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KT Corporation Service Outage Routing Error Misconfiguration Border Gateway Protocol BGP Downtime

KT Corporation reports a nationwide service outage, suspects routing error as the cause

South Korea’s second-largest telecommunication firm, KT Corporation, reported experiencing a nationwide service outage that left more than 16.5 million Korean customers disconnected from the internet and phone services for less than an hour. Because of the outage, schools were affected, including students that attend online classes. Health staff were unable to access patient data, and credit card processing in stores was...
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hackers Asia Telecom Malware Harvester data breach threat actors

Custom Malware used by hackers to infiltrate Asian-Telco Companies

In recent attacks, an unknown state-sponsored threat group used a malware toolset targeting several IT firms and telecommunication providers in Asian countries, especially the southern part of the continent.  The researchers found a tool called Harvester. The threat group uses it to gather essential data in a top-tier espionage campaign against a vital part of a country’s system, such as IT...
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ethical hackers researchers hacked indian government critical vulnerabilities flaws

Researcher team hacked Indian government websites by using exposed git and env files

Ethical hackers and cybersecurity researchers disclosed more information on how multiple websites of the Indian government got hacked and breached. Just last month, researchers from the Sakura Samurai hacking group had discovered and disclosed their breach and findings via a large number of critical vulnerabilities on the cyber systems of the Indian government. The full...
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Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker DNS Threat Intelligence cyberattack

Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker Attacked?

Today’s trading landscape is advanced in the digital world, from trading securities to digital trading currencies that have no backing of value than the real world currencies backed by fiat and banking systems. We can easily conclude that cryptocurrencies are backed by hype too, where we see a rise and fall of digital currencies in...
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tutanota email distributed denial of service dns ddos

Tutanota encrypted email service suffers DDoS Attack

Series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) was experienced by Tutanota mid of this month. The attack was able to completely halt its use entirely and affects over 2 million of its users. Unknown cyber attackers not only attack the company itself but also spread its malicious activity to the DNS provider of the company,...
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office 365 phishing attack fake login pages hacking compromised domain

O365 Real-Time response attack on stolen logins

A new variant of scheming for Office 365 credentials has been observed by cybersecurity experts as they stumbled on this method of the adversary. Unlike the usual exfiltration of credentials through the use of specialized spyware/malware, the method used was now based on the real-time response from the victim upon entering their credentials of the...
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pwc PricewaterhouseCoopers dns subdomain brand abuse brand monitoring dns monitoring

Hacked PwC subdomain hosts both cyber security and pornography

A rather intriguing and sensational event has just made waves across the cyber security world. Several cyber security researchers, including network engineers and testing specialists, encountered a rather familiar domain, resembling that of PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers. Only it’s hosting not just something about cyber security, but majority of it are ads, links, apps, and other...
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Domain Factory hacker

GoDaddy’s domain factory endures data breach by hackers

One of the largest hosting companies in Germany, DomainFactory, has been penetrated by hackers. The hosting company, which is owned by GoDaddy since 2016, reported that the data breach happened around late April 2019, but the company found out about the incident just last week, May 23rd, after the alleged Hacker began sharing bits of...
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GoDaddy Shuts Down Over 15K Sub-Domains Involved In Massive SPAM Campaign

GoDaddy and Palo Alto recently collaborated to take down some 15,000 subdomains promoting weight-loss products and other goods promising miraculous results. The websites sought to persuade millions of consumers into buying products backed by bogus endorsements purporting to be from celebrities including Stephen Hawking, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. The compromised sites were uncovered in...
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DNS Hijacking Attack

Hackers Launching DNS Hijacking Attack to Gain Access to Telecommunication & ISP Networks

What is Sea turtle attack? It’s not an attack of a vicious sea turtle to human as you are invading their territory. Sea Turtle attack is not like any other DNS hijacking or poisoning, it is labeled as another breed of campaign more refined than its predecessor. How is it different from other DNS hijacking...
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