corona virus maps azorult malware antimalware fraud prevention threat advisory

Corona Virus Maps, a software stealing software

Corona virus has now spread rapidly worldwide and recently declared by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. Amidst the Global fear this virus has brought us, cybercriminals do not show signs of slowing down as they are continuously capitalizing on the said virus to spread different kinds of cyber-attacks.   There is a newly...
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galveston county cyber scammer scam scammed fraud prevention

Cyber scammer deceived town in Texas

Judge Mark Henry of Galveston County called on the county’s auditor and purchasing agent to resign, blaming them for the theft by cyber scammer of more than $500,000 from the county earlier this year. At a county commissioners meeting Monday, Henry said County Auditor Randall Rice and County Purchasing Agent Rufus Crowder should be held...
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corona virus phishing scam antiphishing phishing attack

Coronavirus phishing scam

The Coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing epidemic of the coronavirus-family of diseases caused by SARS-CoV-2, which began in December 2019. It was first noticed in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province China, after 41 people presented with pneumonia of no apparent cause. United Nation’s World Health Organization announced that the Coronavirus upsurge a public health...
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canva hacked hacker data breach compromised data

Canva – Online web development firm in Australia suffers hacking incident

Australian web-design online service Canva seems to have been hit by a malicious hacker who claims to have made off with data pertaining to 139 million users. The pilfered personal information includes real names, usernames, email addresses and city and country information. On the bright side, email passwords were salted and hashed using the Bcrypt...
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uscbp subcontractor hacked data leaks compromised data data breach cyberattack

Massive data breach exposes travelers’ photos in a Cyberattack

A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) suffered a data breach exposing tens of thousands of travelers’ photos and license plate information collected at the nation’s border coming in and out of the United States in a recent cyberattack. This malicious cyber-attack hit the database of CBP subcontractor which identifies traveler photos and license plate...
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lake city city hall triple threat ransomware malware antimalware

Triple Threat’ ransomware attacks Lake City’s network systems

A ransomware program known as “Triple Threat” is now attacking the network systems of the City Hall in Lake City forcing emergency email, credit card, and land-line telephone to shut down. This malware trojan exploits three different methods of attack making the City’s network systems to be currently out of order. As a result of...
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gandcrab ransomware mysql malware antimalware

New ransomware campaign targets windows MySQL servers

Security researchers have discovered new GandCrab Ransomware campaign targeting internet-facing Windows MySQL servers. The new campaign was spotted by security researchers in a controlled laboratory environment.   “A honeypot we run in a lab environment, listening on the default port used for SQL servers (3306/tcp), received an intriguing attack this week from a machine based...
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Phishing Attack

Unorthodox Phishing Attack Aimed at Financial Employees in US and UK

A recently discovered phishing campaign has been targeting financial sector employees in the U.S. and UK with remote access trojan payloads stored on a Google Cloud Storage domain.   Researchers that the campaign seeks to infect PCs and other endpoints by tricking victims into clicking on malicious links that lead to .zip or .gz archive...
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Radisson Hotel Group Hacked

Radisson Hotel Group Hacked!

The Radisson Hotel Group is informing individuals from its Loyalty Scheme about an information rupture that may have brought about the unknowingly illegal presentation of their sensitive personal information. The illegally exposed data incorporates names, physical locations, email addresses, telephone numbers, Radisson Reward numbers and frequent flyer numbers and information of the individuals/members. The malicious...
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Chegg Data Breach – Password Resets for 40 Million Users

Chegg Data Breach – Password Resets for 40 Million Users

Chegg, an education technology company, reportedly suffered a massive data breach a few months ago. The incident, however, remained hidden as the company didn’t notice the hack previously. Nonetheless, recently, an Education Technology Consultant and Tech Blogger, Phil Hill, stumbled upon an 8-K form filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that made him...
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