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Facebook Discover – cybersecured free internet

Facebook – from a small campus project, then to be the most popular website and, in the end, a billion-dollar business. The history of Facebook was a phenomenal breakthrough in the world of social media and the progressing of Internet technology. This website has been used more, and I can say advantageous rather than its...
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facebook dark web data leak compromised data

Personal Data of 309 Million Facebook users exposed in Dark Web

Over 309 Million Facebook user’s data are now exposed on the Dark Web and being sold by the Threat actors for 500 Euros or $542. The data includes the user’s personal information such as first name, last name, email address, Facebook ID, status, age, gender and last login timestamps. Though there were no account passwords...
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facebook pegasus spyware malware antimalware mobile apps social media

Pegasus Spyware: Facebook allegedly considered to purchase this to spy on iOS users

Facebook is one of the most used Social Media platform worldwide with more than 2.45 Billion monthly active users and counting. The platform also collects personal information on its users once you created an account. This is a known fact and is considered by the US congress as a violation of every individual’s privacy, regardless...
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instagram phishing attack the nasty list phishing antiphishing social media social engineering

Watch out! Don’t fall for the Instagram ‘Nasty List’ phishing attack

April Fools Day Social Engineering has another way of conning active Instagram users the so called “The Nasty List”. It’s main goal is to harvest victim’s login credentials as basic as username and password to some, but this information may lead to another phishing type of act or worst identify theft.   How it is...
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instagram records social media compromised data

Cache of 49 million Instagram records found online

Huge amount of Instagram records has been exposed by Anurag sen a security researcher. Instagram was so far clueless on how this unsecured profile ended up online. The Instagram data included user bios, profile pictures, followers’ numbers and location. This information is viewable online. According to online tech publishing firm, which incidentally, broke the story....
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socialmedia impersonation phishing

Social Media Impersonation – Threat to Privacy

The overall number of social media impersonation increased 11-fold from December 2016 to December 2018, with the bad actors bent on collecting credentials and PII. Impersonators are most commonly found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, though impersonators were also found on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Nearly half of all nefarious social media impersonators disguise their payload...
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twitter ceo, jack dorsey hacked

Jack Got Hijacked – Twitter CEO’s Account Hacked

It was a very unpleasant Friday, at approximately 12:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, Twitter handle @jack – confirmed to be of Jack Dorsey’s (Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer) account, began sending out a series of highly inappropriate and notably disturbing tweets. They included a mix of racial slurs, obscenity, profanity, nazi-inclined campaigns, and even a bomb...
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Social Media

Era of Fake News Round 2: The Era where Information is being weaponized

“Weaponization” of Social Media How are we able to confidently say that the Social media is weaponized? From stalking, petty crimes, going up to wars and even elections. Social Media alone is a giant tactical weapon of the new cyber tacticians that seek out advantage from the digital information era. According to New York Times...
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Facebook in plain text format

Facebook in plain text format: An internal Mistake, View able within the Organization are hundreds of Millions of Passwords

Another one? It is as if the Cambridge Analytica, and the previous Facebook bug or vulnerability was not enough of a problem for the Social Media giant. Facebook now faces another controversy where it had exposed its latest security breach. What was the security breach? Who were affected? The security breach where the platform accidentally...
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Online Dating

Hackers Found Selling Online Dating Profiles for a Measly US$153

In May 2017, Moll and Tactical Tech obtained one million dating profiles from the information representative site USDate, for around $153. USDate asserts on its site that the profiles it’s offering are authentic and that the profiles were made and have a place with genuine individuals effectively dating today and searching for accomplices.   In...
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