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digital ocean data leak incident compromised data

DigitalOcean leaks: How severe was the exposure?

One of the biggest web hosting platforms, DigitalOcean, has reportedly suffered a data leak incident that exposed some of their customer’s data. The data leak was reportedly occurred due to an Internal document of DigitalOcean that was inadvertently left accessible online. It was reported that an employee had accidentally made the Internal document available online...
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lock bit ransomware

Lock Bit Ransomware: Too quick to spread on 225 systems

Too Quick But True Lock bit Ransomware, since its release last year of September 2019, is making its name towards the hacking community. The program targets corporate networks to infiltrate their stronghold and for the attacker to demand a large amount of money on their target. This program was well known as a service since...
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wordpress code injection vulnerabilities software vulnerability

Another WordPress Site Blunder: Vulnerabilities are likely to target 900,000 sites per week

Are you setting up a WordPress site for business? If you have a WordPress site setup for your promotion or worse eCommerce site, then you are in for a significant risk. Vulnerabilities are surrounding the said platform; these vulnerabilities are pretty much the new normal since the launch of WordPress If you want to boost...
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zoom bombing

Zoom Bombing

Zoom Bombing: The Zoom attack that work from home people should be prudent of    As all of us were advised by our governments to stay indoors to prevent and lessen the growing number of COVID-19 infections, work and learn at home is the best strategy to exercise social distancing measures and avoid getting infected.  Zoom has...
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Messaging Applications: threat that all businesses need to consider

Messaging Applications: A new threat landscape that all businesses need to consider

In response to the COVID19 virus, governments around the world have placed strict policies on their citizens, restricting non-essential gatherings and movements, including non-essential office-based work. Now that much of the world’s workforce is now working from home – messaging, video, chat conference applications have been widely adopted and their business use is now commonplace....
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corona virus maps azorult malware antimalware fraud prevention threat advisory

Corona Virus Maps, a software stealing software

Corona virus has now spread rapidly worldwide and recently declared by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. Amidst the Global fear this virus has brought us, cybercriminals do not show signs of slowing down as they are continuously capitalizing on the said virus to spread different kinds of cyber-attacks.   There is a newly...
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corona virus phishing scam antiphishing phishing attack

Coronavirus phishing scam

The Coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing epidemic of the coronavirus-family of diseases caused by SARS-CoV-2, which began in December 2019. It was first noticed in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province China, after 41 people presented with pneumonia of no apparent cause. United Nation’s World Health Organization announced that the Coronavirus upsurge a public health...
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China Spy Chips

China Spy Chips Embedded in US Tech Servers

Tech Companies have ardently denied Bloomberg’s declaration that China’s Super Micro gave them hardware loaded with spy chips, but that isn’t stopping all sorts of accusations from pouring in.   Bloomberg claims it has obtained documents from security researcher Yossi Appleboum that reportedly show evidence of an unnamed major US telecom finding “modified hardware” from...
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Navigation Hacking: A Rising Threat in Modern Technology

Navigation Hacking: A Rising Threat in Modern Technology

With today’s modern technology, long drives are a thing of the past. Traveling and navigating is as easy as typing the location into your mobile device and voila! You now have a clear path towards your destination. It’s all thanks to the good ol’ GPS (Global Positioning System). As long as you have your smartphone...
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Monero Mining Worms – The fall of Big Companies and their unpatched systems

Monero Mining Worm – The fall of Big Companies and their unpatched systems

The WannaCry Attack, May 2017 – a file-encrypting ransomware blamed by the United States to North Korea – elevated the resolve of patching weaknesses in the Windows OS that had been uncovered by a leak of NSA (National Security Agency) “exploits”. The WannaCry Ransomware mining worms knock-off leveraged an exploit called EternalBlue, software that leveraged...
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