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salfram email campaign spreads malware financial trojan

Salfram Email Campaign Spreads Malware

A new malicious email campaign has been discovered to deliver multiple types of malware. One of these malware include a financial trojan designed to steal banking information and other credentials based on the latest cybersecurity research. The email campaign, which can be traced to have started in January this year, remains active. The campaign also...
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magecart credit card telegram messenger

New credit card information stealer uses Telegram Messenger

A more hideous and stealthily scheme has been unraveled by cybersecurity experts involving the Magecart blackhat group activity. Known to be adept with stealing financial information through compromised e-businesses companies, Magecart is now using messaging apps such as Telegram Messenger to deliver stolen credit card information to their devices and then will be sold to...
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autodesk 3ds max malware injection plugin antimalware solution apt hackers

APT Hackers on Autodesk 3DS Max

A recent malware analysis report release for public knowledge in the cybercommunity was about exposing an APT group that plays as ‘hacker for hire’ for an unnamed company. Though rarely we heard the news about this type of activity, evidence shows that their target was an international designing company that works for a prominent real...
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maze ransomware group cartel conti suncrypt malware trojan antimalware solutions

Maze Cartel new members: Conti and SunCrypt

The notorious Maze Ransomware group, which consists of Lock bit, Maze, and Ragnar Locker, is growing as two more gangs joined, namely Conti and SunCrypt group. Last June, the Maze malware operators publicly announced their plan to create a Ransomware Cartel, which includes other cybercrime groups to team up and share hacking exploit resources as...
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google chrome csp vulnerability Content Security Policy

Chrome CSP bypass zero-day vulnerability – Update your web browsers

It is the best time to update your browsers to the latest available version because Cybersecurity Researchers had just disclosed a zero-day vulnerability that would enable hackers and cyber-attacks to completely bypass Content Security Policy (CSP) rules. Known as CVE-2020-6519 vulnerability, the flaw that affects Google Chrome version 84.0.4147.89 and lower would allow a remote...
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blindingcan malware trojan rat remote access trojan north korea

Defense on North Korean Blindingcan Malware

A recent malware analysis report has been submitted by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) about the newly unraveled variant of an attack perpetrated by government-backed hackers from North Korea. According to their findings, the new species of malware was named ‘Blindingcan,’ in which it has believed to be more lethal and sophisticated...
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Infected Favicon and Homograph Domain used to skim credit cards

The latest phishing campaign trend today uses an evasive phishing technique that leverages on homoglyph or homograph domain and infected favicon modified to inject concealed electronic skimmer codes to capture credit card information of their targeted website and their visitors.       The idea behind the scam is to copy or make the domain...
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emv cloning europay mastercard visa malware antimalware bypass technique

EMV Bypass cloning: Technique that targets EMV Cards exposed!

Europay, Mastercard, and Visa or simply called as EMV, is a secure technology that refers to a credit card with a smart chip. This technology was adopted by most of the banks worldwide as EMV Cards are believed to be more secure than the 50-year-old magnetic stripes technologies. But a Security Research Team recently made...
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netwalker ransomware group us universities antimalware malware Michigan State University Columbia College of Chicago • University of California San Francisco

Netwalker Ransomware Group attacks Universities in US

The notorious ransomware group that attacked various hospitals in Spain and a well-known Logistics and Transporation company few months back are currently targeting universities and colleges situated around America. The Netwalker Ransomware operators extort and threaten to publicly release the private data that they managed to acquire unless their monetary demands are met. Since they...
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cyber crime covid19 advisory phishing antiphishing malware antimalware ransomware trojans fake website

Cybercrime that leverages Covid19 continues..

Crimes in all forms exploit the vulnerability of another individual, be it towards a person, towards an organization, the government, or the specialized service provider. Thousands of members of the medical industry are racing to create the vaccine to ease the suffering it continuously brings around the world. We can then conclude that the attention...
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