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IronChat Cracked by Law Enforcement Revealing

IronChat Cracked by Law Enforcement Revealing Almost 300K Messages from Suspected Criminals

Dutch police have uncovered that they could keep an eye on the interchanges of in-excess of 100 presumed crooks, observing live as over a fourth of a million chat messages were traded. The scrambled messages were sent utilizing IronChat, an apparently secure encoded messaging administration accessible on BlackBox IronPhones.   The site of Blackbox Security...
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Popular Browser Extension "Stylish" Discovered Stealing Your Browser Data

Stylish, a popular browser extension discovered stealing browser data

Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox issued a permanent ban against the browser add-on “Stylish”, after Robert Heaton, a software engineer, accidentally found out that it covertly records browser data and sends them to questionable remote servers. Stylish is a browser extension add-on that allows users to personalize any website they visit. From changing color...
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Insurance Exchange Hacked! More than 75K Files Leaked

Insurance Exchange Hacked! More than 75K Files Leaked

Just last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported some suspicious action in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges (FFE), an operator and agent trades’ portal.   On October 13, 2018, a CMS staff member saw the bizarre movement that brought about the office proclaiming a break on October 16. An unapproved client allegedly...
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35 million voter records on Dark Web

35 Million Voters’ Data for Sale on the Dark Web

Up to 35 million voter records have been found available to be purchased on a mainstream hacking discussion from 19 states, scientists found. Cyber Security Specialists on Monday said that they found Dark Web interchanges offering an extensive amount of voter databases available to be purchased – including profitable and identifiable data and voter history....
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Facebook Breach Update

Facebook Breach Update – Unintentional leak

But this time they got leaked unintentionally. Last time Facebook was in hot water was the Cambridge Analytica along with Facebook that sold or leaked its users private information allegedly used for campaign sortees and strategies of election candidates. This was caused internally and it was a huge setback for the social media giant. But...
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UnityPoint Hacked

UnityPoint Hacked – 1.4 Million Patients’ Data Breached

A string of Phishing Attacks camouflaged as an internal email from one of the company’s executives was all it took for an employee to be duped and unknowingly grant access to the company’s database, right towards sensitive patient information. The data collection included names, patient DOBs, medical records, laboratory results, dates of services, insurance information,...
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