Radio Hacking

Short Wave Radio Hacking is a Serious Threat

A couple from Texas were given the shock of their life this week when they say they heard a man’s voice coming from their baby monitor and threatening to kidnap their four-month-old son.   Nathan and Ellen Rigney were sleeping just before midnight on Monday when they heard a beeping sound coming from their Nest-brand baby...
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MageCart skimmer script

MageCart Scripts Hosted on GitHub Used to Skim E-Commerce Websites

Security experts discovered the Magecart skimmer scripts used to compromise a few hundred e-commerce websites worldwide hosted on GitHub.   Security firms have monitored the activities of a dozen Magecart groups at least since 2015. The gangs use to implant skimming script into compromised online stores in order to steal payment card data on, but they...
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Sony smart TVs

Sony SMART TVs Expose WiFi Passwords

Security vulnerabilities in Android-based Sony smart TVs allow attackers to access WiFi Passwords and the images stored on the devices.   The vulnerability resides in the Photo Sharing Plus which allows users to upload photos to Sony Smart TV through a smartphone. It affects not only the TV’s used at the home but also the smart...
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US Airport Systems Held Hostage By Ransomware

Hopkins International Airport is battling a ransomware attack that knocked out some displays and disabled email, according to multiple reports from Cleveland, Ohio. Hopkins International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Ohio, and the 43rd busiest airport in the United States by passenger numbers, according to Wikipedia.   The City of Cleveland and Hopkins...
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GoDaddy Shuts Down Over 15K Sub-Domains Involved In Massive SPAM Campaign

GoDaddy and Palo Alto recently collaborated to take down some 15,000 subdomains promoting weight-loss products and other goods promising miraculous results. The websites sought to persuade millions of consumers into buying products backed by bogus endorsements purporting to be from celebrities including Stephen Hawking, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani.   The compromised sites were uncovered in...
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Wireless Chipsets Affects Billions of Devices

Critical Bug in Well-known Wireless Chipsets Affects Billions of Devices

ThreadX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) developed by Express Logic, capable of running in a rich set of different platforms and devices. It is actually the most deployed RTOS, with over 6.2 billion deployments, including IoT (Internet of Things) devices, modems, laptops such as Samsung Chromebooks and Microsoft Surface, and even gaming consoles like the...
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Website Vulnerability

SC Capital Website Vulnerability Almost Leaked Entire Database

The city of Columbia site had a security flaw in its search tool, according to independent security researchers. The flaw lets anyone view passwords for the website’s database and email protocol servers, creating a massive potential for abuse, researchers said on Thursday.   The vulnerability made it possible for someone to pull sensitive data out of...
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Internet Got Hijacked

How the Internet Got Hijacked – For a While

A measly Nigerian ISP has hijacked internet traffic meant for Google’s data centers. The incident, called a BGP hijack, occurred last November 12, between 13:12 and 14:35, Pacific Time, according to Google.   The incident was first detected and reported by an online service that monitors the routes that internet traffic takes through the smaller internet...
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Cyber Attacks

Amnesty International HK Office Suffers Cyber Attacks

Amnesty International Hong Kong can reveal it has been the target of a sophisticated state-sponsored cyber-attack, consistent with those carried out by hostile groups linked to the Chinese government.   The cyber-attack was first detected on 15 March 2019, when state-of-the-art security monitoring tools detected suspicious activity on Amnesty International Hong Kong’s local IT systems. Cyber...
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CARBANAK Banking Malware

Source Code for CARBANAK Banking Malware Found On VirusTotal

What do we know about Carbanak malware As we all know Carbanak has its impressive portfolio holding in its reputation, considering it as the leading player for Advanced Threat Protection attack and believed to be one of the successful attack in the world used entirely for banks, financial institutions, hospitals, and restaurants. First seen on threat...
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ShadowHammer: New details (UPDATE)

Latest development As we discussed previously in one of the topic dealing with the emergence of ShadowHammer, this will be the latest update although, investigation is on-going and pretty sure there are more to come in the latter progress report. As we all know by this time similar algorithm was employed for the attack particularly three...
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DNS Hijacking Attack

Hackers Launching DNS Hijacking Attack to Gain Access to Telecommunication & ISP Networks

What is Sea turtle attack? It’s not an attack of a vicious sea turtle to human as you are invading their territory. Sea Turtle attack is not like any other DNS hijacking or poisoning, it is labeled as another breed of campaign more refined than its predecessor. How is it different from other DNS hijacking attack?...
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Malware and Spyware Protection

Hidden for 5 years, complex ‘TajMahal’ spyware discovered

From the Abyss Researchers has recently unveil new form of sophisticated cyber espionage framework that has been active since at 2013,dubbed as the TajMahal named after one of its XML file used for exfiltration, and an unknown origin and crafter, Its modules and bundles functionality which have never been before seen in an advanced persistent threat...
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identity theft prevention

Profoundly Database Breach: Revealed User Identities?

Over the past few weeks Facebook has been quite active partnering with different app makers for their Facebook platform to incorporate where users can also enjoy it. Profoundly has been moderately gaining fame and somehow trended. The app Profoundly is used to anonymize users who want to ask questions on Facebook. Despite the apps main feature...
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Phishing Scheme

Phishing Scheme Uses Legit Signup Forms to Steal Payment Card Data

Baiting Scheme Legitimately looking organization newsletter subscription forms to scam unwary victims from making payment transactions leading to hackers’ personal bank account. Phishing Technique Drawn companies such as Audi, Austrian Airlines, and S-Bahn Berlin to Russian users. Here’s how it is pulled off: Email catch line saying “Money for you” either written in English or German...
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US Web Servers Hosted 10 Malware Families

The infamous Necurs Known for being the multipurpose Necurs botnet wearing different kind of role as its façade was initially introduced as infector and rootkit 7 years ago, and now well known for having partnered with top cybercrime rings and made its name as the top spamming and infection forces in the malware scene. Scaling from...
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ASUS laptops

ShadowHammer: Malicious updates for ASUS laptops

How secure are we? There’s no such thing as foolproof system at least now a days when all threat actors are looking for means on how to manhandle security loopholes. Gone are the days when secure haven as what we think it is–say our manufactures OEM are no longer excused to all sorts of attack. In...
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anti virus malware protection

Xiaomi Brand Phones: A Slip Up of Anti-Virus App Could Turn Against You as a Malware

Mobile phones in today’s generation are still selling like pancakes despite the stiff competition between different mobile phone manufacturers. Needless to say, mobile phones are still part of our daily lives which serves as a multi-functional tool from communication up to almost anything thanks to the applications made for mobile devices. It is well-known that Android...
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Data breaches

Data breaches more common than rain in the UK

The UK has something of a reputation for its wet climate, and its citizens for constantly talking about the weather. So, it might come as a surprise to find that in the UK the chance of encountering a data breach is higher than that of experiencing a rainy day. A survey by technology services company shows...
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Android malware

New Android Malware Gustuff Targeting 100+ Banking, 32 Cryptocurrency and Messengers apps such as WhatsApp

A newly found type of Android malware has stolen cryptocurrency and banking data from in excess of 125 different applications. The “Gustuff” Trojan virus is said to pick up its popularity in the cybercriminal underworld given that it’s custom-made explicitly to take banking and crypto assets. Gustuff is accepted to be about a year old but...
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