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solarwinds repositories source code leaked data sale dark web

Solarwinds and other repositories leaked data for sale

We have been consistently checking the SolarWinds hack incident since it erupted. Part of our monitoring includes consistent scans to known and infamous dark web forums that currently exist on the web. Through different media, researchers and our search, we also found and confirmed a website calling itself ‘SolarLeaks’. In December 2020, SolarWinds disclosed that...
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undocumented chinese malware campaign cyberattack winnti apt41

Cybersecurity researchers revealed an undocumented Chinese Malware used in recent attacks

A new disclosure has been made by cybersecurity researchers regarding a series of cyberattacks by a Chinese threat actor targeting government and private organizations in Hong Kong and Russia with a new undocumented malware backdoor.   The attack campaign seems linked to APT41 Winnti. Initially recorded last May 12,2020, the hacking group used LNK shortcut script...
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nitro pdf data breach free dump dark web forum

Nitro PDF Breach: From paid breach to a free dump breach

It has been a while since we heard the news about the Nitro PDF breach again. Yesterday, numerous media sites concerned on cybersecurity highlighted that the Nitro PDF breach was dumped by a threat actor in a notorious criminal breach forum. The known Shinyhunters famous for providing data dumps were tagged by the seemingly new...
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healthcare industry 187 million cyber attacks december 2020 cross-site scripting xss SQL injection remote code execution protocol manipulation

Healthcare Industry hit with 187 Million recorded cyber-attacks last December 2020

Cyber-attacks recorded towards the healthcare industry have surged last December since the first batch distribution of covid19 vaccines started. The noticeable 51% increase in cyber-attacks from the previous month suggests that interested parties’ volume to exfiltrate covid19 related data is highly priced among threat actors and APT groups. Based on the reported data for December...
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genesis market bots loggers compromised machines threat actors darknet dark web

Genesis Market place: Bots, loggers, compromised machines for Threat Actors

In the 4th quarter of 2020, Genesis Market place went down and left many patrons hanging, because most of the users invested a lot of bitcoin in the Genesis Market place wallet. Now that the site is currently under construction, their money cannot be refunded:       Exit Scam? Exit scam sounds a possible...
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200 Million Chinese citizens dark web data leak

Data leak of over 200 Million Chinese citizens for sale within the Dark Web

A routine monitoring check within the Dark Web revealed multiple posts on a hacking forum where threat actor/s are offering alleged leaked data of Chinese citizens. The data probably posted were stolen from numerous famous Chinese services websites such as Gong’an County government site, QQ and Weibo. One threat actor offer free sample data of...
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Massive Credit Card Leak Dark Web Data Breach

Data breach trader selling records leaked from 26 companies: Includes the Massive Credit Card Leak in India, 100 Credit and Debit Cardholders are affected

During our threat intelligence hunt, we stumble upon different contents, especially those of the Dark Web. There are numerous surprises because no one can really tell which of the breaches are critical and impacting until you know what is inside. One perfect example is a data breach broker within a notorious forum posted his collection...
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event of Data Breach Older Software Money Loss Enterprises Company

Enterprises using older Software equates to more Money Loss in the event of a Data Breach

Statistics from Kaspersky says that a higher loss rate of 47% in financial aspect is evident compared to those using the new ones in case a data breach happens, this is according to their research. An almost 50% higher loss rate is already a big blow than more sophisticated systems that got breached. Therefore, we...
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apt lazarus group north korea vaccine Pharmaceutical Industries

APT Lazarus Group: From Finance to Vaccine Secrets

Vaccine race and espionage in this era are like twins, but the other one is evil because it comes with the intent to steal to get ahead of the race. Legitimate pharmaceutical companies and the whole medical industry are pouring in all the hard work through thorough research to develop a working vaccine that is...
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joker stash bazar site taken down INTERPOL FBI

Joker Stash Bazar site was taken down by the authorities?

Joker Stash is gone because it was taken down by the authorities hailing from the INTERPOL and FBI. This is a relief for the financial industry as the notorious dark web automatic card seller website in the Clearnet is now crippled. We believe that it is notorious because we have verified that most cards, especially...
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