russian car owner info for sale in dark web data leak compromised data

Millions of Russian cars owner’s information – For Sale on Dark Web

Several cyber security experts struck gold when they uncovered a forum on the Dark Web selling a database containing more than a hundred million records of vehicles and owners’ information. The alleged hacker definitely has some pretty interesting information for potential buyers in confirming the legitimacy of the datasets. Initial report says there are no immediate...
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elexon suffers cyberattack hackers hacking ransomware malware

Elexon, UK Energy Market middleman suffers cyber attack

Managing the payments processing and monitoring the supply of power coming from the United Kingdom’s power station operators to power companies is Elexon. Different power companies provide the electricity supply for consumers and businesses in the UK, and Elexon is there to make sure that all the lights are “ON” all the time. Elexon accurately monitors...
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about coronavirus coronavirus covid19 mobile ransomware ransomware malware antimalware mobile application mobile app mobile monitoring

About Coronavirus – Pandemic lock trick mobile ransomware

Being cautious and updated with the latest news about the ongoing chaotic issue with COVID19 is a must for everyone. Knowing the current status for each country and reports of its spread and especially the statistics is the best defense for our protection. As the current mandate and part of the mitigation strategy of each affected...
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thunderbolt port vulnerability exploit hacking

7 new flaws affect all Thunderbolt port of computers

There has been a recent pitch from a Dutch security researcher who found a security flaw in the thunderbolt port or USB type-C port on Thunderbolt-enabled Windows, Apple, or Linux computers before 2020, while some systems shipped since 2019 that provide Kernel Direct Memory Access protection are partially vulnerable. This Evil Maid attack (i.e., attacker of...
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phishing email scam office 365 court of law antiphishing fraud prevention

Phishing email scam targets the Court of Law using Office 365 layout

Hacker In the Court Armorblox confirmed in their analysis the recent email phishing scam that circulates in the Supreme Court of the United States. Based on their reports, a similar attack had happened in the UK Ministry. The threat actors used the same tactics by sending spoof emails of subpoenas to targeted individuals of a known...
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texas city court of appeals ransomware attack

Texas City suffers ransomware attack – Court of Appeals’ network compromised

One of the primary networks servicing the US court of appeals in Dallas, Texas, and other branches of the US Judicial system was permanently disabled. The event is due to the city’s discovery of the ransomware attack last Friday. The court’s tech team has immediately disabled the network, shutting down all connecting websites and servers to...
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north korea hackers malware phishing activities

Hackers from North Korea: Exposed by U.S. Government on malware and phishing activities

Multi Approach Attack? Cybercrime experts in the United States, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the Department of Defense (DoD) recently released their Malware Analysis Report. The report includes three newly discovered programs that were used by North Korea (NoKor) for their malicious scheming. The U.S...
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team fortress counter strike csgo source code leak data leak

Source code leak: CS: GO and Team Fortress 2 – Is it still safe to play?

Stealth Play Attack  A few weeks ago, a data leak rattled the online gaming community that targeted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 online games. The source code of these games has been a hot topic on many social media portal that alarms many gamers not to play these online.   The exploitation was released initially...
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nhs national health service website cloned malware phishing fake website trojan antitrojan brand protection brand abuse

Cloned NHS website in London causes alarm

A yet to be an unidentified group of hackers has just created a fake website, get this – a clone of the NHS (National Health Service) official website. This clone website, as it turns out, is providing information about possible treatments for the coronavirus. Of all the things that the hackers can think of, it is...
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tokopedia data breach compromised data infosec information security hacking hackers

Indonesia’s Tokopedia suffers data breach of 15 million customers accounts

The unexpected breach for an online shop An Indonesian E-commerce giant, Tokopedia reportedly encountered a Data breach as per their spokesperson, Nuraini Razak on Saturday. The leaked data of 15 million users of Tokopedia includes full names, usernames, emails, phone numbers and hashed passwords of their customers. Tokopedia ensures that the hackers won’t be able to...
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pwc PricewaterhouseCoopers dns subdomain brand abuse brand monitoring dns monitoring

Hacked PwC subdomain hosts both cyber security and pornography

A rather intriguing and sensational event has just made waves across the cyber security world. Several cyber security researchers, including network engineers and testing specialists, encountered a rather familiar domain, resembling that of PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers. Only it’s hosting not just something about cyber security, but majority of it are ads, links, apps, and other contents...
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ntpc northwest territories power corporation netwalker ransomware malware financial malware antimalware hacking dark web

Canadian power company gets hit with Netwalker ransomware

A major power provider in Canada has just suffered a ransomware attack, Thursday afternoon. The Northwest Territories Power Corporation’s (NTPC) had an unexpected cyber security incident when its official website went down and had some of the pages taken over, showing what looks like a ransom note from the unknown hackers. The headline of the message...
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doppelpaymer ransomware group los angeles cyber attack data leak compromised data antimalware dark web cyber threat

Ransomware operators launched a cyber attack in L.A.

A bold claim from the renowned DoppelPaymer Ransomware Group has been announced, with the hackers saying that they’ve just launched a targeted cyber attack in a U.S. city near the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The targeted city, Torrance, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, has been consistent in its standing as one of the...
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xiaomi information privacy concerns data privacy infosec information security

Xiaomi brand phones: A spy for China?

Recently cybersecurity solutions researchers Gabi Cirlig and Andrew Tierney produced a report on their Xiaomi experience. They have confirmed that Xiaomi, through their testing on RedMi Note 8, picks up its users’ tracks and stores it on a server on China. This is from the initial report on Forbes that this type of behavior is being...
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apple iphone zero day vulnerability cyberattack email hackers hacking infosec information security

Unseen exploits on iPhone opens the possibility of hacking

Security researchers detected critical flaws in pre-installed Apple E-mail applications on iPhone and iPad that are being exploited to spy on high profile victims. Cybercriminals have been utilizing the weaknesses for at least two years. Million iOS users are vulnerable in complete control of remote hackers on the device once their account is logged in on...
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emotet malware financial malware banking trojan antitrojan antimalware phishing antiphishing infosec information security

Emotet malware just made the coronavirus harmful for machines too

During these last few months, cyber security analysts and cyber research companies have been giving out precautions about the continuing increase in malware attacks, specifically Emotet. U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued warning as well that it’s considered a huge growth in focused malware attacks using Emotet. In its short history, Emotet started its...
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facebook dark web data leak compromised data

Personal Data of 309 Million Facebook users exposed in Dark Web

Over 309 Million Facebook user’s data are now exposed on the Dark Web and being sold by the Threat actors for 500 Euros or $542. The data includes the user’s personal information such as first name, last name, email address, Facebook ID, status, age, gender and last login timestamps. Though there were no account passwords included,...
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bec business email compromise phishing scam antiphishing bec domain monitoring

Corporate phishing scam in Britain: 3 firms suffers 1.3 Million USD

On the 3rd of April, business equity firms have been tricked for a wire transfer amounting to $1.3 million. The fraudulent act was accounted to ‘The Florentine Banker,’ a well-known hacker group that has been onto this type of phishing scam for several years now. Using BEC (business email compromise) technique, they were able to infiltrate...
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Small Business Administrator SBA data leak compromised data privacy infosec security information security

Small Business Administrator: Sudden ‘Back’ Attack

Last month on the 25th of March. The U.S Small Business Administrator (SBA) had a defect on the online submission of applicants for the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) as disclosed by Jovita Carranza. This type of loan was offered typically to Small Businesses that suffered losses due to different known disasters in America. The loan...
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google apple coronavirus tracing mobile application

Coronavirus Tracing App by Google and Apple: Risks Exposure!

Alert: You have been exposed!   With the ongoing pandemic crisis for COVID-19, app magnates – Google and Apple are now on a venture to release a coronavirus tracing application, to be released this mid of May. The said app will be for Android and Apple users that will use some similar code that is usable...
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