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Cryptocurrency great escape plan hackers dark web

Cryptocurrency is a great escape plan for hackers

Cybercrimes have been under the spotlight for the longest time, primarily because of how lucrative the business is for threat actors. Recent reports reveal that the cybercrime landscape has cost the world more than $1 trillion, and by 2025, it has been predicted to cost the world’s economy over $10 trillion. It makes this fact clear coming from the...
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Cream Finance 29 million crypto assets stolen cyber-theft

Over $29 million worth of crypto assets stolen from Cream Finance via cyber theft

Cream Finance, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and lending system for individuals and firms to access financial services and life on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom, has been reported to lose over $29 million of cryptocurrency funds due to cyber theft.    Shortly after a blockchain cybersecurity firm, PeckShield noticed ongoing attack signs, Cream Finance announced that they have indeed been hacked. ...
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poly network stolen crypto asset bitcoin

A considerable amount of stolen crypto assets was sent back to Poly Network by hackers

At least $260 million worth of stolen crypto coins were sent back by a cyber-attacker from their same victim, Poly Network. Although the amount that has been returned is only less than half of their initial stolen asset of $600 million worth of cryptocurrency against the said Chinese decentralized finance or DeFi platform.  The total crypto assets returned...
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260 Million Dollar Poly Network cryptocurrency platform

260 million dollars returned to cryptocurrency platform by anonymous heist team

According to blockchain researchers, over a third of the 600 million dollars stolen by hackers were returned as reported by a finance platform Poly Network via Twitter. They have also posted further information about the digital wallet that the hackers have sent the tokens. Threatening the hackers to take further legal action, the Poly Network was...
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cryptojacking malware cryptocurrency mining malware botnet

Cryptocurrency mining attacks and crypto-jacking on businesses on the rise again

A surge of cyberattacks on cryptocurrency businesses has been seen recently by the cybersecurity community. We all know that cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized. They have no authority that monitors crypto activities and transactions, which provides a free hand to threat actors to conduct attacks at their will. This fact, in addition to the soaring value...
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cryptojacking MrbMiner botnet Iran Vihansoft trojan Iran

MrbMiner botnet traced back to Iranian software company

With the growing followers of cryptocurrency, adversaries use different tactics to perform illegal mining activities to profit via cryptojacking. With the performance requirements needed by a database, riding to it is a great advantage that the ingenious MrbMiners has exploited. By targeting many Microsoft SQL servers via brute-force attacks, MrbMiner placed their group in the...
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iobit ransomware DeroHe vulnerability brand abuse

IOBit group forum hacked to spread ransomware to members

New player ransomware – DeroHe has recently added to their victim an established computer utility developer on their list. Their recent victim is the IOBit company that started in 2004, developing various applications that focus on computer optimization and virus/malware protection.  According to the report, the attack was orchestrated to the group forum of IOBit...
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Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker DNS Threat Intelligence cyberattack

Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker Attacked?

Today’s trading landscape is advanced in the digital world, from trading securities to digital trading currencies that have no backing of value than the real world currencies backed by fiat and banking systems. We can easily conclude that cryptocurrencies are backed by hype too, where we see a rise and fall of digital currencies in...
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hackers cryptominers crypto miners currency OceanLotus APT32 cyber espionage reconnaissance

Nation-State Hackers caught hiding cyber espionage activities behind Crypto Miners

Bismuth adversaries that are often allegedly linked to OceanLotus or APT32 again resurfaced after the cybersecurity experts connected them to recent unravelled intrusion happened to different organization in France and Vietnam. The group has been known since 2012, is used primarily for cyber espionage of a well-known country for intel gathering. With the usual approach,...
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tor network relay ssl stripping attack dark web tor browser

Tor Network relays under SSL Stripping Attack

A still unidentified hacker or group of hackers has and is always adding new relay servers to the Tor network as part of a cyber-attack campaign within the Dark Web that uses SSL Stripping that targets the users of the Tor browser and Tor relays. This kind of technology being used is known as a...
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