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marriott hotel data breach compromised data brand protection fraud prevention policy enforcement

Marriott Hotel Data Breach exposes 5.2 Million Guest

Approximately 5.2 million guest information has been leaked in another Marriott Hotel data breach that was announced last Tuesday, 31st March 2020. In an online statement released by the hotel giant last February 2020, they have identified a data breach wherein millions of hotel guests’ information was accessed using security credentials from two of their...
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bird miner malware apple macintosh antimalware digital risk digital risk protection cryptocurrency cryptomining cryptominer

Bird Miner – New cryptomining scheme aimed at Apple Mac users

Stemming from several reports from several security researchers, there’s a new cryptominer called The Bird Miner. It targets Apple Mac systems through an ‘Ableton Live 10’ torrent. The music production software costs several hundred US dollars, so many people are on the look for cracked versions that they can download without paying a dime. However,...
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cisco industrial network director security vulnerability threat intelligence malware antimalware malware protection

Critical malware allows RCE to Cisco Industrial Network Director

A high-severity malware has been found to Cisco’s enterprise-class Industrial Network Director that allows remote attackers to hijack this industrial network and allows attackers for arbitrary code execution as the root user. The Cisco Industrial Network Director (IND) is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices in the context...
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winnti malware linux antimalware chinese hackers

Security researchers discover Linux version of Winnti malware

Winnti malware summary Linux version of Winnti has discovered in the wild while investigating a recent cyber attack against a pharmaceutical giant. Winnti Windows predecessor has been used by Chinese cybercriminals for the past decade to launch attacks on systems worldwide. It is believed by security experts that several Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups operate...
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cryptobot eternalblue malware monero cryptominer antimalware

CryptoBot derived from famous malwares attacking asian countries

We detected a cryptobot malware that uses multiple propagation and infection methods to drop a Monero cryptocurrency miner onto as many systems and servers as possible. Initially observed in China in early 2019, the methods it previously used to infect networks involved accessing weak passwords and using pass-the-hash technique, Windows admin tools, and brute force...
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mongodb ransomware medical records data breach

MongoDB database for special patients hit with ransomware

A software provider for assisted living communities has experienced a ransomware attack that has affected more than 60 facilities that use the software with MongoDB database. Tenx Systems, doing business as ResiDex Software, said the attack occurred on April 9, 2019 and affected its MongoDB server infrastructure. Rapid action was taken to move the servers...
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attack on banks smshing malware simjacking injection

Attack on Banks: Tactics and Techniques used to target Financial Organization

It has been said before that financial institution is losing an astounding amount yearly from cyberattacks. Monetizing attack on banks and financial institutions are no longer concentrated by cybercriminals; instead they shifted attention to employees from large business organizations. Workers occupying positions under financial departments, accountants and bank are realized that they can steal money...
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bank of valletta hacked cybersecurity cyberattack

Bank Of Valletta Hacked – 10M Euros Recovered

Hackers have managed to hack the network of Malta’s Bank of Valletta and have consequently robbed the bank of at least 13 million euros. The Times of Malta had reported, on February 13th, of the Bank of Valletta suffering a hack, following which the hackers moved €13 million into foreign accounts. The report also stated...
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Data Breach

US Health Technology Provider Suffers Data Breach

A US-based medical software provider called – Meditab Software Inc.  and it’s, Public relations-based affiliate, MedPharm Services – have suffered a massive data breach that exposed protected health information. Meditab Software and MedPharm Services were both founded by Kalpesh Patel. After being alerted to the breach, the fax server was taken offline, and an investigation...
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Zero-day Exploit for Microsoft's Windows10 Revealed – No Patch Yet

Zero-day Exploit for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Revealed – No Patch Yet

A talented Microsoft bug seeker with an affinity for open divulgences by means of Twitter has straightforwardly drifted another Windows 10 zero-day imperfection. The analyst, who passes by the alias SandboxEscaper, says the bug is available in the code taking care of cutting edge advanced local procedure calls (ALPCs). It tends to be abused by...
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