safari browser spoofing phishing

Safari Browser Vulnerability Exposes URL Spoofing

A cyber-security researcher based in Pakistan has just uncovered a critical weakness that could allow fraudsters to spoof website addresses in the Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows and Apple Safari Browser for iOS. While Microsoft secured this weakness last month as part of its monthly security updates release, Safari is still unpatched, potentially leaving...
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game of thrones got phishing malware antiphishing antimalware

Game of Thrones Phishing Scam – Beware!

The popular series’ – Game of Thrones’ – fans have been eagerly awaiting the weekly episodes of this wildly popular series in its final season. With this anticipation and enthusiasm for the show, comes an opportunity for phishing scam and hacker attacks.   This week, security researchers from well-known firms cited Game of Thrones as...
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robinhood ransomeware malware antimalware

An Insight into The “Honest” RobinHood Ransomware

The world of cybersecurity is full of surprises. From using and downloading your Game of Thrones torrents to exploiting popular porn websites — notorious cybercriminals keep coming up with new ways to cause you harm. In a related development, a ransomware called RobinHood is spreading havoc in North Carolina, where the ransomware has crippled most...
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bank of valletta hacked cybersecurity cyberattack

Bank Of Valletta Hacked – 10M Euros Recovered

Hackers have managed to hack the network of Malta’s Bank of Valletta and have consequently robbed the bank of at least 13 million euros. The Times of Malta had reported, on February 13th, of the Bank of Valletta suffering a hack, following which the hackers moved €13 million into foreign accounts. The report also stated...
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us plate number hacked dataleak data leak darkweb dark web

US License Plate Scanning Provider Hacked – Data Now on Dark Web

Perceptics, the firm that bills itself as “the sole provider of stationary LPRs” (license plate readers) at border crossing lanes for privately owned vehicles in the U.S., has been hacked. Tens of thousands of its internal files are now reportedly floating around the dark web for anyone to download. According to several cyber-security research consultants,...
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fbi academy hacked databreach data breach

Hackers Infiltrate FBI Academy – Agents’ Info Posted Online

Authorities were investigating the online posting by hackers on Saturday. The personal information of hundreds of federal agents and police officers apparently stolen from websites affiliated with alumni of the FBI’s National Academy. Cyber Security Researchers counted at least 1,400 unique records of employees of the FBI, Secret Service, Capitol Police, U.S. Park Police and...
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phising email phishing anti phishing phishing solutions

Critical and Vulnerable Phishing Kits Found on GitHub

Many phishing kits come with web app vulnerabilities that could expose the servers used for their deployment to new attacks which could lead to full server take over. Phishing kits are packages of ready to deploy fake login pages targeting a wide range of online services, ranging from Gmail and Amazon to Microsoft and PayPal....
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talktalk phising hacking cybercrime

Hacker sentenced for four years in jail after massive cyberattack on TalkTalk

Cyber hacker Daniel Kelley from Llanelli, South Wales was sentenced to four years of imprisonment after a massive hacking attack to telecoms firm Talk Talk and blackmailing former chief executive Dido Harding way back to 2015. After failing to get the GCSE grades he needed to get onto a computer course, Daniel hacked the system...
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antimalware malware cryptocurrency

Rabbit Malware Found Attacking Linux Servers and IoT

Cyber security researchers have just discovered a new malware, called “Linux Rabbit,” that targeted Linux servers and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices in a campaign that began in August 2018 and continued until October 2018. The campaign targeted devices in Russia, South Korea, the UK, and the US. The campaign utilizes two strains of malware that share...
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Redtail Anti-malware Anti-fraud Hackers Data Breach

RedTail Technologies endures massive data breach

Redtail Technology is the latest company left scrambling after inadvertently leaving client data exposed and vulnerable to outside parties. The advisor-focused customer relationship management (CRM) provider confirmed that a data exposure on March 4, left sensitive customer data in an unsecured environment, affecting “less than 1% of Redtail clients,” according to a statement provided by...
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