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Compromised NPM Node Package Manager Attack Vector Discord Tokens Communication Platform Info Stealing

Compromised NPM packages now a vector for stealing Discord Tokens

Researchers have discovered several compromised Node Package Manager (NPM) packages trying to hijack and steal Discord tokens. Discord is a growing chat app with about 350 million users globally. However, due to this popularity, this chat application caught the attention of numerous malicious threat actors. Recently, security researchers have identified 17 distinct malicious packages in...
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Glupteba Botnet Operation Google Suspects Arrested Malware Russian Hackers

Glupteba botnet operation gets disrupted by Google; two suspects arrested

Two Russian nationals were arrested recently after being linked to the operations of the Glupteba botnet for the past years. Furthermore, Google has also announced that they disrupted the malware’s operations to cripple it temporarily. Google removed over 63 million Google Docs files after discovering that the Glupteba gang used these files for the malware’s...
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Shiba Inu Token Victimise Investors Fraud Prevention Online Scam Cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu token’s popularity is taken advantage of to victimise investors

A meme-based token Shiba Inu has gained massive popularity with digital asset investors, along with many other cryptocurrency tokens existing. Last October, it hit an all-time high, making threat actors leverage it by conducting scams on hyped-up victims. Scammers took it to YouTube and made live videos promoting their phoney Shiba Inu token giveaways that...
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Aggah Campaign Clipboard Hijacking Stealing Crypto Assets Digital Risk Protection Anti Malware Bitcoin

New Aggah campaign uses clipboard hijacking to steal Crypto assets

Security experts have recently identified a new campaign called ‘Aggah’ that has been observed distributing clipboard hijacking code for their cryptocurrency heist. The code replaces the cryptocurrency address by the malicious threat actors. Moreover, the code used by Aggah can also deploy maliciously coded files. The researchers stated that the new campaigns observed lately are...
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New Spiderman Movie Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Monero Miner

New Spiderman movie gets exploited to execute a crypto-mining malware

After the release of the latest Spiderman movie – SpiderMan: No Way Home – threat actors have quickly leveraged its popularity by forming a new crypto-mining malware that can hack into victims’ computers and steal their cryptocurrency assets. From the research of security experts, the new crypto-mining malware masquerades as a torrent file for the...
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Indian Hacker Theft Government Srikrishna Ramesh

Indian hacker arrested after an attempted theft from the government

A 26-year-old Indian hacker from Bengaluru, named Srikrishna Ramesh, was recently confirmed to have attempted stealing Rs 46 crore by hacking the Karnataka government’s e-procurement cell’s computers and successfully acquiring about Rs 11.5 crore from it, based on a charge filed by the law enforcement in February. Srikrishna is also among the top Bitcoin hackers...
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Alibaba Elastic Compute Service ECS Cryptomining Malware Crypto Hijack Cloud Computing

Alibaba Elastic Compute Service exploited by a Cryptomining Malware

Recently, malicious threat actors were observed infiltrating Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (ESC) instances to install crypto-miner malware and to also gather server resources for their benefit. Alibaba’s Elastic Computing Service is endorsed as a fast memory, Intel CPUs, and low-latency operations. The ECS’s purpose is to protect against malware like crypto miners by having a...
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Scammers Threat Actors Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dogecoin Tether Online Wallets

Scammers and Threat Actors feasting off cryptocurrency owners

Recently, the use of Cryptocurrency has gained an insane amount of popularity in different countries. However, this popularity has also attracted numerous malicious entities like scammers that will stop at nothing to steal your precious savings.  According to research, an estimated $500,000 worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by unknown scammers in just a few days. Scammers were...
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Profits Stolen Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scam Investment Fraud Scheme Trading

Millions of profits were stolen by the new Squid Game cryptocurrency scam

New reports have recently emerged regarding a new cryptocurrency based on the latest Netflix Korean series, Squid Game. It was from a Twitter post when people had noticed the existence of the new coin. Tweeted by user @jonhree112, they encouraged others to buy the coin before it reached a dollar; however, it eventually became a scam that stole...
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Credentials crypto funds compromised QR Codes scams credential phishing identity theft frauds

Credentials and crypto funds stolen by compromised QR Codes

Quick Responses codes, or famously known as QR codes, are used to track product information in a supply chain. These QR codes have several functions: bill payment, product checker, website shortcuts, online shop shortcuts, and many more. However, even the QR codes’ functionality is intended for the excellent use of people; there are times when several criminals...
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