Mobile Apps as Spyware
Spies in the Digital World: Mobile Apps as Spyware? Have you ever heard of the times when Siri of Apple, Amazon of Alexa, Google Home of Google, and possibly Cortana of Microsoft were said to be listening to their consumers’ conversations even without these private virtual assistants being used? Sounds like a spyware. These concerns...
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Fake Netflix Scams Love Free Subscriptions
Fake Netflix Scams Love Free Subscriptions Netflix phishing scams have been around for years, but researchers warn the public of a newer scam that sends its victims to malicious Netflix-looking sites with TLS certificates. Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate, a successor to SSL, is an Internet protocol that enables privacy, integrity and protection of data...
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Android Triple Threat
Phishing attacks in the cyber world is relentless as ever, because of new vulnerabilities with the evolution of technology. We can’t deny that these threats exist, because victims are gaining in numbers and falling prey to Android Banking Malware which is being used for phishing activities. It is not a surprise that techniques are combined...
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