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Triada malware
Lots of smartphone manufacturers are tricked into installing a malware trojan known as Triada, who masquerades as a software vendor believing this will help them add features to the standard Android OS. This Triada malware is designed to put spam and ads on their device. The creators of Triada then collects revenue from the ads...
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Anti-malware tools
Cybersecurity scientists have found a basic weakpoint in the broadly utilized SQLite database programming that uncovered billions of deployments to cyber criminals.   Named as ‘Magellan’ by security researchers, the newfound SQLite imperfection could enable remote assailants to execute self-assertive or malignant code on influenced gadgets, spill program memory or crash applications.   SQLite is...
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ransomware attack | best malware protection
A Washington-based food bank has been hit by a ransomware attack known as GlobeImposter 2.0,which encrypted all computers on their network leaving staff members unable to access files and emails. It has been confirmed that the ransomware attack happened around 2:00 am on Wednesday, June 5th, and at that there was no person present in...
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Shamoon malware
New variants of Shamoon disk-wiping malware were recently reported to cyber security experts this week from Italy. Shamoon malware was first spotted in the cyber-attack against Saudi Arabia and other oil companies in 2012 in which it erased data of more than 30,000 belonging to the companies.   In 2016 it was spotted in the...
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Mobile Apps
It’s not just dating and health apps that might be violating your privacy when they send data to Facebook.   A Privacy International study has determined that “at least” 20 out of 34 popular Mobile Android apps are transmitting sensitive information to Facebook without asking permission, including Kayak, MyFitnessPal, Skyscanner and TripAdvisor.   This typically...
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best virus malware protection
Malware Summary Qakbot or Qbot also known as bank malware has been in the threat landscape since 2008 similar to Rubber Ducky, Mimikatz, and is considered one of the most effective malware families of the past decade, in part because its source code is available to cybercriminals, so it can be easily modified and extended....
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Android apps
Our Mobile Application Monitoring team has been wary of the trend that mobile appstores including iTunes and Google Playstore has been getting malicious apps in their store. Now the deception of mobile apps continue, up to the point that it has reached the stage where it has been pre-installed by your Mobile Phone vendor. Classy...
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Hospital Data Breach
Huntsville Hospital in Alabama is informing work candidates about a data rupture that may have brought about the bargain of their own information. The data rupture happened in May 2018 yet the doctor’s facility came to think about it just in October 2018.   As indicated by the notice letters conveyed by the healing center,...
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Banking malware detection
Last December we discussed a written article about a hacker getting hacked by a banking Trojan. The banking malware was identified as the Lokibot which was exploited by being used by different cybercriminals. The details are in the previous article Can you fathom how critical it is when a hacker itself gets hacked? Now...
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Website Malware protection
Security researchers over the globe joined in a venture committed to sharing URLs used in malicious campaigns managed to take down close to 100,000 websites actively engaged in malware distribution. The task called URLhaus was started by, a non-benefit cybersecurity association in Switzerland. The operations began towards the end of March 2018 and recorded...
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