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RIPE NCC credential-stuffing fraud prevention cyber-attack

Credential-stuffing attack targets RIPE NCC Internet Registry

RIPE NCC has disclosed a cyber-attack attempt against their single-sign–on service (SSO). They immediately issued a warning of possible credential-stuffing attack attempts and recommended their users to activate two-factor authentication (2FA). They need to disclose the hacking attempt because they are the regional internet registry for Europe, Western Asia and the former Soviet Union.  RIPE...
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GPT-3 GPT3 AI-generated text deepfake synthetic media

GPT-3 AI-generated text, deepfake and synthetic media

A few years ago, experts and cybersecurity researchers tried to imagine the kind of tactics and manipulation campaigns that might threaten the 2018 and 2020 elections. The misleading AI-generated videos have topped the list. Even though the technology is still emerging at that time, the projected potential abuse when utilized was very alarming that technology...
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akamai technology Inverse Internet of Things IoT Industry News

Akamai buys Inverse IoT security vendor

Akamai Technology is considered as one of the key players that offer digital and security services worldwide. With its vast network interconnectivity placed strategically in every corner of the globe, their contribution in having fast, reliable, and secured data and internet services becomes notable in the cyberworld.   The Inverse Company’s recent acquisition by Akamai...
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russian russia government warns US retaliatory cyberattacks

Russia warns of retaliatory cyberattacks from the US after SolarWinds breach

The Russian government issued a warning to organizations and companies in Russia regarding possible cyberattacks by the US as retaliation for the recent SolarWinds data breach. Just December 2020, SolarWinds had disclosed they suffered a sophisticated attack that led to a data breach affecting 18,000 clients and customers worldwide. Based on the reports and analysis...
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cybersecurity defenses financial industry 2021 fraud prevention threat intelligence

Cybersecurity Defense on the Banking Industry to soar by 2021

Major Banking Institution and other related financial firms are projecting and allocating higher budget to Fraud Prevention and cybersecurity systems to ward off cybercriminals. It is estimated to keep climbing in 2021 as companies establish a more secure digital financial workspace which is being highlighted during the current pandemic.   Cybersecurity is at the top...
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FireEye Data Breach Cozy Bear Russian APT Hacking Group

Cybersecurity firm FireEye has been hacked by a state-sponsored APT Group

FireEye, one of the leading cybersecurity companies, has released a statement that they were hacked by a government-backed hacking group threat actor/s. The published statement is that the cyber attackers were able to get their hands on Red Team assessment tool that FireEye uses to assess and test the client’s security systems. The tool was...
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email address compromised xbox live vulnerability bug

Hackers exploited bug to get gamer’s email address on Xbox Live

A recent security patch has been released by Microsoft to attend an allegedly a Zero-Day vulnerability found on Xbox Gamertag ID. The Gamertag is a sort of identification in the Xbox community use to report other gamers that may have violated the community policy to Microsoft for proper sanctioning. As their official statement, Microsoft Security...
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chinese android mobile china backdoor apps data privacy information security

Android Mobile BackDoor Apps – Collects and sends user data back to China

For a reasonably low price of only US$50, you can now purchase an android smartphone capable of providing you with the latest technological features available on the market. You get HD (High Definition) Display, a basic data package, 4G/LTE data services, a substantial amount of memory and storage capacity, plus all the free built-in apps...
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sonicwall firewall critical vulnerability

Critical SonicWall vulnerability affecting 800k firewall devices

SonicWall confirmed that the old version of their OS has been reviewed to be vulnerable to remote attackers through their official statements. After extensive research, they acknowledged the weakness and immediately performed a mitigation plan to develop an immediate patch to resolve the issue. Dubbed as CVE-2020-5135, this issue will allow an adversary to run...
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microsoft windows xp os source code leak data leak compromised data

Windows OS Source Code leaked online

Cybercommunity experts and infamous hackers feasted on the recent post by an anonymous contributor on the 4chan website about the source code for the most extended and well-known Windows XP Operating System. The source code includes Windows Server 2003, Windows CE for handheld devices, and other Windows operating systems. The more dreaded thing included in...
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