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gps tracker compromised data

Popular But Flawed GPS Tracker Leaks User Locations Real-Time

Chinese-made GPS tracker that have no internet connectivity but use a SIM card to connect to a cell network are bought in bulk, rebranded, and resold by a number of companies worldwide.   UK cyber-security experts are calling for an immediate recall of a GPS tracker used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, monitoring...
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phishing attack android mobile hacking malware mobile app

Android Users Get Phishing Attack via Fake Missed Calls

Phishing attack hacker are abusing the notifications and push APIs on Android devices to send spam alerts that are customized to look like a missed call. Both APIs are used on mobile devices for push notifications – short messages intended to re-engage the user. Messages can be triggered by a local application or server.  ...
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online game databreach thieving mobile app

Mobile Gaming or Mobile Thieving?

Smartphone players often rely but get frustrated with the free mobile gaming mechanism, making them wait for a long period of time to advance and unlock some of it’s features. With this in mind, players end up finding ways to progress into the game. Now this is where the hackers come in. Popular mobile games...
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twitter ceo, jack dorsey hacked

Jack Got Hijacked – Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked

It was a very unpleasant Friday, at approximately 12:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, Twitter handle @jack – confirmed to be of Jack Dorsey’s (Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer) account, began sending out a series of highly inappropriate and notably disturbing tweets. They included a mix of racial slurs, obscenity, profanity, nazi-inclined campaigns, and even a bomb...
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Triada malware

Triada malware infecting pre-installed android phones

Lots of smartphone manufacturers are tricked into installing a malware trojan known as Triada, who masquerades as a software vendor believing this will help them add features to the standard Android OS. This Triada malware is designed to put spam and ads on their device. The creators of Triada then collects revenue from the ads...
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Mobile Phishing Campaign

South Korea Falls Victim to Mobile Phishing Campaign

The campaign, labeled “Soula”, collects information via a spoofed login screen of one of the country’s leading search engines that pops up over the original webpage.   It sends the logged credentials to the attackers’ server even without accurate data confirmation, leading researchers to think that the cybercriminals are at research and information-gathering stage.  ...
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Info-stealing malware targeting android phone users | Malware Trojan

Info-stealing malware exploits bouncing golf campaign targeting android phone users

Security Researchers recently discovered a new malware trojan called GolfSpythat targets android phone users in the Middle East and was designed to steal personal information and potentially take control over mobile devices.The malware’s cyberespionage campaign was named “Bouncing Golf”based on the malware’s code in the package named “golf.”This info-stealing malware is known for its wide...
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online fraud prevention

Malicious hacker breaches EatStreet’s database exposing data of 6 million customers

A Wisconsin-based company named EatStreetis one of many successful businesses around US when it comes to online food ordering and delivery services. With more than 100,000 installs in the company’s android app on Google Play store, EatStreet is one of the leading online and mobile food ordering service currently servicing over 15,000 restaurants in more...
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anti trojan solution | Triada Android Trojan

Google Confirms Android Smartphone Security Backdoor

Summary Triada Trojan has been found in the firmware of various low-cost Android devices, which could be used to steal sensitive data and run cyber espionage modules. Analysis : First seen in March 2016 and labelled as the most advance mobile Trojan during that time specifically engineered as Android banking trojan. Android system images were...
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Hackers Can Utilize Hardware Vulnerability of Chips to Perform Remote Attacks

Hackers Can Utilize Hardware Vulnerability of Chips to Perform Remote Attacks

Qualcomm chipsets are generally the processor of choice for many smartphone users, owing to the firm’s powerful graphics hardware and developer-friendly nature. It’s not immune to security flaws though, and its latest vulnerability is a big one.   Security researchers discovered the flaw last year, allowing cyber-criminals to gain private data and security keys in...
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