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hiddenwasp malware linux digital risk protection risk compliance

HiddenWasp malware seizes control of Linux systems

Summary  New found malware dubbed as HiddenWasp believed to be targeting linux ecosystem, developers of this malware deployed it to remotely control infected Linux systems. The malware is also established from key parts of code used in Mirai and Azazel rootkit. Surprisingly, HiddenWasp has a zero-detection rate in all anti malware program under Linux.    Analysis  This malware main goal is to take control of compromised...
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vietnam government cyber attack cyber threat foreign companies

Government-related hackers posing cyber threat to foreign companies in Vietnam

Nowadays, cybercrime is one of the most popular crimes circulating around the world. That’s why many companies are giving their efforts to save their companies by providing cybercrime solutions and protective measures against possible cyber threat attack. And the government is not exempted to this attack.   These hackers are attacking multinational companies for several...
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xsocialmedia advertising agency compromised data 3rd party risk assessment

Online Media Advertising Agency Exposes Patients’ Medical Info

A renowned online advertising agency which specializes in helping law firms sign up potential clients has exposed close to 150,000 records from a database that were left unsecured.   The historical databank contained submissions as part of a lead-generation effort by X Social Media, a Florida-based advertising company that largely uses Facebook to advertise various...
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tflower ransomware hacking malware

The TFlower Ransomware – A New Threat to Corporate Networks

Since 2017, the amount of ransomware incidences have become increasingly rampant and progressive. TFlower Ransomware concentrated their assaults against company networks, infiltrating the very core of everyday business operations.   There was a slight decline in the number of attacks from last year but came 2019, these business-targeting malwares have accelerated their assault in a...
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shubert organization databreach data breach

Shubert Organization Suffers Data Breach

The Shubert Organization – one of the largest operations in theatre both on and beyond Broadway – has suffered a data breach, including customer email addresses, names, and credit card numbers and expiration dates.   Shubert is the owner and operator of 17 Broadway theaters and six off-Broadway venues, as well as a ticketing service...
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game of thrones got phishing malware antiphishing antimalware

Game of Thrones Phishing Scam – Beware!

The popular series’ – Game of Thrones’ – fans have been eagerly awaiting the weekly episodes of this wildly popular series in its final season. With this anticipation and enthusiasm for the show, comes an opportunity for phishing scam and hacker attacks.   This week, security researchers from well-known firms cited Game of Thrones as...
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robinhood ransomeware malware antimalware

An Insight into The “Honest” RobinHood Ransomware

The world of cybersecurity is full of surprises. From using and downloading your Game of Thrones torrents to exploiting popular porn websites — notorious cybercriminals keep coming up with new ways to cause you harm. In a related development, a ransomware called RobinHood is spreading havoc in North Carolina, where the ransomware has crippled most...
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bank of valletta hacked cybersecurity cyberattack

Bank Of Valletta Hacked – 10M Euros Recovered

Hackers have managed to hack the network of Malta’s Bank of Valletta and have consequently robbed the bank of at least 13 million euros. The Times of Malta had reported, on February 13th, of the Bank of Valletta suffering a hack, following which the hackers moved €13 million into foreign accounts. The report also stated...
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us plate number hacked dataleak data leak darkweb dark web

US License Plate Scanning Provider Hacked – Data Now on Dark Web

Perceptics, the firm that bills itself as “the sole provider of stationary LPRs” (license plate readers) at border crossing lanes for privately owned vehicles in the U.S., has been hacked. Tens of thousands of its internal files are now reportedly floating around the dark web for anyone to download. According to several cyber-security research consultants,...
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talktalk phising hacking cybercrime

Hacker sentenced for four years in jail after massive cyberattack on TalkTalk

Cyber hacker Daniel Kelley from Llanelli, South Wales was sentenced to four years of imprisonment after a massive hacking attack to telecoms firm Talk Talk and blackmailing former chief executive Dido Harding way back to 2015. After failing to get the GCSE grades he needed to get onto a computer course, Daniel hacked the system...
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