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Data Breaches from failures Firebase Databases

Data Breaches are triggered from failures in Firebase Databases

As the series of data breach incidents persist in the cybersecurity industry, database security has been recognized more. Even as of now, sensitive user data are still available all over the web. It seems like that the Firebase administrators are failing to abide by the protocols despite warnings and notifications to secure vital databases with passwords. Firebase...
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unsecured database Get Health 60 million wearable technology records

More than 60 million worth of wearable tech and fitness services records from GetHealth was exposed due to unsecured database

An exposure online has affected more than 61 million records from an unsecured database related to wearable technology and fitness services. Cybersecurity researchers reported last Monday that the exposed database belongs to GetHealth.  GetHealth is an organization based in New York which prides itself as a combined solution to access health and wellness data for hundreds of wearables, medical...
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Social media North Korea hacker group Kumsong 121

Social media used by North Korea’s hacker group Kumsong 121 in executing cyberattack

Kumsong 121, a group of hackers from North Korea, has recently executed a cyberattack with social media. Researchers warn cellphone and computer users to be cautious since the hacking and attacks from North Korea have been growing and becoming more sophisticated.  A cybersecurity researcher reported that they have detected a new and advanced persistent threat or APT through a...
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500000 Fortinet VPN credentials leaked cyber attackers dark web hacker forum

500,000 Fortinet VPN credentials are leaked by cyber attackers

A record of nearly 500,000 login names and passwords from Fortinet VPN has been leaked by cyber attackers, wherein these details were said to have been scraped from exploitable devices in the past months. The attackers clarify that the Fortinet exploited vulnerabilities were patched and that many VPN credentials are still deemed valid.  The VPN scraped credentials enable attackers to access a network to...
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Cybercriminals illicit profit internet bandwidth selling proxyware

Cybercriminals found a new way to gain illicit profit by selling internet bandwidth connections of victims

Recent reports have identified a new trend where cybercriminals target internet bandwidth connections to gain illegal income. This new method involves the overusing of proxyware, which has been acquiring the interest of the cybercrime industry.    The Internet Bandwidth trade Honeygain and Nanowire, both internet-sharing via proxyware platforms, have recently been targeted by cybercriminals in an attempt to...
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joker malware resurfaces same tricks android mobile

Joker Malware resurfaces to pull the same tricks

Last year, Google Play Store removed 17 mobile applications after being identified to be infected with the Joker malware. If a user installs one of the 17 infected apps, the Joker malware will begin to spy and steal the user’s data stored on the device. It will duplicate SMS text messages, contact lists, and more. ...
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BazaLoader Malware Fake Legal Threats Scam Actor

Threat actors execute fake legal threats to drop BazaLoader malware and commit data theft

A brand new cyberattack scam has been invented by cybercriminals recently. They bait their targets, specifically several website owners, into accessing an infected file by sending them fake alerts and notifications saying their website is currently experiencing a DDoS attack or attack distributed denial-of-service. If the website owner opens the message sent by the threat actors, it...
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Chinese Intelligence Groups China ShadowPad Malware

Chinese Intelligence Groups discovered using the ShadowPad Malware

Five groups of different Chinese intelligence have been executing a notorious Windows backdoor malware called ShadowPad with their operation since the year 2017, which enables threat actors to upload files, create processes, store information, steal private data, and download malicious elements.  According to researchers, many threat groups have found the use of ShadowPad malware as significantly convenient due to...
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Apple Inc XProtect defenceless against Adlock Malware

Apple’s XProtect deemed to be defenceless against AdLoad Malware

Apple has recently released the XProtect, and antivirus technology mainly created for the YARA signature-based detection of any suspicious malware that can infect macOS. However, it has been reported that this act of Apple to potentially protect its operating system via XProtect has seemed to fail since the surfacing of a fresh variant of malware called AdLoad....
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18000 identities stolen monthly Genesis Market Place

At least 18,000 identities are stolen each month at the Genesis Market

The Genesis Market Place is different from any other underground market selling stolen information. It hides through the dark web’s anonymity – because this cybercriminal shop is easily accessible right through anyone’s public internet and as well as through the dark web if anyone prefers it there. On the other hand, one would need an...
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