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Thai hotel chain data breach Desorden Group Hackers

A Thai hotel chain suffered from a data breach claimed by Desorden Group

A Thai luxury hotel chain, Centara Hotels & Resort, has recently published a statement regarding a data breach suspected of being performed by a notorious group of threat actors behind a series of cyberattacks in the past weeks.  Through the security team’s investigation, it was verified that the system of the luxury hotel chain had suffered a data breach, and the threat actors were able to access some customers’...
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MysterySnail RAT China Threat Group exploit Windows Zero Day Vulnerability

MysterySnail RAT abused by a China-Linked Threat Group to exploit Windows’ Zero-Day

IronHusky, a Chinese-affiliated threat group, has been abusing the zero-day flaw of windows using the MysterySnail Rat. The threat actors have uncovered a zero-day existing inside the Windows’ system, expanding the privileges for taking over servers and garnering ransom-worthy data.  The espionage campaign majorly affects the Windows client and server version, from Windows 7, Windows version 2008 up to...
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Brazilian Insurance firm Porto Seguro suffered cyberattack 

Insurance firm Porto Seguro suffered from a cyberattack 

Porto Seguro, Brazil’s third-largest insurance firm, has reported a cyberattack on their systems that caused instability to their service channels. The cyberattack against the insurance firm was reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). Upon learning about the incident, the insurance firm has immediately enabled their security protocols and slowly re-establishing their operating environment to normal as...
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IT consulting Accenture data breach LockBit Ransomware

IT consulting firm Accenture confirms the recent data breaching of LockBit ransomware against their systems 

LockBit ransomware has successfully attacked another victim once again, following the confirmation of Accenture, a global consultancy and IT firm that the threat actors recently victimised. The data breach incident was revealed through the firm’s fourth-quarter financial report.   The IT consulting firm and its clients have been experiencing cybersecurity attacks such as phishing, data breach, and malware attacks against...
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FIN12 cybercrime group RYUK ransomware cyberattacks

FIN12 was identified to be the group behind RYUK ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have identified the cybercrime group that executed the RYUK ransomware to be FIN12. RYUK ransomware targets big organizations with average revenue of at least $6 billion. Compared to other ransomware gangs, FIN12 deploys its ransomware as fast as 2.5 days. Its main targets include healthcare organizations.    FIN12 is a ransomware gang that focuses on gaining a significant...
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Threat actors vulnerability exploit Dahua Camera CCTV surveillance

Threat actors might exploit vulnerable Dahua Cameras from afar

Recently, research revealed that two authentication bypass vulnerabilities were present in the unpatched Dahua cameras. The said vulnerabilities have a possibility of a remote attack from malicious threat actors.  Meanwhile, Dahua Technology is a solution provider in the video surveillance industry. The security camera company covers various sectors such as banking and finance, industrial, retail, government,...
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Fin Fisher all time stealthiest malware spyware

FinFisher: One of the all-time stealthiest malware

A team of researchers pursued a stealthy malware called FinFisher spyware, dubbed as FinSpy for short. Almost eight months of investigation in uncovering this 2011 malware that now packs different improvements and upgrades.    What are the discoveries in this FinFisher malware?  Based on the research, a highly sophisticated malware infection method is equipped in the latest version of Finspy malware. The attackers...
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3 Bugs 41 vulnerabilities fix Android mobile phone Security Update

3 Bug fixes and almost 41 vulnerabilities found in this month’s Android Security Update

For October, Google releases the Android security updates. They address a total of 41 vulnerabilities that ranges between high and critical severity.  Every fifth day of each successive month, Google releases a complete breakdown of the Android OS security patch. This also contains both framework and vendor fixes. Therefore, this update also includes the remedies for the ten...
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Virtual machines Python ransomware campaign ESXi

Virtual machines got targeted by a new Python ransomware

Security experts have found a new Python ransomware campaign wherein corporate systems are encrypted within three hours. According to researchers, this attack is performed by threat actors who specifically target the ESXi platform so that they can encrypt the victim’s virtual machines.  This new ransomware written in Python has been deployed in only ten minutes by the threat actors who have managed...
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Forward Air ransomware data breach evil corp cybercrime gang

Logistic company Forward Air suffered from a ransomware data breach

Forward Air, a logistic company that offers surface shipping, suffered a data breach from a ransomware attack that resulted in the exposure of its employees’ personal information and granted access to the attackers.  The cybercrime group “Hades” was reported as the attacker against Forward Air last December 2020. The logistic company was forced to shut down its network, which disrupted their...
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