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CName Misconfiguration Subdomain Hijack Abuse DNS

CName Misconfiguration left thousands of companies open to attack

A recent web security scanning by a cybersecurity group confirmed that over 400,000 subdomains that have been abandoned are susceptible to malicious takeover invasion of many threat actors. According to the report, these abandoned subdomains result from misconfigured CName (canonical name) in the DNS layout of the hosting provider. The CName configuration is widely used...
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Zerologon Vulnerability APT10 hackers hacking group

APT10 targeting businesses on a global scale using Zerologon Vulnerability

A widespread and highly persistent cyber-attack has been discovered by security researchers. The series of assaults conducted by APT10 hacking group were found to have been leveraging the Zerologon vulnerability of Windows, targeting mostly Japanese firms but has connections to attacks happening in more than 17 territories around the world. No particular industry was targeted,...
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dark side of online shopping exploits threats risks vulnerabilities

The dark side of online shopping: Vulnerabilities, exploits, threats, and risks

Online shopping is part of the new normal. With the pandemic catastrophe that we are facing, physical stores are moving their products online. Great deals and offers are widely marketed online via various shopping websites. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, Free shipping day, and Super Saturday are just some of the companies’ discounts during...
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Chinese APT hacking Group FunnyDream South East Asia

Chinese APT Group FunnyDream targets South East Asia

Researchers have unveiled that attacks on Government sectors in South East Asia that has reportedly infected more than 200 systems were carried out by a Chinese APT Group called FunnyDream over the past two years. These attacks were part of the cyber campaign that was brought by a group of Threat Actors called FunnyDream. It...
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magento magecart attack malicious script credit card skimmer

Hackers attacked E-Shop Retailers operating outmoded Magento software

Security researchers have recently uncovered a sudden surge in cybercriminal activities involving several online businesses, more than 2800+, to be exact.   These e-commerce merchants have one thing in common – they are all running an outdated version of the Magento platform.   Since September, the attacks have been going on. That’s why security researchers...
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alibaba lazada data hacking leak compromised data dark web

Popular online shopping platform Lazada, suffers massive Data Hacking

One of the famous, or perhaps the most popular e-commerce platform in the world today, Lazada – a Chinese owned global business had just suffered a massive data breach a few days ago. The Alibaba-owned business firm revealed the bad news and specified that the intrusion was on one of their grocery affiliates, RedMart, in...
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Network Access Academic Firms for sale Dark Web

Network access of 7000+ Academic Firms for sale on the Dark Web

A group of hackers just posted a “For Sale” notice over several Russian Dark Web forums. The sale involved access to the networks of over 7000+ organizations, the majority of which are educational institutions. From local government agencies, entertainment websites, bars, and other business websites, you name it, and the list goes on. The one...
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nitro software hacked compromised data breach dark web market

Nitro Software Hacked! Client and user data compromised

Nitro Software Inc., an Australian tech software company that provides document productivity and cloud services to its users and Fortune 500 clients, just got hacked. Known worldwide as the alternative provider of document productivity products – other than Adobe Acrobat, Nitro became one of the leaders in the PDF industry and digital transformation. It has...
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operation quicksand israel arab region Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRCG

Cyber hack against Israel and the Arab Region

Cybersecurity experts reported a successful exposure of a lethal cyber-attack against Israel by a suspected Iranian adversary. Fortunately, its discovery counteracts a significant disruption on prominent business entities in the said country. However, reporters believed that they have just prevented the malware from its possible ‘just-now’ damage. Still, we suspect the malware has already been...
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finspy spyware egyptian organizations

FinSpy Spyware targets Egyptian organizations

The Egyptian region must raise their alarm and sensitivity on Cybercrime attacks on all fronts as cybersecurity experts that advocate of Human Rights recently discovered spyware that has been used targeting activists and human rights defenders (HRD) in Egypt. Amnesty International is a well-known advocate that assists in securing the safety and awareness of many...
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