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Double chats scheme unveiled REvil Ransomware gang cheat partners dark web

Double chats scheme unveiled by REvil Ransomware gang to cheat on partners

REvil, a private ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group from Russia, has reportedly come back to its operations intending to cheat on its affiliates. According to reports made by security researchers, the ransomware gang cheats on its partners so they will be able to rob all ransom payments from their victims.  The operators of the REvil RaaS were...
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Fujitsu confirms cyberattack not related hacker marketplace Marketo dark web

Fujitsu officially confirms that the cyberattack on its systems are not related to hacker marketplace Marketo

A 4GB worth of stolen data allegedly from Fujitsu was posted last August by a popular cybercrime marketplace known as Marketo. When the group was marketing the stolen data that they claim to be from Fujitsu, the company said that they were actually investigating a potential attack. They added that the source of this possible attack is unknown. Meanwhile, the attacker group Marketo said that they...
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Cryptocurrency great escape plan hackers dark web

Cryptocurrency is a great escape plan for hackers

Cybercrimes have been under the spotlight for the longest time, primarily because of how lucrative the business is for threat actors. Recent reports reveal that the cybercrime landscape has cost the world more than $1 trillion, and by 2025, it has been predicted to cost the world’s economy over $10 trillion. It makes this fact clear coming from the...
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AVOS Locker group hits Pacific City Bank ransomware attack

New ransomware group, AVOS Locker hits the Pacific City Bank

The AVOS Locker Ransomware threat actors terrorise Pacific City Bank into leaking their stolen sensitive files if the bank refuses to negotiate.  The American bank called Pacific City Bank was recently victimised by a new ransomware group called the AVOS Locker. This bank serves the Korean-American society that is situated in California. It also offers different commercial banking services.  On the...
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source code leak Babuk ransomware dark web monitoring

Complete source code of Babuk ransomware has been leaked on a Russian-speaking forum for hackers

Ransomware called Babuk Locker’s complete sources has recently been leaked by a threat actor. The incident has happened inside a Russian-speaking forum for hacking-related subjects. Launched around early 2021, Babuk Locker, also known as Babyk, has begun to victimise many businesses in double-extortion attacks to execute data theft and data encryption. The ransomware group behind...
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Universal Decryption Master Key Ragnarok Ransomware shuts down

Universal Decryption Master Key Released as the Ragnarok Ransomware shuts down

The sudden disappearance of the group may be a surprise for the business, as reported by cyber researchers. Ragnarok, ransomware mainly used in attacks against unpatched Citrix servers and has been active since 2019, has declared to shut down their business operations. They have also been reported to release the master key to decrypt all locked...
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vmware reports manipulation cybercriminals threat environment

VMware reports reality manipulation performed by cybercriminals to restructure the threat environment in this modern time

From a recent report found and released by VMware, a cloud computing and virtualization technology company, they were able to analyze a reality manipulation performed by cybercriminals to restructure the threat environment in this modern time. These cybercriminals implement modern techniques that result in an extreme upsurge of dangerous attacks to serve targeted and complex methods to...
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Dark Web criminal sites facing exodus Goodbye Joker Stash

Dark Web criminal sites facing exodus – Goodbye Joker Stash

Recently during our Dark Web monitoring search for cool stuff, we encountered a surprising find regarding Joker Stash in one of the notorious criminal forums where carding actors and websites are gathered plotting their next card victims. Victims of Joker Stash Victims are people who own credit and debit card used for transactions either online...
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7 Million Indian Credit Debit Card Data Leak Dark Web

Credit and debit card data leak of 7 million Indian in the Dark Web

The current trend in the dark web highlighted data leak of almost 7 million Indian cardholders’ sensitive information that has been discovered for public view. Based on different cybersecurity organizations’ testimony on the leaked database, they confirmed that the data is as large as 2 GB and includes PAN numbers sold off in the dark...
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ryuk ransomware data leak K12 Inc Online School compromised data

Online school giant K12 Inc pays Ryuk Ransomware

Current on the list of the victim of the Ryuk ransomware is the K12 Inc. that caters online educational program from kindergarten to grade 12. With the ongoing pandemic, the company is attending now to over a million students that choose to take online classes that they offered rather than be in the conventional way...
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