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Major security bug fixes update vulnerability WordPress

Major security bug fixes update has been released by WordPress version 5.8.1

Any tools or software usually publishes a bug fix update coming from any significant version update to fix unanticipated technical issues and present new improvements that have not been introduced along with the major version update release. This is what’s expected for every software and content platform. WordPress, an open-source content management system, have informed...
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ProtonMail data privacy authorities amendment of policies

As ProtonMail turnovers data to authorities, amendment of policies has to be done

ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted email service based in Switzerland, has turned over a French climate activist’s IP address and browser fingerprint to the Swiss authorities. This action of the email service has appeared to be in contrast with their privacy-focused guidelines, which states that they do not keep any IP logs by default.  After the email service...
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first half 2021 288% growth ransomware attacks

2021’s first half to have found at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks

It was highlighted by the NCC Group’s Research Intelligence and Fusion Team (RIFT) through their analysis of the exponential rising of ransomware threats worldwide. As with the researcher’s analysis, there has been at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks worldwide between January to March and April to June of 2021. Many companies and organisations have been...
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60000 MarkMonitor parked domain exposed AWS domain hijacking

More than 60,000 of MarkMonitor’s parked domains reported to be exposed to AWS hijacking

MarkMonitor, a software company that protects commercial brands against online fabrication, fraud, piracy, and cybersquatting, and also develops reports on the occurrence of product exploitation on the web, had recently been exposed to domain hijacking with about 60,000 of their parked domains.  These parked domains of MarkMonitor were reported to be steering towards some pre-planned Amazon S3...
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Private companies China migrate data government-run cloud service infosec privacy

Private companies in China are requested to migrate data from their cloud into government-run cloud service

Alibaba and Tencent, both tech giants from China, have recently received requests to safeguard their data migration process with their direction and administration commission. These requests are coming from the recent news that China has ordered private companies to migrate from their cloud services into the government’s infrastructure.  Additionally, as per recent reports, the government regulators have also...
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recorded private information assets NVR vulnerability Annke

Attackers could access recorded private information and obtain assets as NVR vulnerability exposes the Annke firm

Annke, an international leader in the home and business security solution industry in Hong Kong, has recently been exposed to a remote code execution vulnerability with one of their products – network video recorder or NVR. The playback feature of the Annke NVR model N48PBB, which records live streams from at least eight IP security cameras and offers centralized...
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Bright Data philippine government DDOS cyber attack

Bright Data firm allegedly services the Philippine government in executing DDoS attacks against its oppositions

Bright Data is an internet software firm originated from Israel which offers data collection services and advanced proxy solutions and networks. Recently, the said firm has received several allegations from a Swedish digital rights company called Qurium that Bright Data is behind a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack to help the Philippine government against a local...
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Operational Technology Environment risk Cyber Threats weaponized

Operational Technology Environment at risk as Cyber Threats are weaponized to do fatal harm to Humans

It has become a more customary occurrence on operational technology or OT – hardware and software that controls equipment, assets, and processes – to be targeted and attacked.  Studies from a research and advisory firm, Gartner, have observed that by the year 2025, cyber threats and attackers could have effectively weaponised the operational technology (OT) environment to...
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russia organizations security concern commerce department sanction

6 Russian Organizations blacklisted in the US over Security Concerns

According to a published document last Friday, the US Department of Commerce has restricted trade with six Russian organizations, four of which are information technology and cybersecurity firms, including two other entities that are allegedly posing a threat to the US national security.  The six Russian firms added to the Entity List of the Department of Commerce...
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Detected phishing websites Q1 2021 APWG report

Detected phishing websites continue to rise in the first quarter (Q1) of 2021 based on APWG report

The first phishing attack was recorded in the mid-1990s and targeted America Online (AOL). Since then, threat actors continue to create phishing campaigns and targets individual, small to mid-size, and large companies. Phishing uses social engineering attacks to steal sensitive or confidential information such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and personally identifiable information. The...
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