K12 Inc pays Ryuk Ransomware

Current on the list of the victim of the Ryuk ransomware is the K12 Inc. that caters online educational program from kindergarten to grade 12. With the ongoing pandemic, the company is attending now to over a million students that choose to take online classes that they offered rather than be in the conventional way...
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ransomware proactive defense ransomware attack

Evolution of Ransomware defense to proactively counter Ransomware attacks

The numerous ransomware attacks are becoming a grave threat and problem to the cybercommunity. Thousands of companies have been victimized by these ransomware actors resulting in significant monetary losses, and the worst sensitive company data are being sold off to the black market giving other malicious actors to further cause damage to the victimized company....
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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Revil Ransomware Attack Malware russian hackers hacker

Russian Hacker’s massive ransomware attack on Kenneth Copeland Ministries

REvil, the well-known Russian hacker group has recently announced the American Televangelist Kenneth Copeland as their latest victim, threatening to publicly release 1.2 terabytes of sensitive information if he turns down the demand payment of the hacking group, the amount of the ransom is unspecified. On Wednesday, Revil issue a claiming they had successfully taken...
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Egregor Malware Ransomware antimalware

Egregor: Dynamic Ransomware to keep an eye on

Reportedly been active since mid-September 2020 and a part of the Sekhmet malware family, Egregor is considered one of the most active Ransomware Group this year. This ransomware targets organizations worldwide to steal highly sensitive data, data encryption, and decryption of acquired data to exchange a ransom. Ransomware attacks from Cybercriminals have been around for...
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capcom data breach ragnar ransomware malware

Capcom Breach and Ransomware Attack Update

Prominent game developer company, Capcom, has recently reported that they have been victimized by a ransomware attack. Based on their publicized incident report and initial findings, the attack happens on the morning of November 2, 2020, upon stumbling connectivity issue that results in some data being destroyed and encrypted on their server and later receiving...
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hospitals healthcare ryuk trickbot ransomware malware trojan

Hospitals still targeted by the Ryuk Trickbot Ransomware

With the ongoing battle with the Covid-19 pandemic, so is the exploitation of many health institutions being compromised by many adversaries. On the recently submitted report, which is based on the collaborative investigation performed by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Health and Human Services of the United...
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ransomware attack multi cloud infrastructure malware trojan

Ransomware advances on Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

The first documentation of a ransomware attack was in the year 1989. A Harvard-educated biologist developed the malware where a compromised diskette named “AIDS Information – Introductory Diskettes” were dispersed to the attendees of an internal conference and spread to more than 90 countries. These give a concept to cybercriminals that they can monetize from...
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ransomware attack manufacturing companies malware trojan hacking

Manufacturing is becoming a Ransomware target

Reports show that there are roughly 10 million manufacturing companies worldwide. The top factories with the highest manufacturing output are from China, the United States, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. These companies differ depending on the type of production processes they offer. However, in the attacker’s eye, they see that these companies are easy prey...
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capcom ransomware attack ragnar locker

Gaming giant CAPCOM falls to Ransomware Attack

Just last week, a renowned gaming giant, CAPCOM, suffered a data breach. The hacking incident significantly affected the gaming giant’s internal network systems, and hackers taking away more than 1 terabyte (TB) of sensitive company information. It was immediately identified that the hacking attack was made using the Ragnar Locker Ransomware, a somewhat notorious malware-rigged...
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