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BazaLoader Malware Fake Legal Threats Scam Actor

Threat actors execute fake legal threats to drop BazaLoader malware and commit data theft

A brand new cyberattack scam has been invented by cybercriminals recently. They bait their targets, specifically several website owners, into accessing an infected file by sending them fake alerts and notifications saying their website is currently experiencing a DDoS attack or attack distributed denial-of-service. If the website owner opens the message sent by the threat actors, it...
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Singapore real estate OrangeTee ALTDOS ransomware

ALTDOS ransomware attacks Singaporean real estate business OrangeTee

Online attackers using malware called ALTDOS have targeted OrangeTee, a real estate firm from Singapore, as they give a message this August to the threat actors saying that they are mentally and financially crippled because of the efforts of the attackers to harm their company. OrangeTee, being pronounced as “Singapore’s 1st One-Stop Real Estate Digital...
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Chinese Intelligence Groups China ShadowPad Malware

Chinese Intelligence Groups discovered using the ShadowPad Malware

Five groups of different Chinese intelligence have been executing a notorious Windows backdoor malware called ShadowPad with their operation since the year 2017, which enables threat actors to upload files, create processes, store information, steal private data, and download malicious elements.  According to researchers, many threat groups have found the use of ShadowPad malware as significantly convenient due to...
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Apple Inc XProtect defenceless against Adlock Malware

Apple’s XProtect deemed to be defenceless against AdLoad Malware

Apple has recently released the XProtect, and antivirus technology mainly created for the YARA signature-based detection of any suspicious malware that can infect macOS. However, it has been reported that this act of Apple to potentially protect its operating system via XProtect has seemed to fail since the surfacing of a fresh variant of malware called AdLoad....
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Russian Underground Forum Ficker Malware InfoStealer

New InfoStealer malware, Ficker targeting Windows has surfaced through a Russian underground forum

Recently, a new malware in the form of a Malware-as-a-Service or MaaS has been discovered by cybercrime researchers produced mainly to attack Windows. The malware is called Ficker – an info-stealer of which is distributed through Russian underground forums. In addition to this, the Russian underground forums have been suddenly surfacing many users in an @ficker profile alias, seemingly...
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18000 identities stolen monthly Genesis Market Place

At least 18,000 identities are stolen each month at the Genesis Market

The Genesis Market Place is different from any other underground market selling stolen information. It hides through the dark web’s anonymity – because this cybercriminal shop is easily accessible right through anyone’s public internet and as well as through the dark web if anyone prefers it there. On the other hand, one would need an...
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PetitPotam attack mitigation Microsoft vulnerability exploit

PetitPotam potential attacks mitigation, as shared by Microsoft to protect more servers

PetitPotam is a new attack technique that can take over or control a whole Windows domain or any targeted enterprise infrastructure or server typically performed through the classic NTLM authentication. One cannot simply exploit PetitPotam into being remoted through the internet; hence it was initially intended to operate within wide corporate networks. By then, threat actors could manipulate and freely conduct illicit...
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PayPal chat service credential phishing scam fraud

Phishing scam of sensitive credentials operated via PayPal online chat service

There has been an unusual operation of a credential phishing scam using the Paypal online chat service identified by cybersecurity analysts recently.  To start, a phishing scam is a method where cyber criminals acquire highly sensitive credentials or information such as finance-related data, passwords, usernames, one-time passwords from users or target victims. This technique also...
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cyber threats malware AvosLocker ransomware

AvosLocker ransomware enters the cyber threat scene

A cyber-attack on a Microsoft Exchange server has alarmed Malwarebytes Labs around mid-July of 2021, wherein the attacker has taken advantage of this entry point to access the Domain Controller and trigger a ransomware deployment to the server. This particular ransomware – called AvosLocker – is a variant that the Malwarebytes Labs have newly discovered, thus describing it as a...
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Clubhouse Data Breached darknet dark web monitoring

Clubhouse Data: Breached?! This is according to some darknet seller

The good old days of Clubhouse App may have seen their days coming because, in the past, the social media app boasts their exclusivity where they believe that level of pickiness will help them totally avoid a data breach. A proficient security researcher like us knows that exclusivity and narrowing down users have a negligible...
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