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Instagram Twitter Netflix Android Malware MasterFred Malicious Overlays Data Exfiltration

Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix users targeted by a new Android malware

Recently, a newly identified Android malware known as ‘MasterFred’ utilises faulty login overlays to steal the credit card information of Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix subscribers. This new Android banking malware also targets bank clients with custom faux login overlays available in different languages. The first MasterFred sample was first introduced in a cybersecurity firm last...
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Threat actors boost Web APIs to execute cyberattacks

New research findings reveal that Web applications cyberattacks are rising continuously, with most attacks coming from Web application programming interfaces (Web API). Researchers are not differentiating the attacks against Web applications and actual cyberattacks that are using Web APIs. However, they believe that the rise of attacks against Web applications is majorly coming from APIs brought by application servers.  The attacks on...
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APAC digital payment transactions cybersecurity awareness  it security

As APAC found to be the largest contributor to digital payment transactions, cybersecurity awareness becomes more vital 

Public awareness of cybersecurity is still not prevalent even up to today. Since the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, digital payment transactions have also seen an upsurge – making many people more exposed to threats of cyberattacks.   A security researcher’s study revealed that about 90% of Asian respondents had utilised mobile payment applications in everyday digital payment transactions.  Moreover, 2...
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Threat actors hack account Telegram bots OTP Stealing

Threat actors hack into victims’ accounts via Telegram bots that steal OTPs 

Illegal services that allow threat actors to evade the protection that two-factor authentication (2FA) brings are rampant in underground forums.  While 2FA is the most helpful method of protecting a user’s privacy against criminals hacking into their accounts, threat actors have also found a way to sidestep the protection. One of these is the usage of bots...
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Top 14 Android mobile Apps Firebase misconfigured

Top 14 Android Apps with Millions of installs are Firebase misconfigured

The research revealed that nine out of fourteen android apps, which have more than 30 million users, are potentially leaking data. The top 14 Android apps with over a hundred million installs are at risk for being Firebase misconfigured. Unauthorized parties might access these apps and expose confidential data.     Almost everyone has an Android app installed on...
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apkpure client tampered triada malware trojan android mobile device

APKPure client app tampered by Hackers to distribute malware and trojan

One of the largest app stores outside of the Google Play Store, APKPure, was reported to have been infected with malware recently. The malware can allow hackers and threat actors to plant and distribute trojans into Android phones and other devices.  This is another supply chain attack with similarities to the recent attack on Gigaset,...
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mobile apps location tracking personal privacy compromised data

Mobile apps location tracking is invading personal data privacy

The hot debatable issue in the cyber world today is about the location tracking on mobile apps discussing the pros and cons of people’s privacy. In the recent news site that is prominent in India, it is said that aggregators have been sued together with telecom providers that sold collected data to third-party companies gathered...
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tiktok flaw exposed user profile phone number data

Disclosed TikTok flaw could have exposed user profile and phone number data

A recently discovered security flaw in TikTok that could potentially enable a hacker to build the application‘s user profile database along with their account associated phone numbers has been disclosed by cybersecurity researchers. The collected data may be utilized in future malicious campaigns and activities.  This flaw can only impact TikTok accounts linked to a...
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whatsapp terms of service third party risk assessment privacy policy update

Whatsapp sharing to Third Party: Terms of Service and privacy policy update

Whatsapp the messenger and call app that was merged with Facebook through the acquisition of Facebook wants to mandate its users to accept the updated terms of service and privacy policies until February 8, 2021. In case you don’t want to accept the new terms, a user may opt to delete their accounts. The important...
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Cyberpunk 2077 crack installer mobile ransomware malware CoderWare BlackKingdom

Ransomware masquerades as the mobile version of Cyberpunk 2077

CoderWare is a recent ransomware in the block that has been victimizing the gamer populace under the guise of a trending game called Cyberpunk 2077 through the Windows and Android platform. Distributing them as game installers, cheats, and cracks are the social tricks used to get users installing the malware. Here is one screenshot where...
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