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genesis market bots loggers compromised machines threat actors darknet dark web

Genesis Market place: Bots, loggers, compromised machines for Threat Actors

In the 4th quarter of 2020, Genesis Market place went down and left many patrons hanging, because most of the users invested a lot of bitcoin in the Genesis Market place wallet. Now that the site is currently under construction, their money cannot be refunded:       Exit Scam? Exit scam sounds a possible...
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Massive Credit Card Leak Dark Web Data Breach

Data breach trader selling records leaked from 26 companies: Includes the Massive Credit Card Leak in India, 100 Credit and Debit Cardholders are affected

During our threat intelligence hunt, we stumble upon different contents, especially those of the Dark Web. There are numerous surprises because no one can really tell which of the breaches are critical and impacting until you know what is inside. One perfect example is a data breach broker within a notorious forum posted his collection...
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event of Data Breach Older Software Money Loss Enterprises Company

Enterprises using older Software equates to more Money Loss in the event of a Data Breach

Statistics from Kaspersky says that a higher loss rate of 47% in financial aspect is evident compared to those using the new ones in case a data breach happens, this is according to their research. An almost 50% higher loss rate is already a big blow than more sophisticated systems that got breached. Therefore, we...
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apt lazarus group north korea vaccine Pharmaceutical Industries

APT Lazarus Group: From Finance to Vaccine Secrets

Vaccine race and espionage in this era are like twins, but the other one is evil because it comes with the intent to steal to get ahead of the race. Legitimate pharmaceutical companies and the whole medical industry are pouring in all the hard work through thorough research to develop a working vaccine that is...
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joker stash bazar site taken down INTERPOL FBI

Joker Stash Bazar site was taken down by the authorities?

Joker Stash is gone because it was taken down by the authorities hailing from the INTERPOL and FBI. This is a relief for the financial industry as the notorious dark web automatic card seller website in the Clearnet is now crippled. We believe that it is notorious because we have verified that most cards, especially...
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ledger user leaked hacker forum compromised data

Ledger owner’s data leaked on Hacker Forum

A hacker has leaked lists of email, contact numbers and personal addresses of cryptocurrency wallet owners stolen from Ledger on a hacking forum publicly. Ledger is a hardware wallet that is meant to store, manage, sell and transact cryptocurrencies. The funds being held by Ledger wallets are using a 24-word recovery key phrase security and...
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solarwinds orion malicious code injection vulnerability attack

Vulnerability attack on SolarWinds customers

SolarWinds, a leading American company that provides powerful IT Infrastructure Management software, was recently attacked by highly sophisticated threat actors.  The company builds software to help businesses to operate their systems, network, and IT infrastructure. SolarWinds have around 320,000 plus customers worldwide, including the US military and 499 companies of the Fortune 500.    The...
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rana malware android spyware messenger applications

Rana malware on Android snoops on messaging applications

The recently submitted malware analysis report of cybersecurity experts tackled the current activity of the state-sponsored hacker group of Iran. Known as APT39 or Chafer, Cadelspy, Remexi, and ITG07, the group was allegedly the back adversary of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of the country which is registered as RANA Corporation. The group is...
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Credit Card Stealer Scripts Online Stores Magecart

Credit card stealer script on Online Store Payment Page

Nowadays, people have 2 (two) payment experience, either you go physically to the store or shop online. Paying online is becoming a trend across several companies. As the company expands its business in e-commerce, the businesses provide their customer with a seamless experience by offering different methods of online payments. The methods are credit or...
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Office 365 Executive Login For Sale Russian Forum Compromised Data

Microsoft Office 365 login of C Level Executives being sold

The black market is now on a feast for the latest sale craze happening on a Russian exclusive forum Based on the news, an anonymous hacker is currently selling Office 365 email logins of hundreds of high-ranking executives of prominent businesses across the globe. The price usually ranging from 100 USD to 1500 USD...
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