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bird miner malware apple macintosh antimalware digital risk digital risk protection cryptocurrency cryptomining cryptominer

Bird Miner – New cryptomining scheme aimed at Apple Mac users

Stemming from several reports from several security researchers, there’s a new cryptominer called The Bird Miner. It targets Apple Mac systems through an ‘Ableton Live 10’ torrent. The music production software costs several hundred US dollars, so many people are on the look for cracked versions that they can download without paying a dime. However,...
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iot devices vulnerabiliity p2p remote exploit

P2P weakpoint leaves millions of IoT devices exposed

Security experts discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the iLnkP2P P2P system that ìs developed by Chinese firm Shenzhen Yunni Technology Company, Inc. The iLnkP2P system allows users to remotely connect to their IoT devices using a mobile phone or a PC. Potentially affected IoT devices include cameras and smart doorbells. The iLnkP2P is widely adopted...
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cisco industrial network director security vulnerability threat intelligence malware antimalware malware protection

Critical malware allows RCE to Cisco Industrial Network Director

A high-severity malware has been found to Cisco’s enterprise-class Industrial Network Director that allows remote attackers to hijack this industrial network and allows attackers for arbitrary code execution as the root user. The Cisco Industrial Network Director (IND) is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices in the context...
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malware masquerades adobe flash antimalware injection hijacking

Newly-discovered malware infecting Macs masquerades as Adobe Flash installer

A malware check has done by the security house of AiroAV when a newly-discovered malware interferes with internet traffic on infested Apple Macs and maliciously inserts Bing results into victim’s Google search results. This malware configures compromised macOS computers to modify Google search results through a local proxy server. This kind of malware is not...
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nokor group hidden cobra electric fish malware antimalware

The US Government Sheds Light on ElectricFish – Malware Linked to NoKor Hidden Cobra

A warning released by the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team on Thursday does not indicate if any organizations have sustained an attack from Hidden Cobra, also known as the Lazarus Group, using the Electricfish malware. Because investigators were able to reverse-engineer some of the code, however, there’s a possibility it is operating in the wild...
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winnti malware linux antimalware chinese hackers

Security researchers discover Linux version of Winnti malware

Winnti malware summary Linux version of Winnti has discovered in the wild while investigating a recent cyber attack against a pharmaceutical giant. Winnti Windows predecessor has been used by Chinese cybercriminals for the past decade to launch attacks on systems worldwide. It is believed by security experts that several Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups operate...
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google play store app malware keylogger antimalware hacking

Play Store apps laced with malware are recording your keystrokes

Cyber-security researchers have just discovered hundreds of malicious Google Play Apps infected with Windows Executable files. These infected apps specifically include teaching and tutorial apps – Learn to Draw Clothing (teaching people how to draw design clothing), Gymnastics Training (tutorial about gymnastics moves), and Modification Trail (an app showing ideas of trail bike modification). Surprisingly,...
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mirai malware variants antimalware hacking

New Malware variant targeting routers and IoT Devices using 13 different exploits

Cyber-security researchers has just released the discovery of a new Mirai Malware variant that deploys a new set of 13 malware exploits that enable it to attack more routers as well as other devices with success. While these exploits were individually used in Mirai malware campaigns before, having them all bundled in one version is...
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mongodb ransomware medical records data breach

MongoDB database for special patients hit with ransomware

A software provider for assisted living communities has experienced a ransomware attack that has affected more than 60 facilities that use the software with MongoDB database. Tenx Systems, doing business as ResiDex Software, said the attack occurred on April 9, 2019 and affected its MongoDB server infrastructure. Rapid action was taken to move the servers...
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hiddenwasp malware linux digital risk protection risk compliance

HiddenWasp malware seizes control of Linux systems

Summary  New found malware dubbed as HiddenWasp believed to be targeting linux ecosystem, developers of this malware deployed it to remotely control infected Linux systems. The malware is also established from key parts of code used in Mirai and Azazel rootkit. Surprisingly, HiddenWasp has a zero-detection rate in all anti malware program under Linux.    Analysis  This malware main goal is to take control of compromised...
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