rubygems typosquatting malware antimalware financial malware trojan antitrojan

Typosquatting technique malware on RubyGems

RubyGems have discovered a new threat between February 16 to 25 of this year. As one of the known repositories of open source code for developers. The company announced that they were able to extract 700 malicious or rude codes as part of their malware detection program. The code, once included on a software package, will...
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covid19 text message fraud smsing phishing antiphishing malware antimalware fraud prevention

COVID-19 related text message fraud are spreading like a virus

Amidst all the chaos that’s happening worldwide because of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are always able to figure out different ways to scam people. On Thursday, April 16th, Thomaston Police Department in Thomaston, Maine, posted a newly discovered text message fraud SMS scam in their official Facebook account.     The Facebook post shows the exact...
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Grandoreiro Trojan Overlay Malware Antimalware microsoft malware

Chrome browser overlay malware preys on banks and goes to Spain

Cybersecurity researchers recently publicized early this February, a new application for anti phishing solutions scam that is now targeting people in Spain. It is somewhat similar to the TrickBot and IcedID trojan/malware program that usually attacks large banks in different countries. The said malicious activity in Spain is being linked to a new overlay malware they called –...
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piratebay pirate bay original domain copyright and trademark protection brand monitoring

The Pirate Bay is back and now accessible with Original Domain Name

The Pirate Bay is one of the best platforms in finding different digital content on the internet, so any downtime will undoubtedly result in a disruption in the community. The good news is that The Pirate Bay is now accessible once again through its main domain name after a month. There were noticeable changes made after...
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dark nexus malware iot botnet antimalware hacking

Dark Nexus – Latest threat on IoT botnet

Using the internet, we can now control several devices such as appliances, cameras for monitoring, and computers via remote access. With the emerging technology of its uses, a new threat has been discovered in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), for controlling these devices once it is connected to the internet.  Cybersecurity researchers have already...
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italian email provider breached darkweb compromised data stolendb

Italian Email Service Provider breached – Stolen DB now on dark web

An Italian company, Email.It provides professional electronic mail services and electronic mail management systems for different companies, service professionals, and even for individual use. Their wholly-owned email management systems, located on a private cloud, are all hosted in several tech locations within and close to Italy. Their entire infrastructure is complete with the latest in internet...
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healthcare industry interpol warns ransomware threats malware antimalware cyberthreats cyberattack

INTERPOL warns Healthcare industry over increasing Ransomware threats related to COVID19

While our Frontliners in the Healthcare industry are putting their lives in the line by helping the COVID-19 patients recover, they are now the targets of these ferocious Cybercriminals just to generate money. Aside from the previously reported COVID-19 related cybercrimes like Coronavirus maps, Coronavirus Phishing scam, cybercriminals show no signs of forbearance as they are...
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starbucks gift cards phishing scam phishing email antiphishing

Coronavirus-linked Phishing Scam comprising Starbucks gift cards

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Mainland B.C. informed the public to be wary about the circulating COVID-19 related Phishing Scam which involved Starbucks Gift Cards that was reported to them by a concerned consumer. Through phishing emails, the cybercriminals are dispersing fake coupons in Social Media such as Twitter by informing the public that Starbucks...
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marriott hotel data breach compromised data brand protection fraud prevention policy enforcement

Marriott Hotel Data Breach exposes 5.2 Million Guest

Approximately 5.2 million guest information has been leaked in another Marriott Hotel data breach that was announced last Tuesday, 31st March 2020. In an online statement released by the hotel giant last February 2020, they have identified a data breach wherein millions of hotel guests’ information was accessed using security credentials from two of their employees...
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facebook pegasus spyware malware antimalware mobile apps social media

Pegasus Spyware: Facebook allegedly considered to purchase this to spy on iOS users

Facebook is one of the most used Social Media platform worldwide with more than 2.45 Billion monthly active users and counting. The platform also collects personal information on its users once you created an account. This is a known fact and is considered by the US congress as a violation of every individual’s privacy, regardless of...
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coronavirus websites covid19 covid-19 domains fraud prevention malware antimalware threat intelligence phishing antiphishing

Cybercriminals creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and promotional offers as a trap

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing a lot of fear and panic on a global scale. Cyber-criminals, however, saw it as an opportunity to further their fraudulent and malicious activities and take advantage of people during these trying times by creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and domains. People are staying at home and are more...
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massive data leak israeli voters compromised data risk and compliance brand protection policy enforcement website protection third party risk assessment vendor risk assessment

Massive data leak of Israeli voters’ private information exposed inadvertently

Massive data leak of 6.5 Million Israeli voters’ personal data was exposed on a leak which included names, gender, addresses, and identity card numbers as well as phone numbers and other private information.  Every electoral party list in Israel was given a database containing every Israeli’s personal information for use in their campaign providing that they...
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bird miner malware apple macintosh antimalware digital risk digital risk protection cryptocurrency cryptomining cryptominer

Bird Miner – New cryptomining scheme aimed at Apple Mac users

Stemming from several reports from several security researchers, there’s a new cryptominer called The Bird Miner. It targets Apple Mac systems through an ‘Ableton Live 10’ torrent. The music production software costs several hundred US dollars, so many people are on the look for cracked versions that they can download without paying a dime. However, the...
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iot devices vulnerabiliity p2p remote exploit

P2P weakpoint leaves millions of IoT devices exposed

Security experts discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the iLnkP2P P2P system that ìs developed by Chinese firm Shenzhen Yunni Technology Company, Inc. The iLnkP2P system allows users to remotely connect to their IoT devices using a mobile phone or a PC. Potentially affected IoT devices include cameras and smart doorbells. The iLnkP2P is widely adopted by...
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Google Play Store cryptomalware google play mobile app malware antimalware

Two Crypto-Stealing apps on Google Play Store abused by hackers

Cyber-security researchers have just discovered two (2) malicious crypto-stealing apps in the Google Play store that have been downloaded over 1,000 times. The two fraudulent apps are “Trezor Mobile Wallet” and “Coin Wallet – Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Tether,” and security researchers note that both apps share an “overlap in code and interface.” The fake Trezor app...
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wireless sierra es450 security vulnerability Vulnerabilities forensic analysis

Weakpoints in Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450 discovered

Cyber Security Researchers at CTG disclosed a dozen vulnerabilities affecting Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers, including several serious flaws. Some of the flaws could be exploited to execute arbitrary code, modify passwords, and change system settings. Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers are widely used in enterprise environments to connect industrial equipment, smart devices, sensors,...
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rakhni malware ransomware cryptomining spear phishing antimalware antiphishing cryptomalware Ransomware and Cryptocurrency mining spyware

Is your machine good for cryptomining or ransomware: This virus can decide

Ransomware and Cryptocurrency mining attacks have been very frequent since last year. Attacking not only unsuspecting individuals, but corporate systems as well. They share a few similarities and mostly engage in digital currencies. And like other malwares and hacking tools, they are also on the verge of evolving. These are both non-complex intrusions in nature but...
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cisco industrial network director security vulnerability threat intelligence malware antimalware malware protection

Critical malware allows RCE to Cisco Industrial Network Director

A high-severity malware has been found to Cisco’s enterprise-class Industrial Network Director that allows remote attackers to hijack this industrial network and allows attackers for arbitrary code execution as the root user. The Cisco Industrial Network Director (IND) is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices in the context of...
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qualcomm chipset chip vulnerability malware

Latest Qualcomm chipset vulnerability flaw allows entry for hackers

Qualcomm chipsets are generally the processor of choice for many smartphone users, owing to the firm’s powerful graphics hardware and developer-friendly nature. It’s not immune to chipset vulnerability flaws though, and its latest vulnerability is a big one. Security researchers discovered the flaw last year, allowing cyber-criminals to gain private data and security keys in a...
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iot devices telnet data leaks compromised data hackers hacker hacking

IoT telnet leaks – Hacker exposes Telnet credentials for more than 500k Devices

A hacker who runs a DDoS Service business from the Dark Web and across the criminal internet forums lately made the front page of the internet discussion through numerous tech-news site as he had published a list of IoT Telnet device credentials amounting to 515,000  devices that he had “cracked.”  The list of exposed credentials was...
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