HSBC Bank USA, an American backup of UK based HSBC, has endured an information rupture that brought about the trade off of individual information of a few clients. Despite the fact that the number isn’t yet known, the bank has affirmed that the assault happened between October 4 and October 14, 2018.   What was...
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Magecart have gotten smarter with their global card-skimming tactic
In the wake of Ticketmaster UK’s website hacking by the infamous Magecart threat group just weeks ago, researchers have discovered how they managed to pull this no-easy-feat off: by hacking their third-party suppliers first. Magecart have already attacked over 800 e-commerce sites to date, and a huge of them can be credited to their employment...
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Cyber Hacking in Singapore’s Healthcare Systems
Cyber attackers have just stolen a whole bunch of personal and patient data in a record-breaking hack which occurred Friday, July 20th. The hacking, according to Singapore authorities was well-executed, well-planned and precisely aimed towards attacking the country’s largest group of hospitals (SingHealth) and other healthcare institutions. More than 1 Million patient’s personal records have...
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DomainFactory Hacked!
One of the largest hosting companies in Germany, DomainFactory, has been penetrated by hackers. The hosting company, owned by GoDaddy since 2016, reported that the data breach happened around late January 2018, but the company found out about the incident just last week, July 3rd, after the alleged Hacker began sharing bits of the stolen...
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Cloud HR Firm ComplyRight – Hacked!
The seriously threatening part about data intrusion and getting hacked is the period from when the breach was done, and the actual time it takes for the end user or the company to find out that they’ve been attacked. You begin to think that from that certain phase, those cyber criminals may have already acquired...
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Hotel Guest Fined for Hacking Hotel Wifi
A security engineer from Chinese multinational company Tencent hacked into the WiFi system of a hotel in Singapore and received a fine for publicly disclosing administrator login passwords. Zheng Dutao participated in the capture-the-flag competition during the Hack InThe Box security conference in Singapore at the end of August and decided to test the WiFi...
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Russian Fancy Bear Hacking Group Takes Advantage of UEFI Rootkit
What is the issue? Some of us are aware that in today’s generation cybercrime is rampant the same as how technology improves. UEFI is replacing BIOS as a firmware for most computers and mother boards. With the advancement of the firmware comes an exploit hackers can use. Once infected with this malware rootkit it will...
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PGA Americas Held Ransom for Bitcoins - iZOOlogic
Cyber Attackers have taken over the control of computer servers belonging to the PGA of America, demanding a bitcoin ransom from the famed golf association in order to return control to them. Officials were locked out of critical files that relate to the PGA Championship and the upcoming Ryder Cup in France. While trying to...
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A 16-Year-Old High School Student Just Hacked Apple
It’s been said that Apple and its systems are generally unhackable. But in today’s age, nothing is impossible. This proved to be true – Just recently, a 16-year old … let that sink in for a moment. A 16-year old high school student from Melbourne, Australia penetrated the extremely secure Apple servers and downloaded some...
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Apple iOS 12 Just Got Jailbroken
Yet another terrible news for Apple. Pangu – The Chinese Hacking Team is back and once again and surprised everyone by hacking the just released iOS12 on the iPhone XS. Well, that was awkwardly fast. The Pangu Jailbreak Team has been dormant for a while. Their last jailbreak was the iOS9 back in October 2015....
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