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DJI Drone Data Exposed due to Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability
DJI makes some of the most mainstream quadcopters available, yet its items have more than once drawn investigation from the United States government over protection and security concerns. Most as of late, the Department of Defense in May restricted the buy of customer rambles made by a bunch of merchants, including DJI. Presently DJI has...
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IronChat Cracked by Law Enforcement Revealing
Dutch police have uncovered that they could keep an eye on the interchanges of in-excess of 100 presumed crooks, observing live as over a fourth of a million chat messages were traded. The scrambled messages were sent utilizing IronChat, an apparently secure encoded messaging administration accessible on BlackBox IronPhones.   The site of Blackbox Security...
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Default Cisco Admin Account Exposes Switches to Remote Attacks
A default account present in Cisco Small Business switches can enable remote assailants to increase finish access to defenseless gadgets. The systems administration goliath presently can’t seem to discharge patches, yet a workaround is accessible. As indicated by Cisco, Small Business switches running any product discharge accompany a default account that is accommodated the underlying...
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GPS Spoofing: A Growing Threat
With today’s modern technology, long drives are a thing of the past. Traveling and navigating is as easy as typing the location into your mobile device and voila! You now have a clear path towards your destination. It’s all thanks to the good ol’ GPS (Global Positioning System). As long as you have your smartphone...
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A 16-Year-Old High School Student Just Hacked Apple
It’s been said that Apple and its systems are generally unhackable. But in today’s age, nothing is impossible. This proved to be true – Just recently, a 16-year old … let that sink in for a moment. A 16-year old high school student from Melbourne, Australia penetrated the extremely secure Apple servers and downloaded some...
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