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One million stolen Credit Cards leaked AllWorld Cards criminal forum

One million stolen Credit Cards leaked in AllWorld criminal forum

This week our Data Loss Recovery analysts discovered a significant data source of compromised credit cards ranging back several years. Our team detected this card dump via the Xforce forum on 6th August 2021. Surveillance of criminal chat and telegram groups promoting this activity was under our monitoring scope. The Xforce forum and associated Telegram group provide access to the full...
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xing locker ransomware sharafi group investments

Xing Locker team ransomgroup is on a roll! They recently hit Sharafi Group Investments

While performing our routine dark web scans, we stumbled once again to the page of the Xing Locker group who has recently joined the limelight of the ransomware groups. Unfortunately for their victims, aside from getting their files encrypted. Their data is also stolen. Now they recently struck a Middle Eastern investment company in UAE....
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teabot financial malware trojan fake mobile app sandroid

TeaBot financial malware distributed via fake antivirus apps

Based on a recent report, cybersecurity researchers discovered the TeaBot trojan to spread and infect Android mobile devices by disguising it as a well-known antivirus application, Kaspersky antivirus. The trojan gets distributed via third-party android app marketplaces, which are known to be high-risk since they are unofficial and do not have the security assurance and features Google...
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BlackCocaine Ransom Group Attacks Nucleus Ltd malware

BlackCocaine Ransom Group – Attacks Nucleus Ltd

On the 30th of May 2021, a ransom demand was offered to the Indian lending banking software, Nucleus Ltd, encrypting part of their database with a link to a Ransom negotiation page ‘’.   Nucleus Ltd remains steadfast that no financial or personal data were affected and that data leakage is out of the picture....
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bizarro financial malware trojan europe south america banks

70 banks in Europe and South America targeted by Bizarro financial malware

Bizarro, a financial trojan that originated from Brazil, has been detected and observed to target clients and customers of over 70 banks across Europe and South America.  The malware initially landed on Windows systems which forces the victims into entering their banking credentials. It also uses social engineering tactics to steal 2FA authentication codes.   The Bizarro malware is constantly...
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new android device malware teabot financial trojan

New Android device banking trojan steals credentials experts warned

On Monday, cybersecurity researchers disclosed a new banking trojan that hijacks Android device users’ login credentials and SMS messages in carrying out fraudulent schemes that target bank customers in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Spain. The newly discovered malware is called Teabot (or Anatsa), it is said to be in its early stages and will be developed by the threat actors...
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fraudsters scammers social media fake trading crypocurrency mobile apps

Fraudsters and scammers use social media to convince installation of fake trading and cryptocurrency apps

A recent cybersecurity report has been published that exposes hundred of fake banking, financial and cryptocurrency applications. One of the fake mobile trading apps that the fraudsters use masquerades as a famous trading company based in Asia. The apps aim to exploit the current rise of cryptocurrency value and low-cost or free stock trading driven...
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chase bank customer phishing email campaign social engineering

New phishing email campaign targets Chase Bank customers

New phishing email campaigns have been discovered by a cyber research company that impersonates Chase Bank to steal banking login credentials.   These campaigns use a social engineering ploy that starts with an email apparently coming from the bank that claims that there is something wrong with the victim‘s account. Even the tech-savvy researchers that...
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the storting norway cyberattack microsoft exchange server flaw vulnerability data breach

The Storting, Norway parliament cyberattack using Microsoft Exchange flaw

The Storting, Norway’s parliament, have suffered another cyber-attack leading to threat actors stealing data and gaining access to their network systems. This has been done using the recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities.   Microsoft has recently issued an emergency out of band patch addressing the multiple zero-day exploitable vulnerabilities discovered on the Microsoft Exchange Server....
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dark web forum India Financial Industry Database Merchant

A notorious Dark Web Forum has its eyes on the Financial Industry in India for the past quarter

This Dark Web forum is rampant on the surface web. Yet, the way to access this notorious forum is as deep as the dark web, not because you will need to access the TOR network but rather become a paying member to access and get hold of numerous leaked data for whatever reason you want...
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