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BloodyStealer Malware Trojan Gaming gamers new cyber threat

BloodyStealer Malware – Gaming platforms and gamers’ new threat

A group of researchers has identified an advanced Trojan virus on the dark web forums called BloodyStealer. The function of this malware trojan si mainly for stealing gamer accounts and data in different gaming platforms like Epic Games Store, EA Origin, and Steam accounts.  The BloodyStealer moved by targeting gaming platforms, digging data for gaming accounts, and then stealing it...
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user financial data exposed API security vulnerability

Millions of user financial details were exposed due to an API security vulnerability

Researchers have recently revealed that millions of consumers had their personal and financial details exposed due to an API security vulnerability that has affected several applications. CloudSEK, a cybersecurity and machine intelligence firm, has stated that around 250 clients have used the Razorpay API to conduct financial transactions out of the 13,000 applications uploaded to their security...
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Data breach DailyQuiz 8.3 million plaintext passwords leak

Data breach of DailyQuiz comprises 8.3 million plaintext passwords

Cybercriminals are highly motivated in targeting database that contains a large amount of personal data. A company database is a gold mine that allows attackers to make a huge profit and is sometimes used for operative and personal data hostage. Hacker successfully stole a total of 8.3 million of DailyQuiz user accounts.   DailyQuiz is...
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fraudsters scammers social media fake trading crypocurrency mobile apps

Fraudsters and scammers use social media to convince installation of fake trading and cryptocurrency apps

A recent cybersecurity report has been published that exposes hundred of fake banking, financial and cryptocurrency applications. One of the fake mobile trading apps that the fraudsters use masquerades as a famous trading company based in Asia. The apps aim to exploit the current rise of cryptocurrency value and low-cost or free stock trading driven...
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gamer baiting hacker crack game mods cheats trojan scam

Gamer baiting – Hackers crack game mods and cheats

During our Dark Web monitoring activities, we noticed that game user credentials are leaked and dumped by major and minor threat actors alike most of the time. From COMBOs to targeted breach, numerous user accounts from games on Steam, PSN, and EPIC circulate the dark web ready for exploit and scam. For big–time Dark Web...
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the storting norway cyberattack microsoft exchange server flaw vulnerability data breach

The Storting, Norway parliament cyberattack using Microsoft Exchange flaw

The Storting, Norway’s parliament, have suffered another cyber-attack leading to threat actors stealing data and gaining access to their network systems. This has been done using the recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities.   Microsoft has recently issued an emergency out of band patch addressing the multiple zero-day exploitable vulnerabilities discovered on the Microsoft Exchange Server....
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cd projekt red ransomware attack cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red, maker of Cyberpunk 2077 hit by Ransomware Attack

The increasing threat from Ransomware Attacks has become dire, especially throughout 2020 as threat actors and hacking groups continue to target the financial, health care and hospitals amid the covid19 pandemic. Cybersecurity researchers also observed a more minor trend in which hackers target video game companies globally with rash cyber-attacks including Capcom, Ubisoft and Crytek....
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noxplayer bignox android emulation app hijacked server malware nightscout hacking group

Cyber-attack that targets NoxPlayer Android emulator app gamers with malware

Cybersecurity researchers have recently discovered that NoxPlayer, an Android emulation app for Windows and Mac OS made by a Hong Kong-based company BigNox was compromised via its updating mechanism. The unidentified threat actor hijacked the update process and infected gamers with malware. NoxPlayer is currently used by gamers from 150 countries around the world. Still,...
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sonicwall firewall hacked VPN zero-day vulnerability

SonicWall, firewall manufacturer hacked using zero-day vulnerability on it’s VPN product

SonicWall, a security hardware manufacturer, has recently issued an urgent security notice regarding threat actors possibly exploiting a zero-day vulnerability on some of their VPN products to conduct cyber-attack exploits to their network and infrastructure systems. Catering to SME and large enterprise organizations and companies, SonicWall is a well-known hardware firewall system device manufacturer which...
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undocumented chinese malware campaign cyberattack winnti apt41

Cybersecurity researchers revealed an undocumented Chinese Malware used in recent attacks

A new disclosure has been made by cybersecurity researchers regarding a series of cyberattacks by a Chinese threat actor targeting government and private organizations in Hong Kong and Russia with a new undocumented malware backdoor.   The attack campaign seems linked to APT41 Winnti. Initially recorded last May 12,2020, the hacking group used LNK shortcut script...
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