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softserve ransomware attack data breach client data leak malware antimalware malware solutions rainmeter rainmeterapp

SoftServe hit by Ransomware

An internal letter to their employees has leaked out in the cybersecurity community leading to the discovery of another feisty attack from a ransomware adversary. According to the letter, dated September 1, between 2 AM to 9 AM, the said attack happened to SoftServe compromising their network system by deploying ransomware and other malware by...
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whatsapp critical security bug vulnerability social media mobile app

More WhatsApp critical security bugs discovered

With billions of users from mobile to desktop, WhatsApp – a Facebook app, again is on the hot seat after reporting to the public a recent vulnerability report found within. There is a total of 6 vulnerability that has been spotted coming from reports gathered from netizens from its Bug Bounty program and their regular...
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VoLTE protocol 4g 5g security vulnerability voice calls exploit

I can hear you via VoLTE protocol

Recently concluded experiment by a group of cybersecurity experts exposed the vulnerability of Voice over Long-Term Evolution or VoLTE protocol. This is the same group that unravels security issues with 4G and 5G networks reported in February this year. Based on their submitted demo evidence, an attacker can easily listen and decrypt previous phone calls...
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whatsapp hacked nso group data Exfiltration vulnerability voip infosec information security privacy

WhatsApp Hack – Why you should always update your apps

WhatsApp has just recently released a new patch upgrade after Cybersecurity experts exposed its vulnerability upon stumbling the modus of the Israeli hacking adversaries called NSO Group. According to the report, WhatsApp has shallow security wherein speculation that this was neglected upon app development. Due to this, the NSO Group was able to hack devices...
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garmin wastedlocker malware ransomware antimalware trojan malware solutions

Garmin, a Victim of the WastedLocker Ransomware the recent target of the WastedLocker Ransomware Garmin Ltd. Is a multinational company based in the U.S. formerly known as ProNav was recently afflicted by the notorious WastedLocker Ransomware. The company mainly deals with GPS and navigation-related products, both hardware and software. Now it is widely known as a sports and fitness giant. It...
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xerox maze ransomware group threat actors malware operator

Xerox Corp was allegedly attacked by Maze Ransomware Threat Actors

The Maze Ransomware Actors have recently posted 10 Screenshots about the attack they did to Xerox Corporation. A private security firm analyzed the screenshots and reveals that the screenshots compromised server files and data that were encrypted by the Threat actors. Below is one of the screenshots:   As per the report, these Threat Operators...
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belltrox india dark basin hacking group

BellTrox India Exposed: They are hackers for hire

After seven long years of doing their malicious acts, a group of cybersecurity experts was able to pin down the Dark Basin hacking group. Whitehat experts suspect that the Dark Basin group is a government-backed hacking organization. They were able to do their unethical deeds across the globe in six continents targeting high profiled individuals...
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wells fargo security team impersonated fraud prevention email spam phishing attack

Wells Fargo customers spammed by phishing email

Wells Fargo is the world’s fourth-largest bank by market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in the US. They have 258,700 number of employees in 7400 locations in 31 countries. Wells Fargo is also ranked as No. 20 on Fortune’s 2020 rankings of America’s largest corporations. It is expected that Cybercriminals are targeting Wells Fargo...
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facebook discover cybersecured iframe free internet industry news social media

Facebook Discover – cybersecured free internet

Facebook – from a small campus project, then to be the most popular website and, in the end, a billion-dollar business. The history of Facebook was a phenomenal breakthrough in the world of social media and the progressing of Internet technology. This website has been used more, and I can say advantageous rather than its...
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xiaomi mobile data privacy concerns compromised data privacy information security infosec

Xiaomi Mobile: China’s Tool for Global Espionage

Xiaomi Mobile – A well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer is under public scrutiny once again, due to allegations that it’s been spying on users all over the world in favor of the Chinese government. The tech giant, is among the top five in terms of smartphone manufacturing, globally. It is the #1 smartphone of choice and...
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