Trading Platform and Cryptocurrency Hacks Blamed on North Korea
North Korea’s programmers and agents have completely embraced digital currency as a strategy for bypassing global authorizes and raising assets for the Pyongyang administration. Two reports discharged in the previous two weeks by Group-IB and Recorded Future, individually, uncover the profundities to which North Korea has gone to do as such, depending on hacks of...
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Malware detection removal
Active smartphone users are being warned about a scary new piece of “ransomware” designed to send victims’ private photographs to all the contacts in their address book. The tech security firm McAfee has sounded the alarm over a new type of virus called LeakerLocker, reports The Sun. This creepy ransomware is capable of locking down...
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Facebook Breach
The latest Facebook breach has affected at least 90 million users worldwide after hackers exploited a vulnerability that allowed access to profile data. Users were logged out on September 28 as Facebook forcefully ended the session of social media users to secure the accounts affected by the recent breach. Hackers gained the ability to access profiles...
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Hackers Stole $15Million from Cosmos Bank
Police in India have launched a formal investigation of a malware attack on a Cosmos Bank ATM server that enabled attackers to siphon off US$13.4 million. The hackers cloned the bank’s Visa and Rupay debit cards and used them to siphon cash from ATMs on Aug. 11 and Aug. 13, according to the bank. An investigation...
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Fortnite Hacked – Leaked Info Sold on Dark Web
Fortnite hack leads to children’s personal data being shared on dark web as scammers rack up huge in-play charges. For a measly £2.05 each, user logins and passwords of gamers are currently being sold on the lucrative online black market through this Fortnite hack. Fortnite is a game of survival wherein players can create a...
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Twitter Account Hacking: How to Prevent Them
Have you ever wondered if your Twitter account has been compromised? Twitter now has a feature that lets you find out. After Google and Facebook’s initiatives regarding Data Privacy, Twitter now tracks all devices logged into your Twitter account. This additional security feature for Twitter users – dubbed Apps and Sessions – allows you to...
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