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cyber threats malware AvosLocker ransomware

AvosLocker ransomware enters the cyber threat scene

A cyber-attack on a Microsoft Exchange server has alarmed Malwarebytes Labs around mid-July of 2021, wherein the attacker has taken advantage of this entry point to access the Domain Controller and trigger a ransomware deployment to the server. This particular ransomware – called AvosLocker – is a variant that the Malwarebytes Labs have newly discovered, thus describing it as a...
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Clubhouse Data Breached darknet dark web monitoring

Clubhouse Data: Breached?! This is according to some darknet seller

The good old days of Clubhouse App may have seen their days coming because, in the past, the social media app boasts their exclusivity where they believe that level of pickiness will help them totally avoid a data breach. A proficient security researcher like us knows that exclusivity and narrowing down users have a negligible...
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microsoft windows OS security update zero day vulnerabilities

Update Windows to Patch 108 new vulnerabilities and 9 Zero-days 

Microsoft has recently released a total of 117 patches to fix 108 newly discovered security vulnerabilities and 9 Zero-day. Four are known to be actively exploited in the wild by adversaries, potentially enabling them to take control of the targeted Windows system.  The patch update aims to fix several Microsoft products, including Windows, Exchange Server, Bing, Office,...
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cyber espionage RedFoxtrot China Unit 69010 middle east.

China’s cyber-attack Unit 69010 is linked to RedFoxtrot APT group

A cybersecurity firm has linked several discovered cyber espionage campaigns to China’s cyber-attack Unit 96010. The movements recorded date back to 2014 and were aiming to gather military intelligence of other countries. The cyberespionage attackers are tracked as RedFoxtrot.   According to the reports, evidence reveals that the RedFoxtrot hacking group is currently working under the Chinese People’s...
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Molerats Middle East government spear phishing attacks

Molerats group targets Middle Eastern governments with spear-phishing attacks

Back from their two-month hiatus, the Middle Eastern APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group, Molerats, resurfaced with targeted cyber-attacks against government organizations in the Middle East and global government bodies linked with geopolitics in the region using rash new campaigns as discovered in the early weeks of this month. A cybersecurity firm has attributed the politically motivated cyber...
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xing locker ransomware sharafi group investments

Xing Locker team ransomgroup is on a roll! They recently hit Sharafi Group Investments

While performing our routine dark web scans, we stumbled once again to the page of the Xing Locker group who has recently joined the limelight of the ransomware groups. Unfortunately for their victims, aside from getting their files encrypted. Their data is also stolen. Now they recently struck a Middle Eastern investment company in UAE....
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microsoft patch tuesday zero day vulnerability windows OS

Microsoft released patches to fix Windows OS zero-day vulnerabilities

Last Tuesday, Microsoft released its monthly security updates, known as Patch Tuesday in the IT industry. The security patch release aims to fix 50 vulnerabilities, including six critical Windows zero-day flaws actively being exploited in the wild. This batch is the most active zero-day flaw patch that addresses bugs actively exploited in a single release...
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BlackCocaine Ransom Group Attacks Nucleus Ltd malware

BlackCocaine Ransom Group – Attacks Nucleus Ltd

On the 30th of May 2021, a ransom demand was offered to the Indian lending banking software, Nucleus Ltd, encrypting part of their database with a link to a Ransom negotiation page ‘’.   Nucleus Ltd remains steadfast that no financial or personal data were affected and that data leakage is out of the picture....
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air india data breach database traders dark web

Major Indian airline breached: Hackers and database traders’ business

Another murky and fine dark day in our routine Dark Web Monitoring activities when suddenly posts from private hacking group, public criminal forums and the mainstream surface web forums began talking about an Air India Airline breached by hackers. The data is currently traded by various threat actors where it is sought after by different...
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indian automotive Nanvit Group ransomware Data Darkweb Xing Locker

Indian automotive Nanvit Group ransomware data is now available in the Dark Web

A complete dump of the following data is now exposed on the dark web! Passports, DL scans, credit cards, financial documents, tax forms, Employee Personal Information, corporate databases, etc. hacked from a gigantic holding company in India, Navnit Group. It appears that there is a new kid on the block in the ransomware cyberscape where...
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