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visser precision data leak dark web malware antimalware compromised data

Visser Precision confidential documents of SpaceX and Boeing leaked!

Visser Precision – one of the leading manufacturer and designer contractor for most US aerospace. Their needs are now on toll after it failed to pay DoppelPaymer for blood money extortion. The hacker group gave them a March deadline. However, Visser was unable to pay the group. As a result, the sensitive data of their...
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ibm data risk manager idrm zeroday vulnerability

IBM Data Risk Manager zero-day vulnerability

If you are using IBM Enterprise Security, then you are in for a surprise. Unfortunately, not a good one. Here is why. Cybercrime Solutions researcher from Agile Information Security company, – Pedro Ribeiro, disclosed on his report that IBM’s Enterprise Security Software was a graded ZERO. The findings came after his test result returned a failure...
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microsoft corpdotcom dns provider industry news domain name server domain name services

Money well spent – Microsoft to, a Domain Name System (DNS) provider, is one of the companies that are on the top list of U.S. Department of Homeland Security for monitoring. After 26 years, the owner of this company (, decided to put this in auction for a starting bid of $1.7 million. Mike O’Connor (owner), born from Wisconsin, announced...
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us china telecom cybersecurity threats industry news

US wants to restrict China Telecom’s business over national cybersecurity threat

Amid the COVID-19 threat over the world. The U.S. Government won’t back down nor lower its guard on its cyber-security “wall.” Recently the federal agencies behind this joint recommendation wanted to ban China Telecom Americas operation due to its potential cyber-security risks. Remember the time that the U.S. government ordered sanctions and restrictions against Huawei...
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eyedisk exposes password industrynews

Dubbed “Unhackable” Flash Drive Exposes User Passwords

If you try to market a product as “unhackable,” it stands to reason that someone is going to attempt to hack your device to knock you down a peg or two. And that is exactly what happened with eyeDisk, which was first brought to light last year with a successful Kickstarter campaign. eyeDisk was able...
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us denied china mobile industry news

US Comms Regulators denied Chinese Telecom, China Mobile from offering phone services

The ruling against China Mobile, which is owned by the Chinese government, comes on the day that a Chinese delegation led by top negotiator Liu He arrives in Washington for talks to end the US-China trade war.   US communications regulators on May 9, 2019 voted against a Chinese telecoms company’s application to provide1phone service...
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lastpass bug

LastPass Bug in Browser Extension Now Fixed

Renowned Password Manager – a LastPass bug has just been fixed as it is rather sensitive and costly vulnerability that would have enabled a noxious site to acquire a user’s previous password entered by the service’s browser extension. The bug as it was originally found was discovered by Tavis Ormandy, a security analyst in Google’s...
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avast nordvpn hacking hacked

Avast and NordVPN Suffers Hacking via unsecured VPN

World renowned Czech Security firm – Avast, together with one of the largest and most popular virtual private networking (VPN) services provider – NordVPN, suffered a huge and rather extended hacking incident that had a similar cause: unsecured user accounts to their internal systems. Considering itself as one of the largest, if not, the most...
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samsung s10 issue fingerprint scan

Samsung’s Flagship Mobile Device – S10 can be Unlocked using anybody’s Thumbprint

South Korean Tech Giant – Samsung – is currently facing both a controversial and embarrassing issue with one of their latest flagship mobile device, the Samsung S10. They are now scrambling to release the latest software update in order to fix this problem with the S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor technology.   Currently, just about anyone...
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mssql malware whiteshadow

Newly Discovered Downloader Uses MSSQL to Deliver Malware

Cyber Security Analysts have just discovered and documented the birth and development of a downloader that utilizes Microsoft SQL query to acquire and spread malicious malware packages. Just last August, several cyber security analysts found the new, arranged downloader, known as WhiteShadow, which is being utilized to spread an assortment of malware to vulnerable frameworks....
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