Google Play Store cryptomalware google play mobile app malware antimalware

Two Crypto-Stealing apps on Google Play Store abused by hackers

Cyber-security researchers have just discovered two (2) malicious crypto-stealing apps in the Google Play store that have been downloaded over 1,000 times. The two fraudulent apps are “Trezor Mobile Wallet” and “Coin Wallet – Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Tether,” and security researchers note that both apps share an “overlap in code and interface.” The fake Trezor...
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rakhni malware ransomware cryptomining spear phishing antimalware antiphishing cryptomalware Ransomware and Cryptocurrency mining spyware

Is your machine good for cryptomining or ransomware: This virus can decide

Ransomware and Cryptocurrency mining attacks have been very frequent since last year. Attacking not only unsuspecting individuals, but corporate systems as well. They share a few similarities and mostly engage in digital currencies. And like other malwares and hacking tools, they are also on the verge of evolving. These are both non-complex intrusions in nature...
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instagram phishing attack the nasty list phishing antiphishing social media social engineering

Watch out! Don’t fall for the Instagram ‘Nasty List’ phishing attack

April Fools Day Social Engineering has another way of conning active Instagram users the so called “The Nasty List”. It’s main goal is to harvest victim’s login credentials as basic as username and password to some, but this information may lead to another phishing type of act or worst identify theft.   How it is...
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mobile phishing antiphishing firefox safari googlechrome chrome

Mobile Browsers Failed To Issue Phishing Alerts for Over a Year

A cyber security research team has identified a vulnerability in the protection of top mobile web browsers. Shockingly, mobile Chrome, Safari, and Firefox failed to show any blacklist warnings between mid-2017 and late 2018 despite the presence of security settings that implied blacklist protection. However, this issue only affects mobile browsers that use Google Safe...
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phishing attacks microsoft netflix paypal antiphishing impersonation

Phishing attacks mostly impersonate Microsoft, Netflix & PayPal accounts

Phishing Summary Phishing attack has never been so innovative when it comes to deception. Latest report determines big consumer software companies like Microsoft, Netflix, and Paypal were impersonated by malicious actor to carry out the most phishing attacks. They have utilized the immense popularity of Microsoft Office’s 365 accounts to send phishing emails to users....
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first american financial compromised data data leak

First American Financial suffers data leak

First American Financial Corporation left as many as 885 million real estate documents dating as far back as 2003 exposed in a recent data leak. The company, one of the largest real estate title insurance firms in the US, has already fixed the vulnerability as of Friday afternoon after the security researcher notified it of...
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phishing kits antiphishing phishing detection hacking hacker

Criminals allow self-cannibalization using advanced Phishing Kits

Scammers nowadays still use the old method in conducting phishing scams to target its victim. But what’s threatening is that hackers came up with this fresh distribution method of internet phishing where they cannibalize an already compromised web server using phishing kits which is designed to mirror legitimate websites, such as those maintained by Microsoft,...
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phishing email scam

Phishing Email Scam asks you to login to read encrypted message

Summary  New phishing campaign is in circulation requiring users to login to a fraudulent OneDrive site in order to unveil an encrypted message.    Analysis  A believed to be phishing emails with subject similar to ‘Encrypted Message Received’ and includes a link stating ‘View Encrypted Email’.  Message link will divert the user to a fake OneDrive...
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goznym gang group banking malware phishing fraud

Europol arrests end GozNym banking malware gang

Malware crackdown 10 out of 11 defendants in five countries are accused of using the malware to steal money from more than 41,000 victims, mostly businesses and financial institutions. Five defendants were arrested in Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia. The leader of the criminal network and his technical assistant are being prosecuted in Georgia.The remaining...
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alternate phishing method us banks

Hackers devise alternate Phishing Method aimed at US Banks

Cybercriminals in the phishing business have adopted a new phishing method to obfuscate the source code for the forged page by using a custom web font to implement a substitution cipher that looks like plain text. When browsers render the phishing page, what users see is the fake landing page created to steal login credentials,...
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