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Naikon APT Asia Pacific cyber espionage

Naikon APT – Rampant Asia Pacific cyber espionage

Naikon APT lurking in the dark  Notoriously known for their malicious attack back in 2015, a recent report from a Cybercrime Solutions researcher confirmed that the group ‘Naikon APT,’ never halted their operations but instead went under the radar for years. The group’s origins were traced back from China, specializing in intel gathering and military...
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european supercomputers hijacked cryptocurrency malware ransomware antimalware trojan

Cyber attack in Europe: Supercomputers hijacked over cryptocurrency mining

A large number of Supercomputers owned by a European supercomputing firm was just taken over by hackers a few days ago. These supercomputers, located in different countries all over Europe, was commissioned by different government agencies and healthcare organizations in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre in UK for Covid-19 research and development. According...
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European Parliament data breach data leak compromised data

European Parliament members become the target in major data breach

A collection of private and sensitive information of more than a thousand members, including staff of the European Parliament was leaked and left exposed in what can only be considered a huge data breach on the European organization’s domain. As reported over the weekend, the leaked data allegedly includes about 1,200 accounts of parliament officials,...
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iranian Chafer APT group targets kuwait saudiarabia compressor

Iranian Chafer APT Group operate against Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Middle East Espionage Bitdefender had released their recent analysis report today for the latest crime they were able to pin down. They were able to name the fraudster the Chafer APT (also known as APT39 or Remix Kitten), which many believed to be a country backed hacker of the Iranian government. The group has been active since 2014 and has...
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2.9 million indian applicant info data leak dark web compromised data

Data Leak involves 2.9 million accounts of Indian applicants

With their regular website scanning through the dark web, a cybercrime researcher successfully stumbled on a recent data leak that involves 2.9 million of Indians’ data. The dumps are collected data of jobseekers that came from people of different locations in India. What does the leaked data include? Names Addresses Emails phone numbers education qualifications...
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netsupport manager RAT phishing attacks antiphishing phishing solutions

Microsoft alerts NetSupport Manager RAT phishing attacks

COVID-19 a conduit for NetSupport Manager RAT cyberattack Cybercriminals are still capitalizing on the current COVID-19 pandemic that everyone all over the world is getting affected by it. Microsoft discovered another phishing scheme that is related to COVID-19. The said attack starts with an email that provides information regarding the total number of deaths that...
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dark web alert accounts for sale

Dark Web Alert: 550 Million stolen user accounts – For sale on hacking forum

Hackers and Dark Web enthusiasts are currently feasting on what data collectors consider as one of the most massive data collection sale s of the year. According to several reports, the leak includes accounts from alleged forum users. A few days ago, a hacker just posted on a hacking forum several extensive databases for sale,...
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symantec secure web gateware vulnerability

Symantec Secure Web Gateways: Exploited

Hoaxcalls – The unpatched vulnerability Here is the latest vulnerability news in the Cyberworld community; this has created an opportunity again for fraudsters to perform its magic . The story was about the bug found on the Symantec Secure Web Gateway version This product reached its end-of-life (EOL) in 2015 and end-of-support-life (EOSL) in...
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zoom meeting outage

Meeting outage, another bomb for Zoom

Zoom meeting platform was reportedly had a global outage last Sunday. This undoubtedly affected millions of people worldwide that use the platform for Business meetings, classes, fitness activities as well as Church mass that is being used in the said platform due to the pandemic. The issue was reportedly started around 6:00 am PDT on...
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http status code attack rat remote access trojan

Remote access trojan attacks using remote control via HTTP status codes

Here is a brief background about a malware called COMpfun. The malware is one of those traditional RAT or Remote Access Trojan that works by infecting its target victims device – collecting system information, keystroke logging, recording snapshots of user’s desktops, among other stuff. All these acquired information uses a remotely located C&C server to...
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