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Firefox Monitor
Firefox Monitor, a breach warning site propelled by Mozilla in September, would now be able to convey cautions from inside Firefox program.  When the service goes live in the coming weeks, Firefox users running version 62 and later will see a symbol show up in the location bar when they visit a known breach site....
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Rakhni Trojan: A New Breed of Cryptomining
Rakhni, an old ransomware dating as far back as the year 2013, recently stepped up its game by adding a new devastating algorithm with its arsenal of attacks. It now decides whether to demand ransomware or secretly profit by installing a miner. How It Works The malware is shared via email attachment, often disguised as...
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Dharma Ransomware weaponizes itself with fresh Cmb variant
While security experts are still not finish decrypting newer variants of Dharma ransomed files (which terrorizes the digital landscape with its prolific Ransomware releases lately), it again strikes back using a .cmb encryption. It appears as if this malicious malware is expected to surface for a while, for currently no decryption method is working as...
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Microsoft Skype for Business’ Feature Analyzed: Shares More than What You Wanted
Let’s say you wanted to do a conference call using Skype for Business with “screen-sharing” turned on – you want this because you have an important presentation and you need to be able to show the people on the other end exactly what you are working on. Well then, be prepared to share more than...
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Russian Fancy Bear Hacking Group Takes Advantage of UEFI Rootkit
What is the issue? Some of us are aware that in today’s generation cybercrime is rampant the same as how technology improves. UEFI is replacing BIOS as a firmware for most computers and mother boards. With the advancement of the firmware comes an exploit hackers can use. Once infected with this malware rootkit it will...
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The Horrible Truth About Facebook Games And Quizzes
I am encouraging everyone to never participate in a Facebook quiz or game for the security of your personal, private data and that of your friends and family. The information you unwittingly provide is then sold on to third-parties, such as advertisers and scammers. Just like money laundering, the more on-selling that occurs, the less...
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EmoTet Malware
Anne Arundel County Library computers were just exposed to a computer virus, prompting officials to take the computers out of service and ask customers to monitor personal information for fraudulent activity. About 600 terminals were reportedly breached. It was announced Saturday that the computers were exposed to a virus called Emotet, which targets users through...
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Popular Browser Plugin – FoxIt – Has Vulnerabilities
Just recently, Cisco Talos took a closer look at the famous browser plugin called Foxit PDF Reader and found 18, yes, that’s right – 18 (eighteen) critical vulnerabilities. Widely known as an alternative to the famous Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit has been commonly known as a free-for-all tool designed to help users edit PDF (Portable...
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Phony Android Apps Posing as CryptoMiners
Several Android applications were discovered acting like mineworkers for unminable digital forms of money, for example, Swell, Cardano, and Tie. The newfound malignant applications were discovered to have been “covering up under the radar” since May 2018. Security specialists have found a few pernicious Android applications hiding in outsider applications that are acting like digital...
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Mac Malware Targets Crypto-Community Forums
OSX.Dummy: Mac Malware Targets Crypto-Community Forums Attackers posing as admins are asking users from crypto-community channel forums of Slack and Discord to infect themselves with malware through the use of simple, and rather dumb, social engineering tactics. Mac researchers agreed naming the malware OSX.Dummy, for a reason. The following command was shared to unknowing crypto...
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