xsocialmedia advertising agency compromised data 3rd party risk assessment

Online Media Advertising Agency Exposes Patients’ Medical Info

A renowned online advertising agency which specializes in helping law firms sign up potential clients has exposed close to 150,000 records from a database that were left unsecured.   The historical databank contained submissions as part of a lead-generation effort by X Social Media, a Florida-based advertising company that largely uses Facebook to advertise various...
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keepass adware malware

Fake Credential Management Software Spreading Adware

A website in France posing as a popular credential management software called KeePass Password manager was found spreading malware. The site is called, keepass{.}com is part of a large network of sites distributing adware to unsuspecting users.   Adwares are web programs, specially coded, and made to highlight and feature advertisements on websites you visit....
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dharma ransomware malware

Famous Dharma Ransomware Disguised as AntiVirus Software

The successful ransomware variant known as Dharma has been upgraded and is now able to disguise itself as legitimate Antivirus software to dupe its victims, according to a new cyber technology research. Dharma was first spotted in the wild in 2016 and has since claimed dozens of healthcare victims. In April 2017, Texas-based ABCD Pediatrics...
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wordpress plugin vulnerability phishing redirect malware

WordPress Plugins Utilized For Use in Malicious Campaign

With each passing day, cases of WordPress infection that redirects visitors to suspicious pages is getting common.  Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in tagDiv Themes and Ultimate Member Plugins. In this WordPress redirect hack visitors to your website are redirected to phishing or malicious pages.   In this hack, users, when redirected, are taken to...
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sqlite magellan vulnerability bug hacking

Unpatched SQLite Database Exposed Data To Hackers

Cybersecurity scientists have found a basic weakpoint in the broadly utilized SQLite database programming that uncovered billions of deployments to cyber criminals.   Named as ‘Magellan’ by security researchers, the newfound SQLite imperfection could enable remote assailants to execute self-assertive or malignant code on influenced gadgets, spill program memory or crash applications.   SQLite is...
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zerofont phishing technique office365

ZeroFont Phishing Technique – Simple Yet Effective

Cyber criminals area at it again. And this time, they are after familiar territory – using ZeroFont on Microsoft Office 365. Ever since the developments in security for messaging systems, security experts have already given us due notice regarding the possible threats of bogus or fraudulent emails. This will be an ever-growing hazard since in...
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data breach compromised data auto industry

Auto Industry Takes Huge Blow from Hackers

Cyber Attacks are getting more and more frequent nowadays. From government institutions to hospitals, banks and other financial institutions. There’s almost no rest for cyber criminals , hackers and the amount of illegal activities they couldn’t accomplish. And their newest victim – The Auto Industry. Car manufacturers or all manufacturers in general – normally go to...
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nsa hacking tools chinese spies malware ransomware

How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks

Cyberwarfare Cyber espionage is the name of the game as art of warfare has shifted from physical to cyberspace; we only see this in the movies and now a reality when state sponsored hackers are finding its way into the cyberspace for supremacy, and once again a mysterious hackers repurposed and recycled  sophisticated cyber tools...
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sim swap attack smshing cryptocurrency

USD$2.5M Worth of Stolen CryptoCurrency From The Latest SIM Swap Attacks

A man aged 20 from Dublin, was arrested and brought before the High Court on Thursday on foot of an extradition warrant. During a brief appearance, he indicated he understood the charges. He was remanded in custody until May 22. The US Attorney General for the Eastern State of Michigan said that their investigation had...
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data breach hacking fraud prevention

Human Resources Company Suffers Data Breach

One seriously threatening part about data breaches and getting hacked is the period from when the breach was done, and the actual time it takes for the end user or the company to find out that they’ve been attacked. You begin to think that from that certain phase, those cyber criminals may have already acquired...
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