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Apple iPhone Passcodes - Little To No Protection
Anyone using a four or six-digit passcode on your iPhone? If so, you need to change it immediately because your device has little to no protection. This advice comes after an anonymous source provided security firm Malwarebytes with evidence of a cheap technology which promises to crack any iPhone. Developed by long-time US intelligence agency...
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Twitter Account Hacking: How to Prevent Them
Have you ever wondered if your Twitter account has been compromised? Twitter now has a feature that lets you find out. After Google and Facebook’s initiatives regarding Data Privacy, Twitter now tracks all devices logged into your Twitter account. This additional security feature for Twitter users – dubbed Apps and Sessions – allows you to...
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Hackers Being Paid by Apple to Identify Bugs
Apple had difficulties in the past trying to persuade researchers and experts to convince them to report high-value bugs. For these so-called researchers, the primary issue was that the bugs they discovered were way too valuable to report to Apple, despite rewards being offered as high as $200,000. In 2016, companies like GrayShift and Azimuth...
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Australia Deemed One of the Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
Australia is among a number of countries in the world that is most susceptible to a cyberattack. According to a 2017 data from the Rapid7 National Exposure Index, Australia was ranked ninth (9th) among the most susceptible to cyber-attacks. Dr Maria Milosavljevic, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation...
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Apple Removed Cyber Security Vendor’s Apps for Amassing User Data on MacOS
Apple has just deleted all popular security apps offered by well-known cyber-security vendor –  Trend Micro from its official Apple App Store after they were caught stealing users’ sensitive data without their consent. The following controversial apps in question include – – Dr Cleaner – Dr Cleaner Pro – Dr Antivirus – Dr Unarchiver –...
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Instagram Just Got Hacked!
In an extensive hacking campaign, hundreds of users are reporting that their Instagram accounts have been attacked. Aside from losing access to their own personal Instagram account, their profile images, phone numbers, email addresses and bio info have been changed as well. These hackers are deliberately taking down people’s Instagram accounts, but exactly why and...
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Weak Passwords Used by Government and Military
Identification and Verification is the foundation of security and we’re seeing significant evidence of its critical importance in the common trend of password- and credential-focused risks throughout the 2nd quarter of 2018. Regardless if it’s an elusive Identity-stealing malware or a brute force login attack, cyber attackers are adamant and concentrated on hacking passwords for...
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T-Mobile Data Breach: What You Need To Know
A highly publicized data security breach on T-Mobile was announced last week and Millions of users’ data might have been exposed. T-Mobile confirms that there are encrypted passwords involved in the security breach. Their cyber-security team uncovered and eventually prevented further unauthorized access to their systems and immediately reported it to the authorities. This means...
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Amazon AWS leaked GoDaddy Business Secrets
GoDaddy is a well-known hosting provider and domain name registry, and is one of the world’s largest SSL certificate providers. They have millions of clients all over the globe. To be a little specific, they have almost 18 million customers, and more than 75 million domain names registered. And just recently, a bunch of their...
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Russian Antivirus Software: Kaspersky Lab
Russian Antivirus Software: Kaspersky Lab, officially banned by the US Government. European Union considers the Antivirus “malicious” US agencies are now officially prohibited from using Kaspersky Lab along with all related services. Although no concrete evidence, this started after classified hacking materials for the National Security Agency (NSA), was hacked with the help of Kaspersky...
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