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zoom for windows unpatched critical flaw vulnerability

Unpatched critical flaw disclosed in Zoom for Windows 7 or Earlier

A new Zero-day vulnerability of Zoom video conferencing software has been discovered by a private security company that affects Windows 7 and below Operating Systems. This newly discovered vulnerability is said to have the ability to execute arbitrary code on an unsuspecting victim that is still running an unsupported Microsoft Windows 7 OS or older....
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evilquest ransomware macos ios malware antimalware

Ransomware EvilQuest on MacOS and iOS got more virulent

Recently we published an introduction to EvilQuest malware. Debunking the old belief that macOS is virus-free. EvilQuest belongs to the family of ransomware that had caught the attention of many Information Security experts since it is targeting mainly the MacOS system. Following the path of KeRanger and Patcher – popular infiltrator program for macOS, EvilQuest used the...
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Newly discovered ransomware ‘EvilQuest’ is targeting macOS users

Dinesh Devadoss, an independent malware researcher, discovered Ransomware that is aiming to target macOS Users. He tweeted his findings recently and believed that this “OSX.EvilQuest” Ransomware has been circulating in the wild since the start of June 2020. EvilQuest reportedly has capabilities to control the infected host fully. Aside from possessing Ransomware characteristics, this MacOS...
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mage cart group image code injection malicious scripts hacking group

Magecart Group strikes again using the image code injection technique

Great and proven techniques will always be noticed by someone as successful as Magecart Group. Hiding the code inside image headers or image code injection is a known handy work of Magecart that has been observed as early as 2015. However, they may have been active as early as 2014, based on the creation of...
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google chrome extention spyware malware malicious script

Resurgence of a more dangerous spyware in Chrome Extension

Buzzing news from a threat intelligence firm released recently about Google Chrome browser crawling with Spyware that blends onto their browser extension. Speculations that these rupture in the Chrome extension targeted sectors ranging from financial, healthcare, and government organization. With almost 32 million recorded downloads of this fake extension, this is a report that cannot...
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google analytics hacker's tool magecart exploit

Hacker’s Analytics – How Magecart stays rampant

Another hot plate dish on Magecart where Cybersecurity experts have recently exposed activities concerning online stores. This new rupture is targeting e-commerce companies to stealthily steal credit card information for people that make purchases through stores online. This activity can bypass the multi-layered security protocol called Content Security Policy (CSP), which is imposed by hosts...
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zoom end to end encryption meeting e2ee

Zoom: Stepping up by using End to End Encryption

End to End Encryption will be available to Zoom users Zoom is now one of the most used video conferencing software because of the new normal set up that we need to adapt. The company has finally announced that it will offer more robust security encryption for all Zoom users paid or free. The sought-after...
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Strandhogg Vulnerability firmware bug android mobile

Strandhogg Vulnerability, the danger of using older Android firmware

Android Strandhogg is a Norwegian term referring to mistreatment by Vikings; now, it is a malware term. It was back in 2017 when the malware was first seen as an exploit in Android’s multitasking system. The malware allows malicious apps to masquerade as virtually any other Apps present on the targeted device. The base of...
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octopus scanner malware github repositories

Github: repositories got infected by Octopus Scanner Malware

Cybersecurity experts from a well-known open resource repository for developers – Github, announced that a backdoor malware had infected some of the uploaded projects. The backdoor malware is named Octopus Scanner. Just like this creature, single library code can tangle to multiple developed software as long as malware injects itself into the project. With its...
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netsupport manager RAT phishing attacks antiphishing phishing solutions

Microsoft alerts NetSupport Manager RAT phishing attacks

COVID-19 a conduit for NetSupport Manager RAT cyberattack Cybercriminals are still capitalizing on the current COVID-19 pandemic that everyone all over the world is getting affected by it. Microsoft discovered another phishing scheme that is related to COVID-19. The said attack starts with an email that provides information regarding the total number of deaths that...
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