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Israel Hosting Company Ransomware Attack CyberServe Atraf Extortion

An Israeli hosting company has suffered from a politically motivated Ransomware Attack 

CyberServe, an Israeli hosting and web development company, was reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack by the BlackShadow threat group that stole their client databases and disrupted their operations. Clients of CyberServe include museums, local radio stations, and educational institutions.   The visitors of the CyberServe website were alarmed upon seeing an error message that informed them about a cybersecurity issue.   ...
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E-Commerce Firm Exposed Data Personal Information Brazil online shopping selling banking transaction

An E-Commerce firm exposed billions worth of Personal Information

According to researchers, a Brazil-based e-commerce firm has accidentally exposed two billion worth of records, including seller’s and client’s confidential and personal information, after a wrong configuration in an Elasticsearch server.  The researcher team who identified the misconfiguration discovered it last June of this year and quickly traced the leak back to a firm that allows vendors to manage and...
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Ethernet cables data exfiltration air gapped systems malware

Ethernet cables are being used in a newfound data exfiltration mechanism against air-gapped systems

The latest research has found a new data exfiltration mechanism that utilizes Ethernet cables as a transmitting antenna tool in siphoning sensitive data furtively from air-gapped systems. A security analyst stated that it is an interesting concern how the wires that are supposed to protect air-gap systems become the cause of vulnerability in attacks.  This new data exfiltration mechanism called “LANtenna Attack” allows malicious codes found in...
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Luxury department store Neiman Marcus data breach compromised data

Luxury department store, Neiman Marcus, gets hit by data breach affecting millions

Neiman Marcus, an American luxury department store chain in the ownership of Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) located in Dallas, Texas, has warned millions of their worldwide clients about their online accounts being susceptible to a major data breach. The impacted customers have reached over 4.6 million people, of which they have sent notifications regarding the attack that may have begun by May last year.  From the...
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personal health information American Mental Healthcare provider exposed Data Breach

Thousands of personal health information of two American Mental Healthcare providers exposed to Data Breach

Two mental healthcare providers in America have been exposed to a data breach that has compromised thousands of affected people’s personal health information (PHI).  The first one is Horizon House, Inc., a mental healthcare provider located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last March 5, Horizon House discovered suspicious activity in their IT networks and revealed from the investigation that ransomware has infected their IT systems. The healthcare provider...
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Pandora Papers Data Leak offshore bank account data the world’s most powerful

Recent revelations about Pandora Papers: Leak exposing offshore bank account data of the world’s most powerful

The Pandora Papers involve a series of investigations regarding the recent leak of the illegal dealings of corrupted, wealthy, and influential individuals and their offshore bank accounts to conceal their unprecedented collection of money amounting to more than trillions of dollars.  Partnering with 600 journalists from over 100 media firms worldwide, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) holds the investigation. The group has already acquired about 11.9 million worth of confidential documents from different financial...
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6000 data breaches DarkSide Ransomeware cyber attack malware

At least 6,000 data breaches were reported due to DarkSide ransomware attack

One of the largest fuel pipelines in the US, Colonial Pipeline, has been having a mitigation activity wherein they send alerts and notifications to users affected by a data breach issue coming from a ransomware attack called DarkSide last May.  According to Colonial Pipeline themselves, they have recently known about the DarkSide attack and learned that the threat actors could steal...
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RansomEXX gigabyte tech ransomware gang

RansomEXX ransomware attacks Gigabyte Technologies

Gigabyte Technologies, a motherboard maker and manufacturer of computer hardware from Taiwan, has been targeted and attacked by a ransomware gang called RansomEXX. This ransomware gang has threatened Gigabyte to pay them their ransom request, or else they will publish 112GB of their stolen data from the company.  Gigabyte’s main product offered is motherboards, but they also provide and...
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Fraudsters user passwords data breach online phishing

Fraudsters harvest user passwords via data breach and online phishing

It is a usual scenario where our passwords are required to be changed at times of data breach. Still, the truth is that cybercriminals take advantage of this situation by harvesting all the vulnerable target information before victims actually become aware of what’s happening. Learn more about how the data breaching process happens here.   Passwords have undeniably become the source of protection and authentication for...
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cyber threat attacks customer data theft US Health Insurance Industry 

Increasing risk of customer data theft on US Health Insurance industry 

The health insurance industry in the US is now facing an increased risk of cyber threat attacks due to the rise of sophisticated exploitative techniques being used and developed by cybercriminals and fraudsters. This is due to the expansion of industries towards online digitization in conducting transactions, billing, and client records.  Health insurers or related...
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