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cyber crime covid19 advisory phishing antiphishing malware antimalware ransomware trojans fake website

Cybercrime that leverages Covid19 continues..

Crimes in all forms exploit the vulnerability of another individual, be it towards a person, towards an organization, the government, or the specialized service provider. Thousands of members of the medical industry are racing to create the vaccine to ease the suffering it continuously brings around the world. We can then conclude that the attention...
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Taidoor Malware chinese government backed hackers antimalware

Taidoor Malware – Always Repurposed

We will talk about malware that has undergone a series of modifications to stay relevant. With the collaborative effort of Cybersecurity experts from US CISA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Defense (DoD), they were able to submit their concluded report for a repurposed malware that is being used by Chinese...
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lazarus group north korea orchestrator malware antimalware trojan hacking hackers

MATA framework campaign invoked by The Lazarus Group

Browsing through the web and searching for a state-sponsored group, you will find results for this so-called The Lazarus Group. They are formerly known as APT38, God’s Apostles, God’s Disciples, Guardian of Peace, ZINC, and Team Cobra at the same time these off-shoots units called Bluenoroff and Andariel. A two pages article from the US...
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chinese hackers indian government hong kong residents

Chinese Hackers: Cyber attacks against Indian Government and Hong Kong Residents

A newly discovered cyber attack campaign from a group of Threat Actors that originates from China has been traced to targeting Government Agencies from India and Hong Kong Residents. The attack from the Chinese Hackers were first observed in the first week of July same time that a controversial law was passed in Hong Kong...
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indian government china mobile app privacy intrusion infosec information security

India bans more ‘Made in China’ apps

It gains momentum that Huawei products are being banned in the US. For suspecting that these products were used for espionage. The devices are accused of sending sensitive and classified information to the server in China. This includes that Xiaomi products also send information about User behavior for data analysis on its server in China....
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blackbaud ransomware attack malware antimalware trojan brand protection

Blackbaud Breach: More Victims Surfaced

More victims are coming out of the open voluntarily disclosing that they have been indirectly and directly affected by the recent Blackbaud breach. Blackbaud, the service provider of a financial management software recently paid a ransom for a notorious ransomware group to avoid the following: Permanent data encryption Dumping the affected data out in public...
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wattpad data breach data loss recovery

270 Million user data of Wattpad breached

Last July 14th, 2020, Wattpad has preconized the “unauthorized accessed” of some user data in their servers. The Toronto based social networking service has warned its users that some personally identifiable information may be have been accessing such as email addresses, date of birth and gender, profile display name, account name, and cryptographically hashed passwords....
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free vpn provider user data breach image1

Data breach of free VPN providers expose info of millions of users

A software that Is utilized to encrypt data is called a VPN or Virtual Private, as it travels back and forth outside your network. This software helps to provide an extra layer of security and privacy. As Ironic as it is, there were reportedly a group of free VPN providers who had their 1.2 terabytes...
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blackrock banking malware antimalware solutions threat intelligence mobile app android

Banking Malware Evolved: BlackRock now steals non banking credentials

A stealthier and more lethal attack has been observed and reported by many cybersecurity experts roaming around the android phone user’s community. From the usual malware of infecting android phones to manifest infection targeting banking apps, pieces of evidence show that attackers also included other social media, online streaming, and shopping app on the list...
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zoom for windows unpatched critical flaw vulnerability

Unpatched critical flaw disclosed in Zoom for Windows 7 or Earlier

A new Zero-day vulnerability of Zoom video conferencing software has been discovered by a private security company that affects Windows 7 and below Operating Systems. This newly discovered vulnerability is said to have the ability to execute arbitrary code on an unsuspecting victim that is still running an unsupported Microsoft Windows 7 OS or older....
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