Cyber Security
Huge Data Breach Uncovers Industry Secrets
Cyber Attacks are getting more and more frequent nowadays. From government institutions to hospitals, banks and other financial institutions. There’s almost no rest for cyber criminals and the amount of illegal activities they couldn’t accomplish. And their newest victim – The Auto Industry. Car manufacturers, or all manufacturers in general – normally go to great...
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Cyber Hacking in Singapore’s Healthcare Systems
Cyber attackers have just stolen a whole bunch of personal and patient data in a record-breaking hack which occurred Friday, July 20th. The hacking, according to Singapore authorities was well-executed, well-planned and precisely aimed towards attacking the country’s largest group of hospitals (SingHealth) and other healthcare institutions. More than 1 Million patient’s personal records have...
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Money Laundering via Mobile Gaming
For anyone who has played many of the popular smartphone games will definitely agree, the need for in-game currency is essential. Most of the players are hooked upon the notion that in order to advance substantially in the game is to use or purchase their currency. Smartphone gamers often rely but get frustrated with the...
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PGA Americas Held Ransom for Bitcoins - iZOOlogic
Cyber Attackers have taken over the control of computer servers belonging to the PGA of America, demanding a bitcoin ransom from the famed golf association in order to return control to them. Officials were locked out of critical files that relate to the PGA Championship and the upcoming Ryder Cup in France. While trying to...
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Warning: Zombie BotNets on IoT
The phantoms and devils of October have traveled every which way, yet the risks hiding behind virtual dividers have barely vanished. The risk of zombie bots is genuine, and it exists 365 days out of the year. Zombie bots, or gadgets that are assumed control by programmers to scatter diverse sorts of malware, infections, or...
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The US Military Just Publicly Dumped Russian Government Malware Online
Joint effort In an effort to improve information sharing Cybersecurity professional Russian is now the recipient of this so called “enemies files” from US CYBERCOM. This may have been ironic as enemy usually dump files, this time Russia began publicly freeing unclassified samples of adversaries’ malware it has found out. As per Joseph R. Holstead, acting director...
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Researchers Create Hack to Unlock Millions of Hotel Room Doors
Smart door is not spare nowadays as flaw in electronic hotel door locks from Assa Abloy could allow hackers to access guest rooms and other secure locations at millions of assets around the world, F-Secure one of the leading Cyber Security Solutions for home and business researchers have discovered. Software patch were issued to fix...
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The Crypto-Criminal Bar Brawl
CryptoLocker made it into the scene in 2013 that really opened the age of ransomware on a grand scale. It spread like a wildfire in a form of attachment to spam messages and use RSA public key encryption to seal up users files, and monetizing by decrypting keys. As Avast notes that at its height...
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Critical Vulnerability Crashes Media Streaming Archives
A basic remote code-execution bug has been found in the mainstream Live Systems LIVE555‘s spilling media RTSPServer. The powerlessness could enable an aggressor to send an extraordinarily made parcel to helpless frameworks and trigger a stack-based cradle flood, as indicated by cyber security specialists. Initial worries over the bug (CVE-2018-4013) had customer side clients of...
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Construction Machinery Can Be Hacked? Apparently, YES
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is instructing a few clients regarding Telecrane development cranes to fix their control frameworks – following the exposure of a security bug that could enable a close-by assailant to remotely capture the gear. The administration security body this week issued a caution on CVE-2018-17935, a security vulnerability...
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