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Facebook Content Reporting System Kazakhstan Harmful Content Social Media

Facebook’s content reporting system is granted for Kazakhstan to help eliminate harmful content on Social Media

Kazakhstan has recently been granted direct access to Facebook’s content reporting system by the social media platform’s parent company, Meta. This movement is part of a joint agreement to remove harmful content found on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  Meta and the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan have released a joint statement that infers the agreement being the first one...
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Scammers Threat Actors Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dogecoin Tether Online Wallets

Scammers and Threat Actors feasting off cryptocurrency owners

Recently, the use of Cryptocurrency has gained an insane amount of popularity in different countries. However, this popularity has also attracted numerous malicious entities like scammers that will stop at nothing to steal your precious savings.  According to research, an estimated $500,000 worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by unknown scammers in just a few days. Scammers were...
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COVID-19 themes email cyber attacks phishing malware image 3

COVID-19 themes leveraged for email cyberattacks have recently surged following the spread of the Delta variant

Several cyber threats have recently emerged involving the COVID-19 pandemic theme, even from the initial stages worldwide up to as new variants such as the Delta spreads today. One example of this is a threat group called TA542 that is mainly prevalent with their distribution of the Emotet malware. This threat group started to use COVID-19 related email threats last...
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vmware reports manipulation cybercriminals threat environment

VMware reports reality manipulation performed by cybercriminals to restructure the threat environment in this modern time

From a recent report found and released by VMware, a cloud computing and virtualization technology company, they were able to analyze a reality manipulation performed by cybercriminals to restructure the threat environment in this modern time. These cybercriminals implement modern techniques that result in an extreme upsurge of dangerous attacks to serve targeted and complex methods to...
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fbi complaint reports online scam fraud investment

Online scams and investment fraud reached a record level of complaint reports, says the FBI

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, complaints concerning online scams and investment fraud now reached a record-breaking level.   The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 channel have received more than six million complaints filed related to cybercrime last May 15, 2021. The first one million complaints reports took 7 seven...
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Accellion data breach Clop ransomware malware File Transfer Appliance

The average ransomware payment increases due to the Accellion data breach

Clop ransomware group attacked Accellion, one of the companies that offer File Transfer Appliance. Typically, transferring files happens via email. However, emails have limitations, particularly when it comes to large attachments and sensitive data. Some companies are now using File Transfer Appliance (FTA) installed on a private cloud, on-premises, or hosted to securely manage and...
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facebook hacked leaked compromised data social media vulnerability exploit

Facebook Hacked… Again? Maybe we are not that surprised

Hacked and leaked, ever since the Cambridge-Analytica issue erupted, we have seen never-ending posts in the different dark web and criminal forums about data peddled for a price about Facebook. The social media giant became a target for social engineer actors from other countries and various blackhat hacking skills. This 2020, iZOOlogic downloaded leaked Facebook...
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financial services finance industry sector covid19 cyberattacks fraud prevention

Financial Services suffer cyber-attacks related to Covid19

Cybercrime has significantly increased every year, which is directly proportional to the growth of technology. Factors attributed to this increase could be summed up due to the perpetrators’ persistent behaviour through new tactics like using Covid19 as theme and sophisticated applications. Cybercriminals are being backed up by governments and the victim’s open vulnerability. Different sectors...
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Imobiliare Romania Real Estate Data Breach vulnerability misconfiguration

Imobiliare, Romania’s largest Real Estate company suffers Data Breach

Every day, companies faced security challenges in maintaining their data secured from cyber-attacks. A data breach results from successful cyber-attacks that permit cyber criminals to access a company’s sensitive data. The exploitation of the data can happen anytime to any organization. However, cyber-attack is not the only cause of why data breaches are happening worldwide....
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iobit ransomware DeroHe vulnerability brand abuse

IOBit group forum hacked to spread ransomware to members

New player ransomware – DeroHe has recently added to their victim an established computer utility developer on their list. Their recent victim is the IOBit company that started in 2004, developing various applications that focus on computer optimization and virus/malware protection.  According to the report, the attack was orchestrated to the group forum of IOBit...
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