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apple touchid faceid vulnerability IOS macOS security

Security vulnerability of Apple’s TouchID/FaceID

A disclosure vulnerability report has been unraveled by the Cyber community expert’s about Apple TouchID. The report was submitted in February, in which Apple responded with a server update to address the issue. According to the uncovered truth, an iCloud session can be compromised by perpetrators by injecting malicious code upon navigating through apps or websites...
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intel hacked source code data leak breach confidential files

Intel had an alleged breach that include 20GB of Source codes

Reports said that the U.S. chipmaker Intel was allegedly hacked 20GB data exfiltrated from its systems. It is reported that the leaked data includes source codes, developer documents and tools, and other confidential documents. The leaked information was shared by hackers in public file-sharing service – MEGA. As per Mr. Tillie Kottman, a reverse engineer and...
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dussman group Nefilim Ransomware Group malware antimalware hacking

Dussmann Group targeted by Nefilim Ransomware Group via RDP

It was revealed by a Private Security company that Germany’s The Dussmann Group subsidiary, Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), was targeted by Nefilim Ransomware Group for data breach. The Dussmann Group from Berlin, Germany, is one of the largest private multi-service providers worldwide and has been existing for 50 years. The company consists of 5 Group:...
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crackers perpetrators bruteforce attack password cracking gatecrash zoom meetings password threshold

Crackers gatecrash on Zoom meetings

With their regular website and app scanning, Cybersecurity researcher spotted an unusual patch released by Zoom Company. Zoom is a popular application that is usually used for voice and video conferencing by many prominent businesses worldwide. The in-depth analysis confirmed that the patch was their resolution to the recently discovered vulnerability of the application. The...
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zoom vulnerability vanity URL flaw exploit

Vanity URL: Newly discovered Zoom vulnerability

A cybersecurity researcher has recently discovered a flaw in Zoom conferencing software. The newly discovered Zoom vulnerability is relatively minor but it is easy to exploit the flaw. This flaw can allow mimicking an Organization and would trick employees divulging their personal and confidential information by using Social Engineering. As we all know, Zoom’s popularity...
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wikileaks founder indictment industry news

WikiLeaks founder Indictment

Founder and Director of the well known non-profit organization WikiLeaks – Julian Assange (Age 48 from Australia) is facing 18 counts of the indictment in the presence of the US Department of Justice. The charges were for curating as considered the biggest conspiracy of highly classified intel in the United States of America’s history. The...
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cpa canada data breach cyber attack

CPA Canada Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, or known as CPA Canada is a national organization, the largest of its kind in the world, governing and representing the accounting profession in Canada and around the world. They issue guidance, leadership, quality assurance standards for businesses, audits, and financial assurance all across the country and their clients all...
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u.s. military contractor maze ransomware group

U.S. Military Contractor for missiles hit by Ransomware

The United States Military, according to several sources, currently maintains a unique variation of long-range missiles on its arsenal. These are not just your standard long-range artillery that causes minor property damages, and we’re talking about ICBMs or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. These bad boys are designed for LTA or land-to-air deployment, intended to hit any...
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riot games valorant fake mobile app brand abuse scam brand protection fraud prevention malware trojan antimalware

Gamers scammed! Fake offers for free Valorant

With its Beta version coming to an end, the highly anticipated game that is released by Riot Games gained another controversy by being used for malware spyware propaganda. Valorant is somewhat similar to Counter-Strike Go (CS Go), which is a five versus five tactical shooting game. As an FPS, it uses guns and other weapons...
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defaced website israeli hackers of savior hacking brand abuse brand protection

Thousands of Israeli Websites Defaced by ‘Hackers of Savior’

Cybercriminals who tagged themselves as “Hackers of Saviors” have exploited and defaced more than 2000 Israeli websites that show the country’s commercial capital, Tel Aviv burning in flames with a fear-mongering caption. The attack took place on May 21, 2020. It happened to go down on “Jerusalem Day” – an Israeli national holiday commemorating the...
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