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CISA emergency warning microsoft exchange server flaw vulnerability

Emergency directive warning issued by CISA following Exchange Server flaw disclosure

An emergency directive warning has been issued by the Cyber Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on a current and active exploitable vulnerability. This is right after Microsoft released an out-of-band patch that will address multiple zero-day vulnerability flaws on-premises versions of the Microsoft Exchange Server.   This alert from CISA possibly stems from the...
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google alerts fake adobe flash player update malware spyware campaign

Google Alerts used on campaign to push fake Adobe Flash Player update

For better customization and personalization of accounts, Google launched the Google Alerts service feature to provide email or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to its users on the latest and hottest news about a specific keyword or topic of user’s interest that tops or adds on the Google search index. As an easy to use...
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hack MasterCard PIN bypass VisaCard cash card

New hack allow cyber-attackers to do MasterCard PIN bypass when using a Visa Card

A new type of hack to exploit cash cards has been disclosed by cybersecurity researchers that allow cybercriminals to trick and bypass POS terminals to enable a transaction to use a victim’s Mastercard contactless card functioning as a Visa card. A group of academic researchers delved into demonstrating a PIN bypass hack that permits threat...
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Kasablanca Bangladesh Bank Government LodaRAT malware trojan

Kasablanca targets financial and government organizations in Bangladesh

Last year of October 2020, the threat actor Kasablanca attacked banks and carrier-grade voice-over-IP software vendors intending to distribute malware droppers. Recently, the e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (e-Gov CIRT) warned the Bangladesh local financial and government organizations that there is an ongoing attack from Kasablanca wherein they have identified a total of 18 phishing...
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MASS logger trojan windows credential stealer keylogger malware

MASS Logger Trojan, Windows credential stealer is back with an upgrade

MASS Logger, a famous credential stealer on the Windows platform that steals credential data from Chrome, Outlook and instant messaging apps, has been detected in recent attacks last week by cybersecurity experts. The keylogger was used against users in Turkey, Latvia and Italy – the infections have similarity to the cyber-attacks last September to November...
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phishers linkedin phishing attack social media fake login page

Phishers are now using the LinkedIn platform for a phishing attack

A phishing attack is one of the significant threats that individuals and companies faced. With the pandemic crisis and people are on edge, cybercriminals are eager to achieve a higher number of success with their phishing campaigns. Last year was a year of phishing sites. A multinational technology company detected a high record of around...
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malware adware phishing campaign facebook messenger social media

Phishing campaign against Facebook users

A recent phishing campaign has been rediscovered victimizing again Facebook users. The said modus has been around since 2017 and repurposed with the same tactic has been spotted since then. This new operation is believed to have resurfaced in January 2020 and targets users mainly from Germany and some more from different locations worldwide. Based...
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compilation of data breaches largest collection of leaked data comb

Compilation of Many Breaches, largest collection of leaked email and credentials for free

Following the noise created in 2017, an unknown adversary again published an enormous collection of compromised email credentials with a password with a total count of over 3.2 billion doubling the number from the previous collection of 1.4 billion. Tagged as Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB), the collection of credentials consists of breaches from the...
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ransomware cartels double extortion fraud prevention

The double extortion trend that ransomware cartels utilize to coerce businesses

Ransomware has indeed become its own industry and has come a long way. From the early days with the AIDS Trojan to the current more modern, unique and business-like model Ransomware-as-a-Service preys on companies and organizations worldwide. There is a new ransomware technique being played by the adversaries called ‘double extortion’. They lock their victims’...
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noxplayer bignox android emulation app hijacked server malware nightscout hacking group

Cyber-attack that targets NoxPlayer Android emulator app gamers with malware

Cybersecurity researchers have recently discovered that NoxPlayer, an Android emulation app for Windows and Mac OS made by a Hong Kong-based company BigNox was compromised via its updating mechanism. The unidentified threat actor hijacked the update process and infected gamers with malware. NoxPlayer is currently used by gamers from 150 countries around the world. Still,...
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