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retirement system san francisco data breach

Data Breach of a retirement system in San Francisco

Cybercrime experts recently reported that the breach of the San Francisco Employees Retirement System that leaked out sensitive information of registered active and retired employees for their retirement program. An in-depth report concluded that the leakage came through after unauthorized access was gained on the test environment created by the contracted developer for their website....
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Fitness Depot data breach brand protection website protection vulnerability compromised data website intrusion

Fitness Depot hit by data breach after ISP fails to ‘activate the antivirus’

The coronavirus has forced the people of this planet to adjust forcibly and make way to a new normal—closing businesses and facilitating the downfall of employment rates all over the globe. People have adapted to specific quarantine protocols and indoor routines to prevent any further spread of the virus, or in a more straightforward perspective,...
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data leak indonesia phishing fraud compromised data

Millions of voters’ information in Indonesia just got exposed

The electoral data, precisely voters’ information from one of the most populous nations, was just posted on the famous hackers’ forum – raid forums – only this Wednesday.   The people of Indonesia and cybersecurity analysts, are alarmed, they said threat actors could use it for phishing, fraud, and worse – identity theft.   Indonesia’s...
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Santander Bank data leakage compromised data phishing attacks antiphishing

Santander Bank in Europe was exposed to hackers and phishing attacks

Several internet security experts from a cyber security firm has just uncovered what appeared to be a huge data leakage from one of the largest banks in Europe. Santander Bank, formerly known as Sovereign Bank, is a Spanish-owned multinational institution, commercial bank, and financial services company based in Madrid and Santander in Spain. It’s been...
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phishing email scam office 365 court of law antiphishing fraud prevention

Phishing email scam targets the Court of Law using Office 365 layout

Hacker In the Court Armorblox confirmed in their analysis the recent email phishing scam that circulates in the Supreme Court of the United States. Based on their reports, a similar attack had happened in the UK Ministry. The threat actors used the same tactics by sending spoof emails of subpoenas to targeted individuals of a...
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north korea hackers malware phishing activities

Hackers from North Korea: Exposed by U.S. Government on malware and phishing activities

Multi Approach Attack? Cybercrime experts in the United States, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the Department of Defense (DoD) recently released their Malware Analysis Report. The report includes three newly discovered programs that were used by North Korea (NoKor) for their malicious scheming. The...
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nhs national health service website cloned malware phishing fake website trojan antitrojan brand protection brand abuse

Cloned NHS website in London causes alarm

A yet to be an unidentified group of hackers has just created a fake website, get this – a clone of the NHS (National Health Service) official website. This clone website, as it turns out, is providing information about possible treatments for the coronavirus. Of all the things that the hackers can think of, it...
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emotet malware financial malware banking trojan antitrojan antimalware phishing antiphishing infosec information security

Emotet malware just made the coronavirus harmful for machines too

During these last few months, cyber security analysts and cyber research companies have been giving out precautions about the continuing increase in malware attacks, specifically Emotet. U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued warning as well that it’s considered a huge growth in focused malware attacks using Emotet. In its short history, Emotet started...
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bec business email compromise phishing scam antiphishing bec domain monitoring

Corporate phishing scam in Britain: 3 firms suffers 1.3 Million USD

On the 3rd of April, business equity firms have been tricked for a wire transfer amounting to $1.3 million. The fraudulent act was accounted to ‘The Florentine Banker,’ a well-known hacker group that has been onto this type of phishing scam for several years now. Using BEC (business email compromise) technique, they were able to...
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coronavirus websites covid19 covid-19 domains fraud prevention malware antimalware threat intelligence phishing antiphishing

Cybercriminals creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and promotional offers as a trap

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing a lot of fear and panic on a global scale. Cyber-criminals, however, saw it as an opportunity to further their fraudulent and malicious activities and take advantage of people during these trying times by creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and domains. People are staying at home and are...
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