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Threat Actor TA544 Italian organization Ursnif Trojan Malware

Cyber Threat Actor TA544 is threatening Italian organizations using Ursnif Trojan

A recently discovered malware campaign has been uncovered, and they are utilizing the Ursnif Trojan for attacking Italian organizations. A few months before this latest threat attack, Ursnif malware was used against almost a hundred banks across the Italian countryside.  The Ursnif Trojan Malware, also known as Gozi, Dreambot, and IFSB, is a high-risk trojan-type virus developed to record...
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FIN12 cybercrime group RYUK ransomware cyberattacks

FIN12 was identified to be the group behind RYUK ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have identified the cybercrime group that executed the RYUK ransomware to be FIN12. RYUK ransomware targets big organizations with average revenue of at least $6 billion. Compared to other ransomware gangs, FIN12 deploys its ransomware as fast as 2.5 days. Its main targets include healthcare organizations.    FIN12 is a ransomware gang that focuses on gaining a significant...
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Threat actors vulnerability exploit Dahua Camera CCTV surveillance

Threat actors might exploit vulnerable Dahua Cameras from afar

Recently, research revealed that two authentication bypass vulnerabilities were present in the unpatched Dahua cameras. The said vulnerabilities have a possibility of a remote attack from malicious threat actors.  Meanwhile, Dahua Technology is a solution provider in the video surveillance industry. The security camera company covers various sectors such as banking and finance, industrial, retail, government,...
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Fin Fisher all time stealthiest malware spyware

FinFisher: One of the all-time stealthiest malware

A team of researchers pursued a stealthy malware called FinFisher spyware, dubbed as FinSpy for short. Almost eight months of investigation in uncovering this 2011 malware that now packs different improvements and upgrades.    What are the discoveries in this FinFisher malware?  Based on the research, a highly sophisticated malware infection method is equipped in the latest version of Finspy malware. The attackers...
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3 Bugs 41 vulnerabilities fix Android mobile phone Security Update

3 Bug fixes and almost 41 vulnerabilities found in this month’s Android Security Update

For October, Google releases the Android security updates. They address a total of 41 vulnerabilities that ranges between high and critical severity.  Every fifth day of each successive month, Google releases a complete breakdown of the Android OS security patch. This also contains both framework and vendor fixes. Therefore, this update also includes the remedies for the ten...
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Virtual machines Python ransomware campaign ESXi

Virtual machines got targeted by a new Python ransomware

Security experts have found a new Python ransomware campaign wherein corporate systems are encrypted within three hours. According to researchers, this attack is performed by threat actors who specifically target the ESXi platform so that they can encrypt the victim’s virtual machines.  This new ransomware written in Python has been deployed in only ten minutes by the threat actors who have managed...
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bypass bug vulnerability Visa Apple Pay contactless payments

A bypass bug was found in Visa and Apple Pay in making contactless payments

A technique was discovered last Thursday by academic institutions from the UK which tackles a bypass bug issue relating to mobile security of Visa and Apple payment processes that can result in fake contactless payments. The said mobile security issue is reported to be capable of bypassing the lock screen of Apple’s iPhone to intrude the device’s payment services and commit fraudulent transactions. ...
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fake security update Android flubot malware exploit devices

A fake security update tricks Android users into downloading malware that could potentially exploit their devices

A new malware trick is reported to infect Android users by posing as a security update that users would need to download to protect their devices. However, this fake security update is the malware itself, which seems to be an effective way to scam people into downloading it unknowingly.  FluBot malware can steal passwords, financial details, and more...
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Ransomware Healthcare Delivery Organizations cyberattacks

An onslaught of Ransomware in Healthcare Delivery Organizations might result to grave danger

IT security professionals were surveyed by a certain institution to accurately understand the ins and outs of how COVID – 19 affects healthcare delivery organizations. This survey also helps them figure out how ransomware cyberattacks on patients’ information are being kept at bay by the HDOs.  As for the research mentioned above, ransomware has already impacted healthcare organizations, causing grave...
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Pegasus spyware fear execution cyberattacks malware

Pegasus spyware creates fear due to being exploited in the execution of cyberattacks

Investigations have been conducted regarding the Pegasus spyware’s suspicious activities in monitoring civil rights agencies, government figures, and journalists all over the world to operate a new wave of cyberattacks.  Pegasus is a spyware system built by NSO Group that allows reading text messages, tracking calls, and more ways of harvesting information from devices. Initially, spyware is offered as a tool to combat crime;...
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