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bypass bug vulnerability Visa Apple Pay contactless payments

A bypass bug was found in Visa and Apple Pay in making contactless payments

A technique was discovered last Thursday by academic institutions from the UK which tackles a bypass bug issue relating to mobile security of Visa and Apple payment processes that can result in fake contactless payments. The said mobile security issue is reported to be capable of bypassing the lock screen of Apple’s iPhone to intrude the device’s payment services and commit fraudulent transactions. ...
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fake security update Android flubot malware exploit devices

A fake security update tricks Android users into downloading malware that could potentially exploit their devices

A new malware trick is reported to infect Android users by posing as a security update that users would need to download to protect their devices. However, this fake security update is the malware itself, which seems to be an effective way to scam people into downloading it unknowingly.  FluBot malware can steal passwords, financial details, and more...
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Ransomware Healthcare Delivery Organizations cyberattacks

An onslaught of Ransomware in Healthcare Delivery Organizations might result to grave danger

IT security professionals were surveyed by a certain institution to accurately understand the ins and outs of how COVID – 19 affects healthcare delivery organizations. This survey also helps them figure out how ransomware cyberattacks on patients’ information are being kept at bay by the HDOs.  As for the research mentioned above, ransomware has already impacted healthcare organizations, causing grave...
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Pegasus spyware fear execution cyberattacks malware

Pegasus spyware creates fear due to being exploited in the execution of cyberattacks

Investigations have been conducted regarding the Pegasus spyware’s suspicious activities in monitoring civil rights agencies, government figures, and journalists all over the world to operate a new wave of cyberattacks.  Pegasus is a spyware system built by NSO Group that allows reading text messages, tracking calls, and more ways of harvesting information from devices. Initially, spyware is offered as a tool to combat crime;...
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Lithuanian government get rid Chinese smart phones Xiaomi Huawei

Lithuanian government advises getting rid of Chinese smartphones

Americans and Europeans are allegedly being spied on via Chinese smartphones, according to the Lithuanian government. The government of Lithuania warns people to get rid of any Chinese mobile phones from Xiaomi or Huawei, based on the recently published report regarding the security issues of 5G smartphones from China. Xiaomi seems to favor the Chinese...
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Data breach Epik 15 million customers non-customers data leak

Data breach against Epik has affected 15 million of both customers and non-customers

It is confirmed by Epik, an online service provider, that an unauthorized intrusion has indeed transpired into their systems following an incident last week where a hacker called Anonymous has leaked over 180 GB worth of stolen data from them. The threat group has even taunted Epik’s initial response to the attack by altering their official knowledge...
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BlackMatter ransomware attacks marketing company Marketron

BlackMatter ransomware attacks a marketing service company Marketron

Recently, a known Russian ransomware gang called BlackMatter has attacked Marketron, a business software solutions provider. BlackMatter ransomware encrypts the files of its victims with a version of RSA algorithms. The threat actor will leave a ‘readme’ file note with the steps to decrypt them. They also replace the wallpaper for the victims to take...
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increase open source cyberattacks popular projects cyber vulnerabilities

Yearly increase of 650% among open-source cyberattacks exposes popular projects to cyber vulnerabilities

According to security reports, the substantial continuous progress of open-source supply and demand dynamics has been recently revealed. The report shows a 650% yearly increase in supply chain attacks regarding supply chain attacks and an enthralling division between the level of known cyber vulnerabilities present in popular and non-popular versions of a project.  A survey...
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Data Breaches from failures Firebase Databases

Data Breaches are triggered from failures in Firebase Databases

As the series of data breach incidents persist in the cybersecurity industry, database security has been recognized more. Even as of now, sensitive user data are still available all over the web. It seems like that the Firebase administrators are failing to abide by the protocols despite warnings and notifications to secure vital databases with passwords. Firebase...
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unsecured database Get Health 60 million wearable technology records

More than 60 million worth of wearable tech and fitness services records from GetHealth was exposed due to unsecured database

An exposure online has affected more than 61 million records from an unsecured database related to wearable technology and fitness services. Cybersecurity researchers reported last Monday that the exposed database belongs to GetHealth.  GetHealth is an organization based in New York which prides itself as a combined solution to access health and wellness data for hundreds of wearables, medical...
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