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cyber threats malware AvosLocker ransomware

AvosLocker ransomware enters the cyber threat scene

A cyber-attack on a Microsoft Exchange server has alarmed Malwarebytes Labs around mid-July of 2021, wherein the attacker has taken advantage of this entry point to access the Domain Controller and trigger a ransomware deployment to the server. This particular ransomware – called AvosLocker – is a variant that the Malwarebytes Labs have newly discovered, thus describing it as a...
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Clubhouse Data Breached darknet dark web monitoring

Clubhouse Data: Breached?! This is according to some darknet seller

The good old days of Clubhouse App may have seen their days coming because, in the past, the social media app boasts their exclusivity where they believe that level of pickiness will help them totally avoid a data breach. A proficient security researcher like us knows that exclusivity and narrowing down users have a negligible...
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microsoft windows OS security update zero day vulnerabilities

Update Windows to Patch 108 new vulnerabilities and 9 Zero-days 

Microsoft has recently released a total of 117 patches to fix 108 newly discovered security vulnerabilities and 9 Zero-day. Four are known to be actively exploited in the wild by adversaries, potentially enabling them to take control of the targeted Windows system.  The patch update aims to fix several Microsoft products, including Windows, Exchange Server, Bing, Office,...
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Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities epsilon red ransomware image 2

Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities targeted by Epsilon Red ransomware

One of the latest discovered ransomware, Epsilon Red, was detected targeting the Microsoft Exchange server’s vulnerability as the entry of infection since last month. According to the security reports, the ransomware campaign is ongoing, and there are still more than 3,500 estimated vulnerable servers.  A cybersecurity firm has discovered this new ransomware last month, which is...
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microsoft patch tuesday zero day vulnerability windows OS

Microsoft released patches to fix Windows OS zero-day vulnerabilities

Last Tuesday, Microsoft released its monthly security updates, known as Patch Tuesday in the IT industry. The security patch release aims to fix 50 vulnerabilities, including six critical Windows zero-day flaws actively being exploited in the wild. This batch is the most active zero-day flaw patch that addresses bugs actively exploited in a single release...
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naikon APT backdoor cyberattack military cyberespionage

Chinese hacker’s new backdoor attack targets Military Organizations

Naikon APT, a threat actor with suspected links to the Chinese government, has been behind a wide range of cyberespionage campaigns that mainly target’s military organizations in Southeast Asia for nearly the past two years based on new security research.   The attacks were attributed to the Naikon hacking group by a security research firm. They...
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massive data leak US citizens dark web forum

Massive Leaks are left and right: A notorious criminal forum leaks personal data from individuals in the USA, Vinny Troia stepped in?

Our cybersecurity experts noticed a massive data dump belonging to US Citizens dropped in a notorious Data Leak Forum. According to the dumper itself, who posted the data, “There are 59 Million unique emails in this.” The data seems to belong only to US citizens, according to the post.        Here is the tale of the tape regarding the number of data...
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ficker malware campaign microsoft spotify chess advertisment campaign

Information stealing malware campaign uses ads towards Fake Microsoft Store and Spotify page

A new attack campaign is being promoted by cybercriminals that impersonates the pages of Microsoft Store and Spotify. The attackers aim to distribute malware that steals credit card info and login credentials saved on web browsers locally. The campaign starts by using website ads that appear legit and will lead to a page where the...
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Passwordstate Password Manager Hacked DLL Tampering

They are not that secure after all – Passwordstate Password Manager Hacked?

Passwordstate, a popular password manager productivity tool for people who work in productive cyberspace. This involves a user who has accounts across different platforms. Different platforms include your webmail, social media, job sites, corporate network passwords and sometimes people’s secret group on the internet such as forums that involves our hobbies. We use password managers...
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ASCP discloses cyberattack magecart card skimming malware

ASCP disclosed payment card web skimming incident

The largest pathologist community in the world uncovered a different kind of disease lurking on their online store. A few days ago, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) confirmed that they could see evidence of cyber disease compromising their website. The unravelled nasty thing can steal payment card information that their customer used to...
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