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RedTail Technologies endures massive data breach

Redtail Technology is the latest company left scrambling after inadvertently leaving client data exposed and vulnerable to outside parties. The advisor-focused customer relationship management (CRM) provider confirmed that a data exposure on March 4, left sensitive customer data in an unsecured environment, affecting “less than 1% of Redtail clients,” according to a statement provided by...
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Targeted Cyber Attack Using BotNets

Hackers have deployed a botnet that’s actively targeting systems running a remote desktop protocol (RDP) connection using a hard to detect bruteforcing mechanism. A security researcher has discovered that more than 1.5 million RDP endpoints have so far been compromised by a botnet dubbed GoldBrute and that this figure is only expected to rise. It...
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Tensions Rise as Iranian Hackers Commence with New US-targeted Movement

Top cyber security researchers have taken notice of a new campaign of focused phishing emails being transmitted to US targets from a hacker group known by the names APT33, Magnallium, or Refined Kitten, and broadly believed to be working within the service of the Iranian authorities. Division of Power and US nationwide labs are two...
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Data Breach

US Health Technology Provider Suffers Data Breach

A US-based medical software provider called – Meditab Software Inc.  and it’s, Public relations-based affiliate, MedPharm Services – have suffered a massive data breach that exposed protected health information. Meditab Software and MedPharm Services were both founded by Kalpesh Patel. After being alerted to the breach, the fax server was taken offline, and an investigation...
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twitter ceo, jack dorsey hacked

Jack Got Hijacked – Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked

It was a very unpleasant Friday, at approximately 12:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, Twitter handle @jack – confirmed to be of Jack Dorsey’s (Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer) account, began sending out a series of highly inappropriate and notably disturbing tweets. They included a mix of racial slurs, obscenity, profanity, nazi-inclined campaigns, and even a bomb...
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British Airways faces £183 million fine over a massive breach of customer data

British Airways (BA), the largest airline in the United Kingdom founded in 1974, faced a massive breach of customer data back in 2018. Customers who booked flights using the BA website or application were redirected to a malicious website controlled by hackers. Information that was taken included names, addresses, usernames, passwords, credit card details, and...
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MimiKatz Ransomware – Specially designed for Hacking

In this day and age, digital aggressors are consistently gaining ground in their hacking apparatuses and systems so as to accomplish a greater vindictive plan. Be that as it may, this does not mean they are for saking the essential instruments, methods, and systems when leading a digital assault.   Indeed, a large portion of...
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UK Identity Theft and Cyber Fraud | Identity Fraud Prevention

UK Identity Theft and Cyber Fraud reaches its highest record level

As the years passed by, the rate of identity fraud and cyber fraud around UK rapidly increased causing to reach its highest record level this year. Researchers identified over 300,000 cases of fraudulent conduct recorded to the National Fraud Database in 2017, with data drawn from 306 organizations, including many major UK brands.Although these incidents...
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Malicious hackers break into NASA’s network systems

Malicious hackers break into NASA’s network systems

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) published an audit document from the U.S. Office of the Inspector General confirming that its Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has been hacked this week. Based on the audit report, it was found out that the cybercriminals hacked multiple IT security control reducing JPL’s ability to prevent, detect,...
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phishing attacks

Hackers sending over 3 billion fake emails daily to conduct phishing attacks

Every day, hackers send out over 3.5 billion fake emails worldwide targeting companies to spear-phishing and spoofing cyberattacks. Most companies remain vulnerable to these phishing attacks simply because they’re not implementing industry-standard authentication protocols. Vast majority of these suspicious emails were found out to came from U.S.-based sources. Spear-phishing, as distinguished from regular phishing scams,...
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